Off to See the Wizard - Recap

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At the Family commune, Billy is in his loft working on a sculpture of Kelly when someone knocks at the door to tell him he a guest.

Kelly and Paz are at Paz's home watching as Andy plays by the pool. Meadow is staring at her son and Paz assures his partner that Meadow needs some time now that she's out of Billy's clutches. Meadow comes over to help and notices a knife nearby. She stares at it for a few seconds, while Paz's son Robin comes over. He tells them Andy left and they go to find him. They find a discarded toy in the street and see a red car driving away, and Meadow panics.


At the Cult production office, everything is a standstill. Peter tells Skye that the police finally believe that the network executive's disappearance is foul play. When Skye suggests that Steven Rae should be in there, Peter tells her that he's been talking privately with Steven. The show's mysterious creator asked him to keep an eye out for any leaks. Skye says that she has some research for Marti and hastily walks away.

Skye finds Marti sparring with a trainer, Avi. She explains that the studio wanted her to hire a bodyguard after the attack on her at the party, but she refuses to let the show invade her personal life. Marti mentions Segal's disappearance and Skye looks nervous for a moment. The actress asks if it has something to do with the show, but Skye gets a call and steps away to take it. It's Jeff, who ask her to meet him at the jail.

When Skye gets there, Jeff explains that Carey Mandeville was picked up two days ago when she was picked up for skipping out on a motel bill. Carey's father called her, and Jeff has confirmed that Carey was in the motel room with six other people who they figure were True Believers. Carey will only talk to Jeff, and when she comes in, she explains that she's in big trouble: she got caught. The college student explains that everything she thought about the show was true, and that the True Believers talked about Nate. He was special to them in some way but she refuses to talk more. Carey worries that the leaders will have her killed because they don't trust her to keep her silence, and that they ask the True Believers to do anything necessary to protect the show. She asked to see Jeff because he's the only one who knows what she's talking about, and asks them to get a message to Steven Rae explaining that she's loyal. When they wonder how, Carey says that she's met Steven and can contact him.

Marti is on set going over her lines. When she gets to her trailer, a man staggers out. She puts her newly-acquired martial arts skills to take him out, crushing his windpipe. As they call for a medic, Peter arrives and says that the man was an extra, and they realize he was scavenging stuff from the show.

Back at Jeff's house, they go over what Carey told them about how Steven meets with new recruits. Skye tells Jeff about Segal's disappearance and figures that the True Believers are involved, while Jeff wonders why Nate is so special to Steven. They bring up the website that Carey gave them and Skye enters a fake name to make contact. Jeff wants to go along but Skye points out that he doesn't know enough about the show to pass as a fan. Despite that, he refuses to let her out of his sight. They get an email back from the True Believers.

Roger is filming publicity shots for the show as Kirstie looks on. The photographer wants to have Roger hold a knife, but he points out that he is never seen with show props unless he's in full Billy costume. Kirstie backs him up, saying that Billy is never made light of, and Roger agrees. She gets a tie for Roger and comes over to help him put it on. Roger assures the photographer that he'd trust Kirstie with his life.

Later, Kirstie meets her father, Stuart. He notices that she seems upset and assures her that she won't have to endure Roger much longer. Stuart points out that she is the only one who can gain Roger's full trust, and dismisses the actor as beneath contempt. As they hug, Stuart tells his daughter that there's no turning back.

That night, Skye and Jeff drive to the train station where on the show, Billy meets his new recruits. Jeff assures her that he has her cell phone on GPS tracking and she goes into the station.


Billy greets his new recruits at the train station, but Kelly arrives and attacks him. She accuses him of abducting Andy but Billy insists that he had nothing to do with it. Security guards arrive and Kelly orders them to back off, and she warns Billy that she won't let him harm Andy.


Skye spots a group of likely recruits and joins them. Another recruit, Miller, approaches Skye and asks if she's true. She says that she is and Miller says that he's not big on groups. Skye points out that it's different and he agrees with her, smiling. They go over to join the others and after a moment one of the True Believers lead them away.

Jeff watches from inside the station, but once outside the True Believers collect everyone's cell phones and then scan them for bugs. The True Believers toss the bag of cell phones into a decoy vehicle and then the two vehicles go their separate ways. Jeff follows the decoy vehicle and finally finds it parked on an empty street. There's no one inside and a red Valiant is parked nearby, and the reporter realizes that he's been tricked. Jeff checks out the nearby taxidermy shop and spots a man coming out, wearing a bloody apron. The man tosses several bags into a furnace and goes back inside, and Jeff goes after him.

The True Believers take Skye and the other recruits to an underground parking garage. Their leader welcomes the recruits to where Steven Rae lives and takes them up in an elevator. The directory is blanked out and Skye gets in with the others.

Jeff goes into the shop and finds a room filled with taxidermy equipment.

The elevator lets out into an elaborately decorated penthouse apartment.

Jeff pulls aside a curtain and finds Segal's stuffed corpse. iPod screens have been imbedded in his eyes, playing scenes from Cult. Startled, Jeff backs up and knocks into a shelf. He finds a hunting knife like the one Billy has on the show, a Billy vest, and a photo of a man standing in front of a country house. Taking both items, Jeff slips away as one of the men receives a cell phone. They're told to go to the Steven Rae meeting place. Overhearing them, Jeff gets outside and hides in the trunk of the red Valiant.

Skye goes over to Steven Rae's desk and notices some photos from the show. Miller comes over and says that she shouldn't do it, while Sky realizes that the photos are from the show. A man comes in and welcomes them to his home, saying that his name is Steven. He assures the new recruits that they are special and that as True Believers they understand the true significance of the show. Steven congratulates the recruits on making contact with him.

The two True Believers pull up into the parking garage and go up. Once they're clear, Jeff gets out of the trunk.

Steven continues talking about the meaning of his show and how it's his vision that fills the program. He asks them to share that vision with him and protect it.

Jeff checks the nearby van and finds Skye's purse. He then takes the stairs up.

Steven says that they will be privy to greater secrets and he needs them as partners to complete the journey and stop any interference. He asks them if they're ready to do whatever he asks.

As he goes up the stairs, Jeff checks the floors and discovers that the building is under construction.

As Steven talks with the recruits, Skye approaches Miller at the buffet table and asks what he thinks Steven meant. She assures Miller that she's ready and asks if he is. Miller draws her aside and says that he has no problem doing whatever Steven asks them in return for the inside secrets. He wonders why she's questioning it and Skye assures him that she has never stopped thinking about Steven. When she wonders what will happen if Steven asks them to hurt someone, Miller points out that she doesn't seem so sure she would do it. Skye insists that she's sure that she can do it.

Jeff gets to the top and finds another floor under construction. However, he hears voices coming from behind one wall and goes to investigate. Looking through a crack, he sees Skye and the other recruits. Meanwhile, Skye makes her way to Steven's desk and notices photos of the cast and crew of the show. Jeff watches her through the crack while Skye finds a photo of herself. Steven approaches her and she quickly hides the photo at her side. She introduces herself and says that it's an honor to meet him. They talk about her life and she assures Steven that she's willing to stay in Los Angeles. She asks what he wants her to do and Steven says that will come in time. He then takes the photo, saying that no souvenirs from his desk are allowed, and puts it back without looking at it.

As Steven gets her a refresher, Skye approaches him and asks about him. Jeff follows their voices from behind the wall, while Skye notices that Steven has a tattoo on his arm. It's a partial version of the one that Billy has on the show, and Steven explains that only Billy is allowed to wear the full version. Steven tells her that his tattoo has nothing to do with Billy's and then says that he has to go for his usual midnight-to-dawn writing.

Jeff whistles through the wall to get Skye's attention, but she doesn't hear him and goes back to the desk as the others move off. She grabs the photo of herself and puts it in her pocket, but Steven notices her. He tells his people to stop her, and Skye runs out and finds herself in the section under construction. Jeff finds her and Skye tells him that the man isn't Steven. They go back to the stairs and run down to the parking garage and get out just in time.


Kelly and Paz get a call from a woman who lives near Paz, and has reported someone in her neighbor's house, even though they're on vacation. The agents go there to check it out and finds a discarded Ninja Turtle mask in the backyard. They check the back shed and find Andy inside. Kelly asks who brought him there and Andy explains that he ran away because he was scared of his mother. The boy insist that his mother is different now.


Roger talks to Marti at the studio and asks what happened with the extra. Marti asks if the show and its fan are too much, and wonders how long she can take it. Roger says that he knows when to let them in and when to scare them off, and assures her that she's a talented actress. Marti is surprised that he's speaking to her like that for the first time and Roger says that he has some good stuff going on for once. He tells Marti to put her concerns in perspective and not let them consume her, and says that they're only fans.

"Steven", actually Cameron, meets with Stuart at the now-empty floor where the penthouse apartment set was and says that someone broke into the taxidermy shop and stole the vest and the knife. He worries about Skye and Stuart confirms that Cameron didn't give anything away. Stuart has had the empty floor and the taxidermy shop swept clean. Cameron points out that Sakelik used to take care of that thing for us, and Stuart asks him to have faith in him.

Skye explains that Steven doesn't have a regular writing schedule, so the man she met couldn't be the show's creator. A publicist released the story about the midnight-to-dawn writing schedule so the public believes it. Skye explains about the tattoo that Annabelle and Louis had, so they figure that the imposter is one of the original Moon Hill children. They look at the photo that Jeff found and figure it was taken at the Moon Hill property, and wonder if the man may be the man who inspired Billy Rae... or the real Steven Rae.