Flip the Script - Recap

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Kelly and Paz are watching Andy's school, and Paz assures his partner that Glen's background checks out. They see Meadow bring Andy to school and Kelly concedes that nothing is going on. As they drive off, Meadow walks past a delivery van and Billy steps out. She happily greets him and Billy hugs her and tells her to come with him. Meadow gets in the back and hears a man gasping and wheezing behind a curtain. She begs Billy to stop, but he demands to know if Kelly is ready. Billy says that she soon will be and then explains that life without Kelly adds up to nothing. He gives Meadow a control stick and pulls aside the curtain, revealing her parents' killer, Henry, bound, gagged, and hooked up to wires. Billy tells her to enjoy and sits back to watch as a smiling Meadow triggers the electricity again… and again... and again. Billy finally stops her, saying that it's enough... for today.


Jeff and Skye watch the episode and Skye points out that the season is almost over. Skye gets three hits on the term "neural fusion," a term that Phillip used on his tape and gets hits to article abstracts written by a Dr. Robert Kimble 30 years ago. Checking the Internet, Jeff finds a reference to a professor of cognitive science at UCLA.

Nate is in a chamber going through episodes of Cult while Stuart and Cameron watch him. Cameron worries that they may not succeed and finally tells Stuart that after all the blood they've spilled, they have nothing to show for it. He's not sure that the answers Stuart claims are hidden in the show aren't real. Stuart points out that the parents of all of the survivors followed Phillip for two decades. He has given his life to find out where they disappeared to, and compromised his daughter, and refuses to let doubt stop him now. Stuart tells Cameron not to question him and walks away.

Kimble's assistant Allegra Constantine is giving a lecture on cognitive function when Jeff and Skye arrive. Afterward, they approach her and ask why Kimble wasn't giving the lecture as scheduled. Allegra explains that Kimble isn't feeling well and refuses to give out his home phone number. Skye notices that she's acting suspicious and asks what the matter is, and they say that they're checking Kimble's article about neural fusion. Allegra insists that Kimble is sick and isn't taking calls, and then enters her office and discovers that someone has torn the place up. Skye and Jeff figure that the True Believers saw the same tape they did.

There are screen captures from Cult pinned to the wall and Jeff and Skye figure that Kimble knows about the show. They warn Allegra that he's in danger, and she admits that Kimble has gone missing. Kimble was afraid that something might happen ever since Cult premiered.

At the studio, Marti comes over to run lines with Roger, who is clearly upset. She figures he had an argument with Kirstie because a couple of crew members mentioned Kirstie wasn't on set. Angry that the crew is gossiping about his personal life, Roger tells everyone to mind their own business and walks off.

Allegra doesn't know what to do and has no idea why Kimble was afraid of Cult. Skye explains that the show's fans have issues. Jeff finds an empty drawer and Allegra confirms that it held Kimble's notes on neural fusion. She explains that neural fusion was a theory Kimble had and warns them that her name was also on the notes. Skye and Jeff says that they need to get her out before the True Believers come for her and she goes with them.

Kirstie arrives at the studio and parks next to Roger's car. He slams her door on her as she gets out and demands an explanation for why she was at Stuart's house. Kirstie insists that it isn't what he thinks, and finally explains that Stuart is his father. Roger realizes that they've set him up and asks why, and then snatches up a pipe and smashes the car that Roger gave him. The actor tells Kirstie that he doesn't want to see either one of them again and walks away.

Jeff and Skye take Allegra to Jeff's house and she explains that 30 years ago Kimble came up with a theory that TV was creating a state of collective consciousness. Since then, TV has gotten ever more pervasive and everyone watches the same programming. TV viewers obsessing over favorite shows is a form of that shared consciousness. Kimble believed that television's impact might be more than they can understand. As Skye wonders how Phillip knew about Kimble's theories thirty years ago, Allegra rearranges some of the newer photos on the wall to match the pattern in the ones that Nate put up on the wall. When they give Allegra Phillip's book, she notices that it has a three-line symbol on the cover just like one that Kimble had. However, the code is one she's never seen, and Allegra figures that Kimble will want to know about it and starts to call him.


Kelly is attending therapy with Meadow and remembers a childhood incident where she and Meadow hit under the bed when they were young. Dr. Marie Beaumont wants them to talk about the night their parents died and Kelly promises Meadow that she won't go through it alone.


Allegra arranges a meeting that night with Kimble. Jeff and Skye accompany her to an isolated stretch of road. Kimble gets out and holds them at gunpoint, demanding to know who they are. Jeff shows him the book and explains that it belongs to Phillip, and Kimble knows about Phillip. They explain that they found it at a church and Kimble knows about that as well. Allegra confirms that Kimble's lab was trashed and the professor put his gun away and asks what Jeff and Skye have to do with it. Jeff explains that the True Believers abducted his brother Nate.

At the hidden chamber, Nate takes more notes on episodes of the series.

Kimble explains that that there was a professor character in the first episode, a character that Billy killed. The professor figure that it was a threat against him, and explains that Phillip sought him out and befriended him out. Phillip believed that television was a malevolent force, and took Kimble's theories and twisted them.

Nate tells Stuart that he doesn't have all of the answers yet about what happened to the Moon Hill parents.

Phillip found like-minded individuals and they moved into a property into the mountains. Kimble went there and tried to reach him, but Phillip believed that Kimble's theories would disprove his own beliefs. The professor didn't think anything further of it until he saw the TV show. Jeff warns Kimble that Stuart is trying to carry out his father's beliefs.

Stuart tells Nate that he has considered all of the possible outcomes, but Nate warns him that there is always something that people don't see. As Nate continues to scribble his notes, Stuart warns him that Jeff's safety depends on Nate succeeding.

Kimble remembers Phillip fencing with his son, and how the Phillip family business involved knives.

As Skye and Jeff drive Allegra back to LA, they suggests that they move in with someone safe. She wants to call the police, but they arrive at her apartment and discover that the police is there. Someone has attacked her roommate Nancy, and they spot Dustin in the crowd. Jeff keeps driving by before Dustin can spot them.


Kelly remembers a man with a birthmark on his face breaks into the room of Meadow and Kelly's parents and kills them. She admits that she's spent years trying to forget, and doesn't know what she would do if she faced her parents' killers. Beaumont asks Meadow the same question, and she remembers electrocuting the man in the truck. She then lies and says that she would forgive the killer if she met him.


Kirstie leaves a club and meets her father, and finally tells him that Roger found out about their connection. Stuart is angry that everything with Roger is ruined and now they have no way to get to Steven Rae. Kirstie offers to fix it but Stuart tells her in no uncertain terms to stay away from Roger.

Back at Jeff's house, Allegra calls her roommate and confirms that she's okay. Nancy was injured when she came home and found someone searching the apartment. Allegra goes to get some sleep while Skye checks Phillip's background and finds a reference to the Reynolds family. The company brand looks similar to the True Believers', and they find a photo of Stuart who they recognize from the church. Skye confirms that Stuart has dozens of financial holdings, and owns a film development company next to the Cult studios.


Kelly is sleeping at home and dreams of the night her parents were killed. She imagines seeing the killer in her room and runs to the door, only to find Billy outside. Kelly wakes up from her nightmare, screaming, and Meadow runs in. She assures Kelly that no one is there and that her sister is safe, and apologizes for putting her through it. Meadow insists that the two of them will be strong together and they say that they love each other. Kelly asks Meadow to stay with her and they get into bed together... and Meadow smiles in satisfaction.


Jeff and Skye break into Stuart's production office and find a room with high-tech surveillance equipment. The cameras are focused on the Cult production offices and the actors' dressing rooms. They hear someone outside and leave, and see man in camouflage fatigues going over plans. Stuart comes in and sees Jeff and Skye, and realizes that they're onto him. He walks by them as they leave and stares at them. As they drive away, Jeff figures that Stuart may have sent someone after them. They get to the house and spots someone moving inside. As they get out of the car, Dustin shoots at them from down the street. Jeff and Skye get back in and Jeff backs away and drives off. They figure that now that they know about Stuart, Stuart will have them killed.

Kirstie goes to Roger's home and knocks at the door. As he stands on the other side, Kirstie says that she'll do anything to get his forgiveness. Roger asks how he can ever trust her again and Kirstie asks if he loves her. She insists that she loves him and says that Stuart would hurt her if he knew she was there. Roger finally opens the door and promises that he won't let Stuart hurt her.

Nate continues to go over the episodes, while Stuart tells Cameron that they can do what they want because Nate won't give up the search due to his obsession. Stuart then gives Nate Phillip's notebook, which they stole from Jeff's house. He figures that Nate helped Jeff find it and says that their deal has changed. Stuart tells Nate that if he doesn't decode the book then he'll kill Jeff, and throws the book at him.

Jeff and Skye rent a motel room and work out how much cash they have left. Skye worries how they can go back to their normal lives even if they do get through it, and Jeff wonders what she'd be doing tonight. She says that she'd be living a normal life, and Jeff figures that he'd be running down a story. There's a backfire outside and they go to the window to check it, but don't see anything. Skye asks if they're going to be okay and Jeff assures her that if Stuart wants a fight then they'll give him one. Aft era moment, Skye takes his hand.