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1987 - Recap

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Billy is in the room with Henry, who is tied up in a child's room. Henry asks if Billy is going to bring Meadow in to hurt him again, and Billy says that Meadow likes to hurt him. When Henry says that there's no reason for what he does, Billy says that he understands and cuts him free. He then goes to the door and has his men bring in a private security guard. The members put him on the bed and Billy leaves a set of cutting tools on the dresser. Henry limps over, his leg chained to the wall, picks up a saw, and goes to work.


Jeff waits on a street in front of a pawn shop with TVs playing Cult. A man comes over and passes over a package and collects his cash.

Skye goes into a grocery store and sees the most recent Cult episode playing on the TV. The clerk asks Skye if she's a Billy or Kelly fan, and Skye claims she doesn't watch the show. When the woman hears that, she doesn't believe her and says Billy is hot.

Jeff and Sky return to the motel with their purchases. He reminds her that the True Believers shot at them and figures that Nate is in danger now that they know who Stuart is. Skye figures that they've got a plan to find Nate and Allegra.

At the observation room, Nate continues taking notes from the show as the episodes play on the screen. Stuart and Cameron watch and Cameron doesn't believe Nate will ever find anything. His leader disagrees, insisting that the show and manuscript together hold the key to what happened to their parents and the secret to Phillip Kellian's work. Cameron wonders about Jeff and Stuart assures him that they’ll be dealt with. Meanwhile, Dustin brings Allegra into the chamber and tells Nate to work with her. He introduces himself and Allegra realizes that he's Jeff's brother.

Jeff calls in E.J., and has her bring computer components and electric GPS dog collars.

Allegra looks at the screens and wonders what it all means. She admits that she has no idea why she's there and explains that she works for Kimball. Nate knows all about Kimball and his work, and how it was the basis for Phillip's theory. He says that there are messages in the show, but not the ones that Stuart thinks there are. When Allegra asks what the messages are, Nate moves closer to her and asks her to find Jeff if she gets out, and tell him something that Stuart cannot find out. Allegra promises to do it and Nate whispers the secret into her ear.

At the motel, E.J. hacks Stuart's surveillance system so that Skye and Jeff can tap into the cameras and see everything that Stuart sees in the Cult studios.

At the observation room, Dustin comes in and shows Stuart that they've traced Skye's computer hookup. Stuart tells him to take as many True Believers there as he needs and get it done.

Come morning, Jeff and Skye share a crude breakfast. Jeff reminds her of how it was a coincidence that they met at the studio, and wonders if she regrets it. Skye assures him that she doesn't. Outside, Dustin and his men pull up. Jeff and Skye hear them and go to the door. They watch as the True Believers go into a neighboring room, and then Jeff runs to their vehicles and attaches the GPS units to the wheel wells. Dustin and his men come out and Dustin calls Stuart, while Jeff hides beneath one of the vehicles. Once Dustin gets his orders, he and the others drive off, failing to see Jeff.

Mrs. McDonald comes to see Edie on the set and she introduces her to Marti. The older woman stares at the actress in surprise, and Edie mentions that Mrs. McDonald used to be a police officer just like Kelly on the show. Marti says that she'd be glad to get some pointers on how to play Kelly.

As they wait for the GPS units to stop moving, Skye says that she was impressed with how Jeff reacted when they were shot at. Jeff explains that he worked the crime desk in Philly and is used to being shot at. Once they're sure that the True Believers have stopped moving, they check the address and discover that it's an abandoned juvenile detention center.

Nate throws a life preserver from the empty pool room he's in, startling the guard in the observation room. Once he has the guard's attention, he waves to him to get Stuart. Meanwhile, Stuart tells Cameron that Dustin has reported failure. They walk through a room with other readers, including Allegra, and Cameron complains that it's all been a waste. He says that it's time to shut it all down before they get caught. The guard comes in and tells them that Nate has found something.

Stuart goes into the empty pool and Nate tells him that there's a repeating number 32, the same number as Phillip's followers. He says that he started at the end and all the patterns form a Fibonacci sequence. Nate asks why Steven Rae is using Phillip's code, and explains that the manuscript ends before it tells what happened to Phillip. There is a reference to a man known only as C, and a ten-digit series of number. Nate suggests that it might be a phone number, and Stuart dials it. He gets a medical marijuana clinic, and Nate says that it must be 25 years old... and it belonged to someone else then. Stuart walks out and tells Dustin to shut down and burn down the building with the readers inside.

Kirstie arrives at Roger's door with balloons for his birthday. He invites her in and she offers to spend the day together. Kirstie gets a call but ignores it. When it rings again, Roger figures that it's Stuart and tells her that he wants to drive up the coast and turn off their phones. When the phone keeps ringing, Roger takes it and tells Stuart that Kirstie is sick of his games and hangs up. Kirstie warns Roger that her father will be pissed and then bursts into laughter. She then says that they should stay in all day and they kiss.

Jeff and Skye approach the juvenile center and spot the True Believer cars parked nearby. The True Believers move out and Jeff and Skye move in. They duck the remaining men inside, who are distributing containers of fire accelerant throughout the building. Skye finds a dead man on the floor and they realize that the True Believers are destroying any evidence. They find more corpses but none of them are Nate. Jeff and Skye find the pool room, filled with video projectors, and Jeff recognizes Nate's handwriting on the discarded notepaper. The True Believers detonate the explosives and Jeff and Skye run outside. They spot Dustin and another man loading Allegra into a car and driving off.

While Skye follows the GPS trackers, Jeff drives according to her directions. They catch up to Dustin's car, cut him off, and Jeff orders them to freeze while Skye gets Allegra out. Jeff shoots out the car's tires and they drive off.


Once they get a report on the dead security guard, Kelly and Paz arrive at the house where Billy locked up Henry. The owners were vacation and had no idea what happened. Kelly wonders why Paz brought her there. He finally tells her that the local police got a DNA hit on the perpetrator. The DNA matched that found at the scene of the murder of Kelly's parents.


That night, Stuart pulls over to make a call, while Nate writes something down in a notebook. Stuart gets back in the car and tells Nate that 25 years ago, the phone number belonged to someone from his childhood at Moon Hill.

Jeff and Skye take Allegra back to the motel room and she tells them what Nate told her. He said to look at episode 12, eight minutes and 51 seconds in. Skye brings up the episode and they watch the scene where Kelly finds Douglas buried in the wall. Allegra says that Nate also mentioned "St. Clare" and wonders what they're going to do once they get her somewhere safe.

Mrs. McDonald comes home and finds Stuart waiting for him. She tries to run but a true Believer stop her. Stuart introduces himself and reminds her that he's Phillip's son. She's shocked to see him and remembers how she went to Moon Hill to try to talk sense to Phillip. A True Believer brings Nate in and Stuart explains that he deciphered Phillip's manuscript. Phillip wrote about a specific time in October 1987 and Mrs. McDonald remembers talking to a reporter and his young lady friend. Phillip points out her name is Cathy, the C in his father's manuscript, and begs her for anything she can tell him. Cathy tells him that it was raining that night and Stuart remembers.

Jeff and Skye go back to the Church of St. Clare and they check the walls for hidden rooms.

Cathy says that Phillip came to see her and brought the other Moon Hill parents with him. Phillip was excited by something he had discovered.

Skye finds a ridge in the plaster and Jeff smashes in the wall.

Cathy explains that Phillip said he was horribly wrong about how television was dangerous. He uncovered something wonderful.

When Jeff breaks down the wall, they find a corpse that appears to be 25 years old.

Phillip told Cathy that he has uncovered something new about television and was going to share it with the others.

Jeff continues breaking down the walls and finds more corpses.

Stuart wonders why the Moon Hill parents never came back, and Cathy says that she doesn't know. Months later she heard that Phillip and the others had disappeared. She thought the children were being taken care of, and she couldn't risk her job as a police detective by telling the authorities what little she knew. Stuart breaks into tears and Cathy comforts him, begging for forgiveness, while Nate looks on.

Skye and Jeff realize that Nate knew that the 32 Moon Hill parents were entombed in the walls.


Kelly dreams that a man is abducting Andy and daring her to shoot. Meadow looks on and tells Andy that his aunt is just dreaming, and assures him that she'll be fine.


A deliverywoman brings an envelope to Roger's house. Kirstie takes it and brings it to Roger in the kitchen. He has her open it and Kirstie tells him that it's from Steven. Roger takes it and reads the creator's congratulations. Steven explains that for the season cliffhanger, they'll present an extra last scene online and live. No one will see the script until they go on the air, and Steven will be on the set to give them the pages. Roger swears Kirstie to secrecy and she agrees.

Jeff and Skye park on an isolated mountain road and then call Stuart at his business. Meanwhile, Stuart is in his office and asks Nate why the parents never came back. He throws the manuscript at Nate, who realizes that he killed the others. Stuart says that he's unique and that he'll live until his work is done. The secretary puts Jeff's call through and the reporter tells Stuart that he's ready to trade the whereabouts of the Moon Hill parents in return for Nate. When Stuart doubts him, Jeff points out that he was the one who found St. Clare's and asks if Stuart is ready to trade.