Season 1

1 :01x01 - Cooking Channel's Masters

Whoopi Goldberg and Ming Tsai, masters of their respective crafts, get together for an interesting, insightful, and entertaining discussions on a wide variety of topics including; politics, food quality issues and success. Along the way, Ming puts his unique spin on 3 classic dishes: fried chicken, pot stickers, and home-made potato chips.

Source: Cooking Channel

2 :01x02 - Baby Got Snack

Best friends Daymon "Daym Drops" Patterson and Chris "C-Snacks" Clarke dominate the world of online snack and fast food reviews and now, they're taking their snack mission to the next level. They're going straight to the source of the greatest snack foods America has to offer, and traveling to the best factories and shops to meet the people and feel the love behind every crunchy, munchy, sweet, savory and spicy product across the country. Along the way, they unlock secrets of everyone's favorite foods and taste them straight off the line. For Daym and C-Snacks "The Snack Life" has gone next level.

Source: COOKING Channel