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Danger 5: Lizard Soldiers Of The Third Reich

Hitler sends a wave of Nazi dinosaurs across Europe, and Danger 5 must find the source of the crystals placing the dinosaurs under the Third Reich's control. The trail leads to Antarctica, a plateau of lost women, and Josef Mengele's secret laboratory!

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x2
Airdate: Monday March 05th, 2012

Guest Stars
Chris AsimosChris Asimos
As King Zaro
Anna CashmanAnna Cashman
As Shaman Woman
Ryan CortazzoRyan Cortazzo
As Dynamite Adams Ape
Michael CrisciMichael Crisci
As John Product
Vivyan MadiganVivyan Madigan
As Corporal Detroit
Michelle NightingaleMichelle Nightingale
As Voice Artist
Grant PageGrant Page
As Extra
Cameron PikeCameron Pike
As Waiter
Noemi RemeteNoemi Remete
As Dancer
Carmine RussoCarmine Russo
As Hitler
Dario RussoDario Russo
As Donald Ape
Andreas SobikAndreas Sobik
As Voice Artist
Robert TompkinsRobert Tompkins
As Mengele
Tilman VoglerTilman Vogler
As Chestbridge
Tahnee GarnerTahnee Garner
As Dancer
Paul HannaPaul Hanna
As Michael Ten
Obie OObie O'Brien
As Pterodactyl
Main Cast
David AshbyDavid Ashby
As Jackson
Aldo MignoneAldo Mignone
As Pierre
Amanda SimonsAmanda Simons
As Claire


American soldiers are fighting a valiant battle in Europe against the Nazi hordes. The platoon sergeant sends Corporal Detroit in to lob a grenade in, only to watch in horror as a Nazi Tyrannosaurus Rex eats him...

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Episode Quotes
Sergeant: Corporal Detroit?
Corporal Detroit: Uh, yeah?
Sergeant: You think you can get in close enough to that pillbox to lob in this grenade?
Corporal Detroit: I'll do my darnedest, Sarge.
Sergeant: Thatta boy. Godspeed. And remember--we all love you... like a lover.

Pierre: Hey!
Tucker: How dare you sneak up on me with that willy-nilly improvisational gibberish, Pierre?
Pierre: Apologies, my friend. I thought you might appreciate the latest tasting from the Afro-Cuban Rhythm Club.
Tucker: Appreciate? If you ever play that again in my presence, Pierre, I will kill you.

Chestbridge: All right, let's get straight to the biscuits. At 0800 hours this morning, an American soldier was eaten by a Nazi dinosaur.
Claire: That's a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Chestbridge: No, Claire, that's a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Try thinking first before you open your mouth.

(after shooting the head off a dinosaur)
Pierre: It looks like he showed up for the open inspection, but he must have... lost his head over the price. (everyone laughs)
Tucker: That's not funny.

Jackson: Hot spring, Claire. Nature's jacuzzi. Get in.
Claire: Umm, might not.
Jackson: You've never been naked in front of anyone before?
Claire: Of course I have. Does my uncle count?

Claire: Well, I guess you have no more mutants left for them to fight. You might as well pardon them.
Mengele: Oh, I'll pardon them. I'll pardon them in the face with my gun!

Mengele: Tell me something, Claire. has a man ever taken you? That is to say, has anyone clambered up your tree and feasted upon the supple fruits of womanhood? Because something tells me... the fruit is ripe, but the tree is yet to be harvested.
Claire: What are you talking about? Are you suggesting I'm a... that I would be... that's ridiculous!
Mengele: Shy eyes. Come hither attitude buried under a ton of ice. You've got unspoiled property written all over you, Claire. And I plan to plant my stake!

Tucker: You did the right thing, Claire. You should save it for... someone special.
Claire: Well, that someone special would have to put something special on this finger first.
Tucker: (gives her a cigarette) Try that on for size.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorDario Russo  |  David Ashby
Executive ProducerCaterina De Nave  |  Vincent Beasley
ProducerDario Russo  |  Kate Croser
Production DesignerObie O'Brien
EditorDario Russo
CastingLouise Heesom-Smith  |  Angela Heesom
Costume DesignerSophie Spalding  |  Chloe Spalding
Set DecoratorBluey Byrne
Assistant EditorCleland Jones
GafferRichard Rees Jones
On-Line EditorCleland Jones
Director of PhotographySam King (1)
Creative ConsultantDavid Ashby
Production ManagerMegan Huitema
Sound MixerDuncan Campbell (1)
Production AccountantMark Kraus
Clapper LoaderVivyan Madigan
Wardrobe AssistantPrue Barrett
CatererSteve Marcus
Best BoyLeigh Nemeth
Music ComposerDario Russo
Music ProducerDario Russo
Music DirectorDario Russo  |  David Ashby
Focus PullerMiles Rowland
PainterDurand Greig
Standby PropsLeeth Keough
Catering AssistantPhil Pike  |  Ian Bickford
Scenic ArtistBluey Byrne
Props MasterJessie Mills
1st Assistant DirectorBrad Lanyon
ColouristDaniel Principe
Props BuyerJen Drake  |  Cassie Sibbin
Music RecordistDario Russo
Stop Motion AnimatorMichael Richards (1)  |  Cameron Edser
Stand-byJames Parker
Makeup & Hair SupervisorKristina Persichini
Action CoordinatorGrant Page
ArmourerMark Hollowell
Sound DesignerDuncan Campbell (1)
Stills PhotographerTilman Vogler  |  Sam Oster  |  Brad Lanyon  |  Matt Nettheim
Assistant Standby PropsJessie Mills
Data WranglerCleland Jones
Pre-production SupervisorJulie Ryan
SFX SupervisorMark Hollowell
Puppet MakerBluey Byrne
Miniatures Set DesignerEric Gittins
Safety OfficerGrant Page
3rd ElectricsSarah MacDonald
Assistant Art Dept. CoordinatorJames Mellor (1)
Miniatures SculptorDurand Greig
Miniatures LandscapesJames Parker
Miniatures RiggsLeith Greig
Make-up & Hair AssistantTess Sanders  |  Cassie Pollard
Dialogue RecordistDario Russo
Additional MixerTom Heuzenroeder
Electronic Press Kit DirectorBrendan Cain
Electronic Press Kit EditorBrendan Cain
Electronic Press Kit CameraRichy Sandham
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