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Season 2

Still Crazy Like a Fox

While in England, the Foxes become the main suspects in a murder investigation and must go on the run until they can prove their innocence.
Guest Stars: James Faulkner as The Duke of Trent | Catherine Oxenberg as Nancy | Moray Watson as Hubbard | Matt Zimmerman as Donald Bick | Allan Cuthbertson as Monty Clayton | Rosemary Leach as Eleanor Trundle | Maxine Howe as Rebecca Bick
Director: Paul Krasny

14 :02x01 - Eye in the Sky

Harry witnesses a murder while flying in a helicopter.
Guest Stars: Barbara Rhoades as Unknown | Jed Allan as Stone | Oliver Clark as Santo | David Hedison as Ed Galvin | Richard Jamison as Unknown | Mitchell Anderson as | Pat Harrington, Jr. as Chick Parrish
Director: Paul Krasny

15 :02x02 - Sunday in the Park with Harry

After being pickpocketed, Harry becomes entangled in a murder plot.
Guest Stars: Sharon Acker as Unknown | Robert Hanley as Lt. Walker | Stan Ivar as Jeffrey Lucas | Phil Simms as Julie | Phil Rubenstein as Unknown | Dave Shelley as Unknown
Director: Paul Krasny

16 :02x03 - Requiem for a Fox

Harry is hired by a wrestler when a series of incidents occur at the wrestling arena.
Guest Stars: Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Vera Miles as Georgina | Stephen Joyce as Bert | Frank Bonner as Chick | Tommy Madden as Unknown | Keye Luke as Unknown | Marshall Teague as Unknown | Deena Freeman as Unknown | Don Stansauk as Unknown
Writer: Tom Chehak

17 :02x04 - Murder Is a Two Stroke Penalty

While golfing, Harry finds the dead body of the country club president. Harry is caught in the uneasy relationship between his father and his father-in-law, Howard (Dick Van Patten), when he and his wife are invited to celebrate Howard's anniversary and Harry comes along.
Guest Stars: Dick Van Patten as Howard | Jacqueline Scott as Margaret | Peter White (1) as Cramer | Kai Wulff as Unknown | Lurene Tuttle as Unknown | Katherine Kelly Lang as Unknown | Robert Colbert as Swenson
Director: Don Weis

18 :02x05 - Fox in 3/4 Time

The Foxes believe that a suicide was faked after a new Beethoven sonata is located. Harry's investigation of his grandson's music teacher's death leads him to a renowned music conservatory.
Guest Stars: Joseph Mascolo as Winter | Pat Carroll as Unknown | Bette Ford as Mrs. Bishop | Larry Poindexter as Unknown | Carolyn Ann Clark as Unknown | Richard Lineback as Unknown | Aarika Wells as Unknown | Michael Laskin as Unknown | Christopher Thomas as Lambert | Byron Webster as Unknown

19 :02x06 - Desert Fox

Harry is kidnapped while investigating a woman involved in a cold case.
Guest Stars: Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Robert Hanley as Lt. Walker | Ronnie Claire Edwards as Maggie | Lori Lethin as Unknown | George Kirby as Manny | Ralph Manza as Johnny | Andrew Masset as Garett Hollander | Barbara Cason as Unknown | George McDaniel as Unknown | Sandy Kenyon as Unknown | David Gautreaux as Unknown
Writer: Tim Maschler

20 :02x07 - Some Day My Prints Will Come

Harry is thrust in the middle of a dangerous situation after a set of photographs are swapped at the print shop.
Guest Stars: Theodore Wilson as Ernie | Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Norman Fell as Unknown | Barrie Ingham as Quinn | Joe E. Tata as Moss | Herman Poppe as Reynolds | Ja'net DuBois as Idée | Russ Marin as Unknown | Harry Moses as Unknown | Joe Renteria as Unknown | Sandra Gould as Unknown | Al Ruscio as Unknown

21 :02x08 - If the Shoe Fits

Harrison asks Harry to help find a friend's missing boyfriend who vanished soon after he proposed.
Guest Stars: Theodore Wilson as Ernie | Robert O'Reilly as Larkin | Lloyd Bochner as Mulligan | Kip Niven as Addington | Leah Ayres as Elaine | Frank Ashmore as Preston
Director: Marc Daniels

22 :02x09 - Is There a Fox in the House?

Harrison's surgeon friend is accused of a bombing.
Guest Stars: Michael Lembeck as Unknown | Della Reese as Nurse Flood | Daryl Anderson (1) as Lewis | Paul Comi as Jack Tyler | Peter Mark Richman as Dr. Donald Raffelman | Simone Griffeth as Unknown | Angus Duncan as Unknown | Ed Hooks as Unknown
Director: Paul Krasny

23 :02x10 - Year of the Fox

A Buddha statue is the key to uncovering the murder of Harry's secretary.
Guest Stars: Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Theodore Wilson as Ernie | Herb Edelman as Unknown | Edward Bell (1) as Cross | France Nuyen as Lily | Benson Fong as Harry Woo | Kenneth Gray as Unknown | James Saito as Po | Andrew Johnston (1) as Unknown
Director: Michael Lange

24 :02x11 - Fox and the Wolf

Harry watches Nicholas Roland (Gene Barry), an actor whose eccentricities may put the man's daughter in danger. When the woman vows to have her womanizing, celebrity father declared incompetent, Harry (Jack Warden) tries to keep the man out of trouble at least until the court hearing.
Guest Stars: Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Gene Barry as Nicholas Roland | Charles Levin as Sidney Price | Joseph Whipp as Unknown | Katherine Moffat as Unknown | James McEachin as Briggs | Michael Laskin as Unknown | Byron Morrow as Unknown

25 :02x12 - Hearing Is Believing

While dining with her mother (June Allyson), a blind author overhears some thugs planning a murder. The blind author is murdered and Harry must investigate.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as unknown
Director: Paul Krasny

26 :02x13 - Hyde-and-Seek

Treasure hunters flock to Hyde Street after a recent TV report.
Guest Stars: Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Robert Hanley as Lt. Walker | Michael Callan as Unknown | Joseph Campanella as Unknown | Cyd Charisse as Barbara | Belinda Montgomery as Kelly Aspen | Dick O'Neill as Tip | Vic Polizos as Unknown | Andrew Prine as Cecil | Ty Henderson as Unknown | Kenneth Tigar as Richard Morris
Director: Paul Krasny

27 :02x14 - The Road to Tobago

A missing man is found murdered and his wife is the main suspect.
Guest Stars: Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Terri Treas as Unknown | Rod Arrants as Missing Husband | Bert Rosario as Eddie | Ismael "East" Carlo as Franco | James Hong as Unknown | Peter Elbling as Unknown
Director: Paul Krasny
Writer: Tim Maschler

28 :02x15 - You Can't Keep a Good Corpse Down

The Foxes are sent to investigate when phone calls are said to have been made by a woman who was thought to be dead.
Guest Stars: Theodore Wilson as Ernie | Ellen Tobie as Julia Bridges | Richard Muenz as Peter | Phyllis Davis as Brenda West | Timothy Scott as Unknown | Marta DuBois as Suzanne / Marilyn | Danny Goldman as Unknown | K.C. Winkler as Unknown
Director: Marc Daniels

29 :02x16 - The Fox Who Saw Too Much

Cindy believes that she saw a man who is supposedly dead. Harrison and Cindy's weekend vacation plans are ruined when they get involved in a manhunt.
Guest Stars: Sorrell Booke as Sinclair | Audrey Landers as | Cliff Potts as Haskins | Mark Shera as Ted Bennett/Swanson | Nancy Walker (1) as Unknown
Director: Paul Krasny

30 :02x17 - Just Another Fox in the Crowd

Harry finds a photograph with him in the background. Harry insists that the photograph of him with former baseball great Hank Aaron is a phony. Alan Hale, Robert Reed and Hank Aaron guest star.
Guest Stars: Alan Hale, Jr. as Davis | Gisele MacKenzie as Unknown | Stacey Nelkin as Dianne | Robert Reed as Hoffer | Eugene Roche as Charlie | Hank Aaron as Himself | Floyd Levine as Unknown | Ralph Manza as Unknown
Director: Mike Vejar

31 :02x18 - Fox on the Range

Harry and Harrison investigate the murderous goings-on at an exclusive dude ranch. Harry and Cindy hear a murder being committed.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Clements | Dixie Carter (2) as Unknown | James Hampton as Unknown | Louise Mandrell as Bobbi Jo | Doug McClure as J.D. Pennington | Mark Neely as Brad | Jeff Osterhage as Stevens | Joe LaDue as Unknown
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Tim Maschler

32 :02x19 - The Duke Is Dead

Harrison and Cindy's neighbors are suspects in a murder case.
Guest Stars: Dody Goodman as Unknown | Vic Tayback as Mo | Isabel Sanford as Marge | Cindy Morgan as Unknown | Philip Levien (1) as Unknown | Leigh J. McCloskey as
Director: Reza Badiyi

33 :02x20 - Rosie

Harry believes that the murder of a friend was intentional, not accidental.
Guest Stars: Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Jayne Meadows as Vi | Christopher Allport as Endicott | Kimberly Beck as Stella | Michael Constantine as Unknown | Beverly Garland as Unknown | Dorothy Lamour as Unknown | Cliff Norton as Unknown | Susan Tolsky as Unknown | Paul Keith as Unknown
Director: Marc Daniels

34 :02x21 - Dead on Arrival

A man escapes from prison and dies in Harrison's office. Harry Fox is approached by prison escapee Oscar Gideon who is in need of the services of a lawyer. Harry sends Oscar to Harrison but Oscar is killed before the meeting. Harry decides to investigate why Oscar, who was serving time for a US$ 16 million robbery, would spring out of prison just a week before being paroled.
Guest Stars: Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Robert Hanley as Lt. Walker | Ramon Bieri as Fontana | Tom Bower as Dresden | Edd Byrnes as Unknown | Hank Garrett as Clay | Stuart Pankin as Unknown | Stuart Margolin as B.J. | Jill Jacobson as Unknown | Ronne Troup as Unknown | Mary Alan Hokanson as Unknown
Director: Michael Lange

35 :02x22 - A Fox at the Races

Harrison gets wind of a plot to kill a racehorse. Harrison's client Fiedler is unable to pay Harrison the legal fees so he gives him 10 per cent share in a race horse named Hearts Of Fire.
Harry discovers that someone has been hired to kill Hearts Of Fire but Harrison does not believe that anyone would want to kill a horse until its jockey is found dead.
Guest Stars: Patricia Ayame Thomson as Allison Ling | Barbara Bosson as Marie | Kim Darby as Jenny Fenwick | Norman Fell as Unknown | Bo Hopkins as Lowell | Tom Poston as Fiedler | Della Reese as Nurse Flood | Michael D. Roberts as Unknown | Lou Wagner as Unknown | Morey Amsterdam as Unknown | Bryan Dattilo as Little Boy
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: December 30, 1984
Ended: September 04, 1986
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