The Kiss - Recap

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Billy is in the woods at Temple Rock with the other members of The Blood, performing his marriage to Kelly. He gives her a tab of acid, and takes one himself, and then talks about how a freed mind lets one see the unseen. Billy turns her toward the fire and undresses her, and then throws her dress into the fire. He then asks Kelly if she gives herself to the joining and she agrees with all her heart. As Billy kisses her, he assures Kelly that she's his only love.


Bert visits Jeff at Nate's house to pick up the article that Jeff owes him. Jeff finishes it up and his editor asks about Nick. When Jeff shows Bert the photo of Nate they found at the ranch, he notices that Nate is wearing a medallion notices that Nate is wearing a medallion and that a photo of Nate on the wall with another man shows the man wearing the same medallion. Bert identifies it as an AA medallion and Jeff realizes that Nate fell off the wagon. The editor knows about it and explains that Nate didn't want to burden Jeff with his problems, and asked Bert to sponsor him. Bert examines the photo and says the man with Nate in the photo is named Dustin Wattrell, and gives Jeff an address.

At the Cult stage, Skye and Marti are grabbing some food. Marti isn't looking forward to the network fan costume party that is going on that night for 200 contest winners. Skye figures that she'll go, and Marti explains that she's giving a private set tour. The actress asks about Jeff and if he's coming, and Skye insists that Jeff isn't her boyfriend. Lexi and Peter hear them talking, and Peter suggests to Skye that they might spend some time together. She agrees and Marti points out that Skye is dating two men, and Skye insists that Jeff isn't her boyfriend.

Jeff goes to Dustin's house and notices a black SUV driving down the street. It goes past and Jeff goes up to the house and sees a woman working in the home. He approaches the woman, Dustin's mother Lissa, and claims that he's Dustin's caseworker. She tells Jeff that Dustin moved back a month ago and Jeff shows her a photo of Nate and asks if she's seen her. Lissa claims not to have seen him but suggests that he might be one of Dustin's new friends. She explains that her son is hanging out with a bunch of religious nuts and admits that Dustin watches Cult. When Jeff asks where he can find Dustin, Lissa advises him to let it be. All she will say is that Dustin came by to pick up a costume for a party that night at the studio where they shoot Cult. She admits that she got the feeling that Dustin was turning dangerous, and tells Jeff that she figures something bad will happen at the party.

As he drives back, Jeff checks with Skye, who explains that the winners were chosen in a random drawing. A lot of fans sold their tickets online since transportation wasn't covered, and they figure that Dustin and his friends could have bought their way into the party. Skye checks and confirms that Dustin isn't listed on the guest list, but assures Jeff that they'll have tight security. Jeff asks if she can get him in and Skye offers to bring him in as her guest. However, she warns him that the staff and their guests also have to be there in costume, and promises to get what they need from wardrobe.

That night, security relieves many of the guests of their real knives. Skye and Jeff arrive, dressed as Kelly and Billy, and enter the main room. Jeff shows Skye a photo of Dustin but they realize it'll be difficult to pick him out among the crowd. Marti comes over and greets Skye, who introduces her to Jeff. Adam, Marti's bodyguard, keeps the fans away, and Marti introduces one of the guests, Mike, a screenwriting teacher who she's clearly into. Jeff says that they have to find someone and Marti leaves with Mike, and Skye admits that people have overheard her talking to Jeff and know his name.

As Jeff and Skye start searching, the fans all run for the front door as Roger pulls up in his collector's car, with Kirstie on his arm. He tells her that they can just make an appearance and then go to dinner, but she's glad to be at the party. As they go in, Kirstie glances at Dustin and two other men standing off to the side.

As Jeff searches the crowd, a woman approaches him, mistaking him for someone else. Another man bumps into Jeff and then gets a glass of punch from the drink table. Dustin passes the man a drink and then shows his two friends a pack of acid tabs and says that it's time to party.

Roger is busy signing autographs for the crowd. Meanwhile, Skye bumps into Lexi, who offers her a glass of punch. Lexi insists that she drink it and after Skye does, Lexi tells her that there's something in the drink. Jeff comes over and Lexi explains that something is being passed around. She doesn't see a problem with taking drugs at a boring party. As they talk, Jeff spots Duncan in the crowd and Lexi confirms that he was the one who gave her the tab.

Jeff and Skye follow Dustin backstage and hear him talking to a woman. She slaps him and forces him to hand over the tabs, and Jeff and Skye realize that he's talking to Sakelik. Skye starts to feel dizzy and tells Jeff that she needs to sit down.

Roger makes his way outside to his car and a man, Stuart, steps out of the shadows. The actor thinks that the looks familiar, but Stuart says that he just has one of those faces. He admits that he's never even seen Cult and explains that his date is a fan. However, Stuart says that he's a fan of Better Angels, one of Roger's early films. A depressed Roger says that he should have died then and there, but Stuart says that Roger is a lucky man. Kirstie comes out and Stuart confesses that he has watched the show, wishes Roger luck, and goes back inside to find his date. Kirstie asks who Stuart was and Roger says that he's a real fan.

Jeff gets Skye to her office and she starts to chuckle. She then starts stroking Jeff's arm while trying to figure out what's going on between Sakelik and Dustin. She tries to keep track of what's going on just as Peter comes in with his costume. Jeff introduces himself and Skye insists that Jeff is a friend. She tells Jeff to go back to the party and find the guy and he reluctantly leaves. Once he's gone, Skye assures Peter that it isn't what he thinks. He assures her that they've only been on a couple of dates and didn't have any expectations, and asks what she meant about finding a guy. Skye laughs it off and gets up.

Out on the dance floor, Jeff sees Sakelik and comes over. She explains that she stops by to visit a friend in the studio security department. When Sakelik comments on Jeff's costume, he says that he's starting to find the show interesting. He then tells Sakelik that there's something going down at the party, and hints that she could do something to stop it if she knows anything about it. Sakelik asks for details but Jeff only says that he's letting her know that he knows and then walks away.

Marti takes Mike on the private tour and shows him the taxidermy set from episode 8. He starts talking about the subtext and is surprised when Marti knows about some of his historical and religious references. As they talk, the scene of Kelly taking the acid and kissing Billy plays on the screen. The MC invites the audience to join in and the fans eagerly participate. Skye wanders out and sees Jeff, just as the spotlight shines on them. The MC yells at everyone to encourage them and Jeff finally gives her a hesitant peck. As the crowd moans in disappointment, Skye grabs him and kisses him full on... while Peter watches from the shadows with Stuart.

Mike insists on seeing the Temple Rocks set where the kiss between Billy and Kelly happened. Marti notices that her bodyguard Adam has wandered off and explains about how they filmed the scene. Mike starts rambling on about how Kelly betrayed Billy, and Marti says that in her opinion Billy mislead Kelly. The screenwriter advances on her, saying that it's not the reality, and Marti reminds him that none of it is reality. After a moment, Mike admits that she's right.

Jeff gets Skye off the dance floor and she starts to recover. She apologizes for grabbing him and insists that it wasn't her, and then they hear someone moaning nearby. They investigate and find Adam, just waking up. Someone has knocked him out and Adam tells them that Marti went to the Temple Rock set. Jeff goes after her while Skye calls for help.

Mike grabs Marti, calling her Kelly, and insists that he can't let her leave. As he chokes her unconscious, Dustin and his two friends arrive and beat Mike. Dustin says that they're there to protect the show from the nutjobs and that Mike boasted about his plans online. Sakelik comes over and tells Dustin and the others to get Mike out of there. As Jeff arrives, a van pulls up and Sakelik tells the men to take Jeff as well. Once they leave, Skye runs up with the security guards. While they call for an ambulance, Skye realizes that Jeff is gone.

As the ambulance arrives, Stuart is watching from the crowd. He walks past Kirstie and exchanges glances. Meanwhile, Skye apologizes to Marti, who assures her that she couldn't have known. She tries to reach Jeff on his phone and Peter comes out and sees her, clearly worried about Jeff.

The van pulls over and Dustin tosses Jeff out. Sakelik tells him that it would have been easier if he had just let her do her job, and insists that she's a cop, one hundred percent. Jeff wonders what she's doing with Dustin and the others, and Sakelik says that they couldn't let Mike disrupt the natural order of the show. Jeff asks if she's a True Believer and Sakelik warns him that he has no idea what he's involved with. She writes a web site on his hand, says that it's the reason he's still alive, and drives off with the others.

The next morning, Jeff returns to the set and a relieved Skye hugs him. They look up the URL and discover that it has a video of Nate on tape, tied to a chair. An unseen captor flashes Jeff's article on the screen to confirm that the video was taken that day, and Nate tells Jeff that he has to stop looking from him. He's refused to give the True Believers what they want from him unless they leave Jeff unharmed, and begs his older brother to stop. The file then deletes itself and Jeff realizes that his brother is safe... for now.

Roger escorts Kirstie out of his house and she asks him to text her later to tell him how Marti is doing. She tells Roger to be careful, warning him that there are lots of crazies out there, and drives off. As she drives down the road, she passes Stuart and Sakelik, who are watching Roger's house.