Suffer the Children - Recap

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Kelly visits her nephew Andy at the social services center. The boy is nervously drawing pictures of what he experienced, but refuses to talk to Dr. Alice Ferrell. Kelly assures Andy that it's safe place and the doctor asks if a sketch with a man with a knife is Billy. Andy remains silent until they point out the drawing he's made of his mother. He draws blood on it and says that his mother, Meadow, cut her hair out. As Andy talks, he remembers being locked in a car trunk with his mother until Billy let them out.


Skye returns to her desk and finds Peter at her computer. He explains that his laptop wasn't working and he needed to check something. He wonders why Skye is dressed up and she explains that she has something going on that afternoon. She assures Peter that she's fine and asks him to get out of her seat. When Peter asks if there's something she'd like to share with him, Skye finally tells him that she's going to a wake for Jeff's boss, Bert.

That afternoon, Jeff delivers a eulogy for his friend and mentor. Afterward, E.J. approaches Jeff and tells her him that she knows Bert's death wasn't an accident. She explains how Bert stopped her from getting Sakelik's address, and gives Jeff a copy of Sakelik's private record. E.J. is eager to help Jeff get revenge, and assures him that Sakelik will never trace it back to her. Jeff makes her promise not to do it again, and E.J. tells him that she's not the one who has to be careful.

Sakelik comes to the wake and Jeff hastily hides the files. The detective says that she's taking charge of the investigation into Bert's death and congratulates Skye on her recovery. Jeff asks why she's killing people and Sakelik ignores him, saying that it was a home invasion gone wrong. They tell Sakelik that it's a private gathering and the detective promises them that she won't let it go.

That night, Jeff and Skye go through Sakelik's files. When Jeff admits that he's worried about her, Skye insists on pursuing the investigation to find out what happened to her father. Jeff finds a reference to Sakelik's juvenile record, and confirms that Sakelik has tried to have it expunged three times in the last year. They figure something has happened to her in the last year and Jeff vows to find the file and discover what is going on.

Later, Jeff blackmails Sakelik's old partner, Marsh, into getting him Sakelik's file. They meet in a parking garage and Jeff trades the flash drive with the evidence against Marsh in return for the files.

The next day, Roger is leaving the studio when Stuart pulls up and reminds the actor that they met a few nights ago at the party. Roger compliments Stuart on his classic car, and Stuart explains that he's bought on office there and is going into production. He gives Roger his card and invites him to check out the project that he's developing, and Roger says that he'll consider it.

Sakelik goes back to Bert's apartment and discovers that Zavala has returned to the crime scene. He's convinced that something is off and figures that everything is too neat. Zavala reminds Sakelik that it reminds him of a case she broke when the husband set up a fake home invasion. Sakelik says that they've got too much work to pursue the case further, and warns Zavala off when he tries to push it.

At Fandomain, Skye and Jeff go over the files and find the one referring to Sakelik's arrest in 1988. There's no criminal record but there is a report on an abandoned child. They realize that Sakelik is the child, but there are photos of other children. Jeff finds an address for a house up in Arrowhead and they head out, figuring Sakelik wants the photos hidden.

Sakelik goes to a video store and talks to the owner, Louis. He turns around in his wheelchair and reluctantly greets her, and wonders what she's done now. Sakelik tells him that she's murdered an innocent man to send a message to someone threatening what they're doing. She takes Louis' hand, crying, and says that it hurts her. Louis asks what Stuart has said and Sakelik admits that she hasn't told him. She insists that she does whatever is necessary as always, and Louis asks if she has news for him. Sakelik tells him that Stuart is certain that what they've been praying for years is almost there.

Jeff and Skye drive to Arrowhead and pull up to the house. They've confirmed that it belongs to Annabelle Creusen, who bought the house in 2003. The house looks just the same as it did in the photos 25 years ago. Annabelle approaches them and they introduce themselves. Jeff asks about the history of the house and the occupants in the 1980s. She says that she bought it from a couple named the Danners, and the county owned it before that. As they talk, Skye notices a sign naming the house "Moon Hill" and Annabelle claims that she named it when she moved it. She wonders what it's all about and Skye shows her a photo of the teenage Sakelik. The woman says that she has no way of knowing that Sakelik was there but invites them to look around. As they walk in, Annabelle conceals the three-barred tattoos on her arm.


Billy is giving a speech at the courthouse about the group home that he is opening up for children. Kelly and Paz arrive with arrive with a warrant to search Billy's car. She checks the trunk and finds a hank of blonde hair inside, just like Andy said. After Billy finishes his speech, Kelly asks him to come with them to answer questions about kidnapping and child endangerment.


Annabelle meets with Louis and asks if Sakelik has done something after all of the years. Louis watches video of the house when Sakelik was living there, and reminds Annabelle that she protected the younger ones. Annabelle warns him that they both know what Sakelik is capable of on a particular night. She takes his hand, revealing the same three-barred tattoo on his arm, and admits that she's worried for years that she might read about Sakelik snapping one day. Louis reminds her that Annabelle is the one who bought the old property, and warns her that none of them can leave the past behind. Annabelle realizes that Louis has seen Sakelik and he admits that she came by earlier and confessed something to him. Louis admits that Sakelik has killed again in the service of what Stuart is doing for them. Annabelle wonders what could justify murder and Louis tells her that what they've always wanted is happening.

Back at his apartment, Skye checks the local Arrowhead newspaper in the 1980s and finds an article highlighting city council reports. There were complaints filed about the people living in the house, including children who weren't attending the school. They bring up the photos and find plenty of shots of the kids, but none of their parents. Jeff suggests that the house might have been used for a cult. They hang up the photos of all of the children, enlarging as many of they can. Jeff notices a photo showing the name of the house, Moon Hill, from the 1980s, contradicting Annabelle's earlier claim. Skye notices a photo of a girl that looks like Annabelle and they wonder if it's her.

Zavala meets with Sakelik's ex-partner, who warns him that he's always gotten a vibe off of Sakelik. As they talk, Sakelik looks over. Her ex-partner sees her and quickly moves on. Meanwhile, Louis approaches Sakelik and tells her that Annabelle was approached at Moon Hill and people were asking about Sakelik. He's sure that Annabelle didn't tell them anything and admits that he told her what they're doing. Angry, Sakelik reminds Louis that Annabelle rejected them and he worries that she'll tell someone what Stuart is doing. When Louis asks if he did the right thing coming to her, Sakelik assures him that he did and tells him that she'll take care of it.

Skye and Jeff drive back to Arrowhead, and they figure that Sakelik is drawn to Cult because she was raised by a cult. Jeff suggests that Annabelle may be a True Believer, and they wonder how many other children may be like Sakelik.

When Roger leaves the studio, he sees Stuart's car parked outside. He tells Stuart that he'll have to move it and Stuart tosses him the keys and says that it's the actor's new car. Roger wonders what Stuart is playing at and the man assures him that money is no object to him. The actor notices Stuart's company name on the key tag and Stuart explains that it's been in the family for over a hundred years and makes knives. Stuart insists that Roger take the car in the hope that he might work with him on a film project during a show hiatus. As they talk, Stuart gets a call and excuses himself.

That night, Jeff and Skye arrive at Moon Hill and discover that no one is at home. They settle in to wait, but Annabelle emerges from the shadows wielding a shotgun. Jeff tells her that they know she lived there and knew Sakelik, and Annabelle tells them to leave. He asks about the cult and Annabelle insists that they were a family. One morning they woke up and all of the grown-ups were gone. There were 20 children at the house at the time, and at first they thought their parents would come back. When they didn't, Sakelik took control. She was cruel, and there were no adults to stop her. Jeff realizes that Annabelle is still afraid of the detective.


Kelly comes to interrogate Billy and he reminds her of all of the times they made love when she was part of The Blood. Ignoring him, she tells him that they have confirmed that the hair belongs to Meadow. Billy points out that the car doesn't belong to him, but Kelly warns him that they have enough to make arrests and convince someone to talk. He asks why Kelly left him and she tells him that the leader is a lie. Billy insists that he has always loved her but Kelly says that he lies to himself and ended up dropping his guard. However, Kelly offers to release him in return for Meadow. An agent comes in and whispers to Kelly, and she tells Billy that he's free to go. However, she warns Billy that it won't end until she has Meadow back.


Annabelle leads Jeff and Skye to the back yard and explains that the older children broke into homes to steal the supplies they needed, and then whatever they wanted. She directs them to a statue and tells Jeff to move it. Beneath it is an old box containing a map to the stars' homes. Annabelle asks if they know about the Olivia Leland murder, and Jeff remembers that she was a TV actress who was murdered in her Beverly Hills home 25 years ago. Annabelle tells them that Sakelik took her and two other children there to rob the actress, and they were surprised to discover Olivia was at home. As they talk, they hear someone moving in the shadows. A gunshot rings out and Annabelle collapses. Jeff and Skye run for the car and see Rosalyn finish off Annabelle as they drive away.

At the studio, Peter searches Skye's desk and then calls a Mr. Right and says that he hasn't found anything interesting, but will call if he does.

Back at his apartment, Jeff promises Skye that they'll make Sakelik pay for what she's done. However, first he plans to use the map to blackmail her and find out where Nate is. Skye figures that they can locate one of the other two children at the robbery, and notices a photo hidden in the box. The children are seated around a red Valiant, license plate 149-PCE: the same car and plate used in Cult. They wonder if Steven Rae was part of the cult.