Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 22/Jan/2005 S.O.S. from Planet Saffaron
02 01x02 29/Jan/2005 The Pirate Planet
03 01x03 05/Feb/2005 Race Through the Plasma Blizzard
04 01x04 12/Feb/2005 Countdown to Impact
05 01x05 19/Feb/2005 The Monster of Lupis Sea
06 01x06 26/Feb/2005 Operation Grand Prix
07 01x07 05/Mar/2005 Vanishing Planet
08 01x08 12/Mar/2005 Five Seconds to Interplanetary War
10 01x10 02/Apr/2005 The Phantom Knight's Secret!
11 01x11 09/Apr/2005 D.I.C.E. vs. D.I.C.E.!
12 01x12 16/Apr/2005 Forgotten Labyrinth
13 01x13 23/Apr/2005 Puffy's Quest
15 01x15 07/Jan/2005 Jet Defeated
17 01x17 21/May/2005 The Mutant Laboratory
18 01x18 28/May/2005 Terror Under the Sea
20 01x20 11/Jun/2005 Fugitive Android
21 01x21 18/Jun/2005 Trusting the Enemy
22 01x22 25/Jun/2005 Runaway Train
23 01x23 02/Jul/2005 The Point of No Return
24 01x24 09/Jul/2005 Uncovering Heron's Secret
25 01x25 16/Jul/2005 Jet Escapes!
26 01x26 23/Jul/2005 The Secret of Sitan
27 01x27 Unknown/Unaired The Amazing Heron Knights!
28 01x28 Unknown/Unaired Take Off! Dragon Fortress!
29 01x29 Unknown/Unaired The Legend of the Sword
30 01x30 Unknown/Unaired Battle on Planet Lakia
31 01x31 Unknown/Unaired The Kingdom of B-DICE
33 01x33 Unknown/Unaired Jet Transforms, Part 2
34 01x34 Unknown/Unaired After the Malusword
35 01x35 Unknown/Unaired Planet of Fossils
36 01x36 Unknown/Unaired Brother vs. Brother
37 01x37 Unknown/Unaired A Village Named DICE
38 01x38 Unknown/Unaired Dinobreakers in Danger!
39 01x39 Unknown/Unaired The Truth
40 01x40 Unknown/Unaired The Future of DICE