The Prophecy of St. Clare - Recap

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In the Family cornfield, Billy cries out to Kelly and plants explosives. Laughing, he talks of betrayal and then blows up the cornfield behind him, leaving the familiar Family brand impressed on the landscape, except the symbol is missing the corners.

At the farm, Billy's lawyer Glen Nash brings a group of Japanese businessmen arrive to invest in Billy's cause. Billy arrives and tells them about the Michael Grimm Center for Children. He hopes to make his dream a reality but starts rubbing his head. After a moment, Billy recovers and leads them away.


At the studio, Skye calls Jeff and tells him that the building where she met "Steven Rae" is owned by the city and it's currently unoccupied. The True Believer moved in and built their fake apartment. They wonder about the man on the photo wearing the Billy vest, but admit they don't have much to go on. As they discuss what to do for supper, Skye notices Edie MacDonald, the actress who plays Meadow on the show, looking nervous. She goes over to talk to Edie, who says that a set of figurines look exactly like ones that she saw in her childhood. Edie explains that her mother took her to see some friends in the mountains and they had the same figurinees. The actress remembers that it was near Lake Arrowhead, and that the friends had parents and kids. The kids would try to scare Edie and her mom would come back, upset and crying.

As they talk, Skye notices Peter watching them as he meets with a man. As Skye walks off, Peter comes after her and asks if everything is okay with Edie. She asks him how Edie got cast since he worked on the pilot, and he doesn't recall anything unusual. Peter tells Skye that it was Steven's call, just like everything else, but Skye dismisses it as nothing.

That night, Roger takes Kirstie with him to a party at Stuart's place. She feigns ignorance of Stuart, who is actually her father. Stuart comes out and greets them, and then ushers them in.

Jeff and Skye go to see her Mrs. MacDonald after Skye called earlier to tell her that she was worried about Edie. Mrs. MacDonald asks them what is going on and Skye asks about the figurines. The woman admits that she hoped that Edie wouldn't remember, and Jeff asks her about the Moon Hill cult. Mrs. MacDonald insists that it wasn't a cult when it started, and they show her the photo of the man in the Billy vest. She explains that the man's name was Phillip Kellian and that he was the inspiration for Billy, while she was the inspiration for Kelly.

Mrs. MacDonald brings them inside and explains that Phillip was a brilliant man. He founded the Moon Hill group as a sanctuary from modern life, but she left when she discovered that Phillip was going to a very dark place. She joined the police, just like Kelly did on the show. Mrs. MacDonald explains that Phillip was becoming a cult leader. When Edie was born, she took her there occasionally but wasn't able to get through to Phillip. Phillip was a TV writer and mentored Steven Rae, and Mrs. MacDonald has the one script that they worked on together, a script that was never produced.

After dinner, Stuart asks Roger if he would do him a significant favor. Roger agrees and Stuart asks for a copy of a Cult shooting script, even though they are kept under close scrutiny. Stuart assures him that it would never leave his possession and that no one would ever know. Kirstie speaks up, asking Roger if it would be hard, and the actor says that he'll do what he can.

At the studio, Skye runs a background check on Phillip, but find nothing tying him to Steven. Jeff reads the script about the show, that was set in the "distant future" of 2005 and had a man forming a cult. The title of the show was The Prophecy of St. Clare, and Skye recognizes the initials TPOSC from her father's notes. She checks them and finds a reference to TPOSC on Highway 1. They check Mapquest and find a St. Clare's Church on Highway 1 in Ojai. The records show that no one owns it and they drive up the coast to check it out. They leave, unaware that nearby, Pete is monitoring their Internet searches on his computer.

Jeff and Skye arrive at the church and find a TV antenna mounted on the roof. Toxic waste dump signs are posted, accounting for why it's abandoned. Skye checks the Internet and discovers that St. Clare is the patron saint of television.

At the studio, Peter calls Steven... unaware that he's talking to Cameron. After getting the information on St. Clare, Cameron thanks him for his help and tells Stuart. Stuart assures him that Steven is dead but is intrigued when Cameron talks about the church. He wonders how Jeff and Skye could have found it after they've been looking and failed for so long, and Stuart insists that the church means everything.


As Billy writes frantically in his attic loft, Meadow goes to a church to light a candle. Kelly tells Andy that his mother is lighting a candle for her love but doesn't know who. Meadow comes over and tells Kelly that she said a prayer for her husband Douglas, and Kelly apologizes for failing to rescue him. Her sister assures her that she saved her and Andy.

Billy tries to write without success.

Kelly tells Meadow to give Andy time to recover from the death of his father. Meadow wants everything to get back to normal, and says that she can get her old job back if she wants to.


At the church, Jeff and Skye find drawings on the walls that match the ones they found in the septic tank at the ranch. There is a candle rack filled with vacuum tubes from old TV sets and the altar is a series of stands that form a three-dimensional box symbol like Billy's tattoo on Cult. There's a symbol of a TV antenna on the stained glass window that looks like the symbol Billy carved into the cornfield on the last episode. They figure that the box could be a stylized TV set. In another room Jeff and Skye find a room filled with televisions and a typewriter with a single old piece of paper on it with a single line of print. There's also an old TV tape player. When they turn it on, Phillip talks about neural fusion and the control of the slavery of the mind.

A car pulls up outside and Jeff and Skye see men approaching. They grab the tape and hide, and see Dustin from the Cult party and Cameron come in, along with Stuart, who they don't recognize. Stuart turns on the lights and goes to the altar, and confirms that he remembers his father's church. He tells Dustin and Cameron that his mother died in childbirth and his father kept him there. As Jeff and Skye hide in the attic, Stuart and the others go into the TV room. Stuart tells Dustin to bring "him" in and then turns on the televisions. Cameron wonders if the book could be there, and Stuart says that his father watched all of the channels 24 hours a day, and realized that he had to protect them all from the evil.

Dustin brings in a hooded and bound man and Cameron wonders if the man can find it. Stuart says that the man is the most gifted of all of the readers that he's found. They then unhood the man—Nate--and Nate says that there are messages there. Stuart says that the messages have a specific purpose, to lead them to the book, and tells Nate to find it. When Nate says that he needs some time, Stuart agrees and leaves Dustin there to stand guard while he leaves with Cameron.

As Dustin plays with a knife, Jeff drops Nate's house key onto the floor next to him. Nate sees it, steps on it to keep Dustin from seeing it, and then picks it up while he kneels to tie his shoe. He looks up and sees Jeff watching from above, and then tells Dustin that there's nothing there. Nate walks out into the main church and Dustin follows him. When Dustin messes with one of the vacuum tubes, Nate tells him to put it back and Stuart and Cameron, waiting, echo his command. Cameron wonders if there is nothing to find, but Stuart insists that there's a dangerous truth that continues to be revealed on the show. He believes that if they find the book then it will provide them with the answers.

Nate tells them that the book is outside in the church cemetery. He runs outside and the others follow, while Jeff and Skye climb down. Skye checks Nate's discarded notes and finds one saying to focus on the antenna. They pry open the frame and find Phillip's book inside, but discover that it's in code. As they leave, Dustin spots them and Jeff punches him unconscious. He then leads Skye to the cemetery to rescue his brother, just as a truck pulls up. Frustrated, Stuart knocks Nate unconscious and tells the men in the truck to take him away, and then has the other men search the church.

Jeff and Skye turn their headlights off and follow the truck with Nate. The True Believers catch a glimpse of them and speed up, and then call another car that is coming their way with more of their people. The new car swerves at Jeff and Skye, knocking them off the road. Jeff tries to get his car out of the mud and manages to pull it out just in time as the True Believers fire a shot at them and then give chase. However, the truck with Nate has long since escaped.


Kelly takes Meadow and Andy to the business where Meadow used to work. Meadow worries that Andy doesn't recognize her anymore, as the boy comes over and takes Kelly's hand. Kelly tells her sister that Andy will bounce back. Meadow's old boss--Glen Nash--comes over and welcomes Meadow back. As Glen leaves with Meadow, Andy pees himself out of fear.


The next day, Roger drives to Stuart's manor with one of the shooting scripts. After a moment he goes to the door and notices that it's unlocked. Roger calls to Stuart and gets no answer, and goes inside. Looking around, roger finally makes his way to the pool and finds Kirstie swimming in the pool. She gets out and Roger, shocked, runs back to his car and drives away.


Billy thumbs through a book filled with coded writing and strokes it in satisfaction. He ties it shut and puts it in a lockbox with another manuscript.


Skye freezes the episode and points out that the book Billy wrote is similar to the one that Phillip wrote. Jeff doesn't want to talk about it and gives her the note Nate left them. There's a feather symbol at the bottom, and Nate explains that their mother put it on the napkins she put in their school lunches to remind them that she was thinking of them and loved them. Nate put it there to say the same thing.