In the Blood - Recap

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A corpse is found at a lumberyard and the FBI is called in. When Kelly arrives, Paz shows her the victim... who was buried vertically in the ground, feet up.

Seven Years Ago

Billy and his followers bury Kelly upside down in the ground as part of her initiation. They finally pull her up by her feet and Billy steps forward to welcome her into their family... The Blood.


Kelly figures that Billy left the corpse as a message to her, and the cult leader wants her back. As the agents look around, Kelly finds a gold token on the ground.


Jeff finishes watching the episode on Nate's DVR, freezing the image on the token. He goes to Nate's desk and finds a coin like the one in the episode. Skye, who dozed off on the couch, wakes up and they figure that Nate is one of the fans who have become obsessed with Cult. Sky has checked the Internet and found no reports about Merriam's suicide the previous night. She reminds Jeff that Merriam's husband Jimmy was acting strangely when they saw him talking to the police at the hotel. As Skye leaves for work, Jeff thanks her for all of her help.

Jeff goes back to Fandomain and talks with the bartender, Zac. Zac explains that he had to lock up the Cult viewing room when someone took a knife in. The bartender tells Jeff that he never met Nate and then says goodbye to the waitress, Kirstie. She takes notices of Jeff's questions as she leaves. Jeff receives a video message of Billy telling him that Jeff is now one of them. E.J., the IT worker at Jeff's newspaper, comes in response to his call. She warns him that Bert is mad that Jeff didn't show up for the assignment meeting that morning. Jeff asks E.J. to check the black disk that he found in Nate's notebook, and also gives her his phone and asks her to trace the call that Nate made to him. E.J. agrees and tells him that she checked at the newspaper and confirmed that Merriam's last name is Livingston.

At the Cult studio, Skye comes in for work and chats with production associate Peter Grey. He tells her that Marc missed a conference call with Steven Rae that morning. As Skye checks her computer, Peter warns her that someone could think that all of her time on the Internet might be an excuse to send spoilers to the fans.

Kirstie goes to a warehouse and meets with the men who helped her abduct Marc. Marc is taped to a chair, his lips sewn up. Kirstie calls her superior and tells them that she'll make sure that it's done. She hangs up, kisses Marc on the lips, and tells the men to do a good job on the studio executive.

Jeff and Skye go to the Livingston home and Jeff shows her the recording he received from "Billy." Sky confirms that he signed up at the official website and explains that everyone who does receives the message. Jimmy is outside packing to leave and they try to get answers from him. He grabs a shotgun and screams at them to leave.

The couple goes to the police station to tell Detective Sakelik about Jimmy. As they arrive, Jeff sees a blonde woman leaving and seems to recognize her. However, he tells Skye that it's nothing and they approach Sakelik as she gets into her car. She listens to what they have to say but points out that she's already talked to Jimmy and has no reason to suspect him. Sakelik warns Jeff not to harass the widower and tells him to get out of the way so she can do her job.


Kelly goes back to the lumberyard to search for clues and discovers that Billy is waiting for her. He tells her that he heard about the murder and Kelly reminds him that he buried those that betrayed him in the same way. She asks how the victim betrayed her but Billy insists that he didn’t kill anyone. Kelly is well aware that he uses others and Billy reminds her that she used to be one of those people. The FBI agent insists that she never killed anyone but Billy asks how her superior, Captain Brazil, would feel if he found out what she did do. Kelly refuses to be baited and demands to know what the man did to offend Billy, but he tells her that he hopes she solves the case and walks away.


Back at Fandomain, Jeff and Skye question the customers but fail to find anyone who knew Nate. Jeff gets another ominous recorded video message from Billy, while Sky brings up the Livingstons' Facebook page. Everything there indicates that they're a normal couple. They go to church, lost a son in Afghanistan two years ago, and Jimmy works as a truck driver. Skye does turn up one unusual thing: the funeral is being held later that day. Jeff decides to crash the funeral and see if they can talk to any family or friends and find out what was going on in Merriam's life.

E.J. arrives and jealously eyes Skye. Jeff introduces the girl to Skye, and E.J. tells them that the black disk wiped her computer and then wiped itself. She shows them the only thing left on the disk: thousands of micro-images of a three-armed symbol with each arm holding a sword.

As the couple head to the funeral, Sky talks about how no one at the studio has ever met Steven Rae. When they arrive at the funeral, they're surprised to discover that Jimmy and the minister are the only two people at the funeral. They see Jimmy receive a call, speak briefly, and then take a package of papers out of his truck and walk to the parking lot. They follow Jimmy there and watch as he meets Sakelik. The detective warns Jimmy that Merriam's suicide has put "them" in a difficult position. Jimmy insists that he did everything that they've asked of him. Sakelik kiss Jimmy and then takes the bundle and drives away.

When Jeff and Skye go back to Nate's apartment, Sky runs a check on Sakelik and discovers that she's a rising star in the LAPD. As they talk, Jeff receives another promo video from Billy. Meanwhile, Skye finds a reference to Steven Rae among Nate's notes and tells Jeff that he'll never get to Steven. Jeff picks up on her comment and points out that it's convenient that she's been with him every step of the way since he started looking into Cult. When he asks why she's helping him, Skye points out that she hasn't asked him about his past or why he's the only one of Nate's relatives doing anything about his disappearance.

Jeff insists on answers and Skye finally tells him that she lied when she told him that her father disappeared while investigating union corruption. Two months ago her father's attorney died and Skye received her father's work notes. Among them were references to Steven Rae and Cult... nine years before the show aired. She signed up with the Cult production crew so she could get close to Steven and find out his connection to her father's disappearance. Skye admits that she hasn't told anyone else what really happened to her father, but she told Jeff because she trusts him.

As Jeff goes to the refrigerator to get some beers, E.J. calls and emails him a map of the location where Nate made the call. She can only narrow it down to a four-block area and they wonder how they'll narrow it down, and Skye realizes that Cult filmed scenes at a location there.

Jeff and Skye go to a children's fun center and discover that the tokens there match the ones on the TV show and on Nate's desk. They convince the manager to let them review the security footage and they watch as Nate meets with Jimmy and a woman. Nate calls Jimmy but then Jimmy yanks the phone out of his hand. The tape runs out at that point.

Back at the studio, the cast rehearses a scene until Roger, the actor who plays Billy, interrupts. He tells Marc's network replacement that he wants to incorporate some changes of his own. She asks if Marc was willing, and he insists that Marc was going to pressure Steven into making the changes. The representative tells him that they'll wait until Marc gets back to make any changes that he had in mind. Roger glares at her and after a moment tells her that he'll work with the material given.

Skye and Jeff go back to the Livingston home and discover that he's pulled out. Jeff figures that Livingston may have left something behind and tells Skye that he's going in. She insists on going with him and they break in. Wallpaper is missing from the walls and they realize that's what Livingston gave to Sakelik at the cemetery. Some writing on the wallpaper bled through and they realize that it's like the writing in Nate's notebook. They also spot the three-pronged symbol on the wall.

As they look around, they hear a thumping noise from the kitchen. Jeff yanks open the cupboard and finds Livingston tied up. He regrets letting Merriam watch the show and says that he only did it to get closer to her. As he insists that it's better, they hear someone outside and Livingston says that the true believers are back. They smell propane and Livingston tells them that they'll finish the job. When Jeff and Skye try to pull him out, they discover that he's tied in. Livingston tells them, "These things just snap right off" and someone throws a grenade through the window. Jeff and Sky get out just in time as the grenade explodes, destroying the house.


Billy goes to the fun center and meets one of his followers, Gil. He gives Gil a human finger wrapped in a handkerchief and tells him to make sure that Kelly receives it. Billy explains that he's giving it to Kelly as a gift so that she can solve the murder and clear The Blood of the crime. He then tosses Gil a token and leaves.


The next day, Skye goes to work and calls Jeff at Nate's apartment. She tells him that the explosion was written off as an accident and that there's nothing they can take to Sakelik. Jeff wonders who the "true believers" are and Sky admits that she hasn't been able to find any reference to them on the Cult websites. He tells his ally that he's going to stay in Nate's apartment in case something was left behind or someone comes there looking for Nate's materials. Before he hangs up, Jeff tells Skye to take care of herself.

As Skye works at her desk, she sees a call come in from Steve for one of the producers. She starts to pick up the line to listen in, but Peter interrupts her as he offers takeout for supper. Peter notices a smudge of soot on her face but Skye claims that she has no idea how it got there. As Skye takes the takeout to the microwave, Peter notices Steven's incoming line flashing on Skye's phone.

Roger is leaving the gym when Kirstie "accidentally" bumps into him. As he admires her body, Kirstie tells Roger that she's his biggest fan.