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Jeff goes to Fandomain to meet Stuart and arrange the trade. Stuart explains that Nate came to him and insists that his father was a visionary. He needed Nate to decipher the show and find out what happened to the Moon Hill parents. When Jeff points out that he killed two of his own people, Stuart insists that he did it for himself and the others. He was the eldest and was responsible. Jeff tells him to leave Nate alone as part of the deal and Stuart agrees as long as Jeff tells him where he can find the parents. Stuart gets a call from his people and tells Jeff that his people are in position.

Across the nation, people watch as the network promotes the season finale of Cult, complete with an extra scene filmed live. Jeff calls Skye at Nate's house and tells him that the True Believers are in position. She confirms that they're in a car outside and Jeff then drives Stuart to the Church of St. Clare. Once they're there, he has Stuart call his people and deliver Nate to Skye. Dustin and another True Believer take Nate in. She has Dustin take Nate in and then calls Jeff.

Jeff and Stuart enter the church and Jeff shows him the bodies in the walls. Stuart wonders who could have done it and why, and Jeff admits that he doesn't know why. He tells Stuart to keep his end of the deal.

As they wait, Skye gets Nate some water. Dustin receives the call from Stuart, and Dustin tells Skye that he's received his orders to leave. Once he goes, Skye tells Nate that everything will be okay. Relieved, Nate admits that he never thought he would see his home again and Skye takes his hand. She then calls Jeff at the church and tells him that everything went as planned. Stuart orders Jeff to leave him... just as the police burst in and arrest Stuart. Detective Zavala comes in and tells Jeff that they received an anonymous tip that Stuart was responsible for Sakelik's death. As the police lead Stuart out, he accuses Jeff of turning him in.

Jeff returns home and Skye hugs him in relief. Nate comes out of the kitchen and shares an embrace with his older brother.


Kelly goes to the shooting range and imagines shooting Henry, the man who killed her parents. Meadow comes up behind her and realizes that it's about the killer. She worries that it may be too much for Kelly now that they have a lead, but Kelly insists that she can handle it. Meadow glances over at where Billy is watching through a window, goes into the next room, and assures him that Kelly is in the mental state he wants. She assures Billy that he's giving Kelly the closure he needs, and Billy says that he's doing it because he loves Kelly more than anything.


The next day, Nate shaves and puts on clean clothes. He thanks Jeff for turning his life upside down to find him. Jeff warns that the police will want to talk to him, but he can convince Zavala to wait a couple of days. Until then, he suggests that Nate might see a psychiatrist. Nate insists that he doesn't need to and he's okay now. As he looks at the wall of show clippings, he notices that Jeff added new material. Nate then grabs it all and pulls it down, and Jeff joins him.

Roger and Kirstie go shopping, and she suggests that she should see her father. The actor reminds her that Stuart is in jail, and he should stay away from her. Kirstie admires a dress but admits that she has nowhere to wear it, and Roger promises to take her away after the live broadcast that night. He asks how he feels about her and Kirstie says that he loves her.

Skye is at her apartment watching tapes of her father and pouring over his notes. Jeff comes over and she reluctantly invites him in, surprised to see him. Skye asks what he's going to do now that he has Nate back, and Jeff says that he plans to focus on his work. He notices that she's going through Quentin's notes and says that he plans to stay on top of the case once the police finish searching the church. Skye tells him that he doesn't owe him anything, and Jeff says that he owes her everything for her help getting Nate back. He tells her that he's there to help her find her father and assures her that they're not done... and then kisses Skye. After a long moment she leads Jeff into the bedroom.

Cameron visits Stuart in prison and blames Phillip for the death of their parents. Stuart insists that Phillip had learned something invaluable about the power of television and it's tied into Cult. Cameron tells him that now that he and the others know what happened to their parents, they're done... and so is Stuart. As Cameron walks out, Stuart refuses to accept that.

Later, Zavala calls Jeff from the church and tells him that Stuart was released on bail. The detective also tells Jeff that they have a total head count of 31 bodies. As Jeff talks on the phone, someone hands him a "don't watch" flyer for the Cult season finale. As Jeff approaches his home, he sees Dustin leave the house. Jeff run inside and finds Nate sitting on the floor, going through some files... and one of them has Quentin's name on it. Nate explains that Dustin was his friend and he invites him there. Jeff tells him that Dustin is dangerous, and Nate explains that he saw Quentin's name among the notes on Moon Hill. He tells Jeff that he heard Stuart mention Moon Hill, and Jeff asks him not to freeze him out if he's going to continue working on the deciphering the show. Nate insists that there's nothing more to tell, and asks Jeff to trust him. Jeff tells him to pack everything up because he's writing a story on it, and warns his brother that he'll have to earn his trust back.


Kelly gets a lead on the killer and calls Paz. However, she refuses to tell him where she is. Paz warns her that she's too close to it but Kelly hangs up on him. She then enters an abandoned factory. Someone has placed a mannequin of Henry in the wall. As Kelly examines it, she falls through a trapdoor into the basement below. Henry is hung up, and a gasmasked Billy sprays her with knockout gas.


As the Cult cast and crew prepare to film the live finale, Edie brings her mother Cathy to the set. Edie explains to Marti that she's there to clean out her trailer but doesn't plan to watch the live taping. Marti sees Skye going by and runs to greet her. Skye says that she had some personal business to take care of and it's now finished. Marti realizes that things are going great between Skye and Jeff. Skye gets a call from Jeff, who admits that he's not sure Nate is over what happened. She assures Jeff that they'll get him over it together. Jeff gets a video chat invitation and takes it. A shadowy figure says that they share several mutual interests, including Cult. The figure tells him not to write a story on the cult, and to stay from Nate. When Jeff invites him to a face-to-face meeting, the figure says that they're already very close.

Stuart is working in his office when he gets a call despite his orders not to be disturbed. His secretary tells him that he has a visitor: Nate.


When Kelly wakes up, she's still in the basement, her leg manacled to the wall. Billy is seated nearby and is happy to see that Kelly remembers her parents' killer. He tells Kelly that it's judgment day and loads her revolver, and then wakes Henry up. Billy tells Henry that it's up to Kelly whether he leaves or not, and accuses Kelly of hurting him by pretending not to love him. He puts one bullet back in Kelly's gun and tosses it to her, and tells her to choose who she will shoot: Billy, or her parents' killer. Billy tells her that if she kills Henry, then she'll be closer to him as ever. If Kelly chooses to shoot him, his pain will be over. Kelly aims the gun at Billy and considers.


The season finale ends but the announcer assures the viewers that the final moments will be presented live in 90 minutes. Skye comes to the house and Jeff tells her that Nate was gone when he came back. Jeff is sure that Nate hasn't given up and has learned from his web history that Nate looked up the address for the Moon Hill house in Arrowhead.

At the studio, Roger and the other actors receive the final script. Kirstie asks what will happen but Roger refuses to give away the surprise. All three actors are being rigged with squibs so that no one will know who the victim is and send out spoilers. Steven hasn't come out but Roger tells Kirstie that there are rumors that he's skulking. The actor looks at her suspiciously and Kirstie admits that she's a fan, but says that she's only there for Roger.

Jeff and Skye drive to the Moon Hill house and go inside. Nate is cutting through a wall with an axe. When he sees Jeff, he says that they're close and Stuart steps out of the shadows. Stuart insists that it isn't over for any of them, and Nate confirms that Skye's father was Quentin. He explains that Quentin knew all about Phillip and Moon Hill, and the answers are behind the wall. Jeff steps forward and asks for the axe. When Nate gives it to him, Jeff goes to the wall and starts hacking. Once he breaks through, Stuart steps forward and confirms that there's a passageway on the other side.


The live webcast begins and Kelly tells Billy to get down on the ground. He refuses, saying that they won't leave until she chooses one of them to shoot.


Stuart leads the others down the passageway and they discover that it leads to a shelter that Stuart never knew about. Nate finds a desk with notebooks on it and Stuart confirms that the handwriting is his father's. Skye finds a corpse in one corner and Stuart realizes that it's his father. A shelf fell on him and he was killed by the impact. Jeff finds a rectangular stone object nearby, 8" x 1" x 1", and Nate points out that it looks like a TV remote even though it appears to be several hundred years old.


Kelly tosses the gun away, refusing to play Billy's game. Billy describes how Henry cut up her parents and tells her that the pain will never leave her until she kills it. He orders her to pick up the gun and Kelly does so. However, she refuses to kill for him. Billy insists that it isn't for him.


Kirstie, Edie, and the others watch.

Jeff goes through Phillip's journals and finds the first entry, dated on 1987. Phillip returned to Moon Hill after the other parents were killed... by the group he led them to join. Skye finds a reference to the group and the symbol of the circled M they saw on the disk. However, the symbol is written in the journal as an E, and there's a reference to the Circle of Erasmus. Jeff figures that Phillip escaped the massacre and returned to Moon Hill to hide. The reporter realizes the E symbol is on the stone tablet.

Dustin and two of the True Believers come in and take Stuart captive. They accuse Stuart of betraying them by claiming it was about the show. Dustin insists that for him, it was always about the show, but Stuart used them for his personal quest. Jeff wonders what Dustin is going to do and he says that he's going to take Stuart for a ride. As they drag Stuart way, Quentin enters the room and Dustin says that they should thank him for leading them there. Shocked, Skye wonders what her father is doing there.


Billy drags Kelly over to Henry but she puts the gun to her head. As she prepares to shoot herself, Billy grabs the gun and drags it away, and it goes off in his chest. Henry laughs in triumph as Billy cries for help... and Roger staggers out of the set. Marti realizes that Roger has been shot for real and Kirstie screams for an ambulance. Meanwhile, Cathy picks up the gun when no one is looking, puts it in her purse, and walks away.

Quentin reminds Jeff that he told him to stay away from his brother. He picks up the tablet and says, "Well, hey... these things just snap right off." Shocked, Jeff, Skye, and Nate realize that they're facing one of the Circle of Erasmus.