Season 2

11 :02x01 - Murder in Paradise

When 24-year old rookie cop Troy Barboza is found dead in his Oahu home, Investigators uncover a complex web of vengeance, greed and money that leads them to the killer.

Source: Investigation Discovery

12 :02x02 - The Sound of Silence

A look at the 1993 murder of Mia Zapata.

13 :02x03 - Favorite Son

A examination of the 1981 murder of a man from Florida.

14 :02x04 - The Night Shift

A investigation into the cold case of a murder of a Philadelphia restaurant manager.

15 :02x05 - Campus Killer

Loretta Long and boyfriend Patrick Pryor planned on a quiet movie night at her Columbus Ohio campus apartment. When a roommate discovers them gunned down in cold blood. The investigation shifts into high gear when police discover Loretta had a stalker.

Source: Investigation Discovery

16 :02x06 - Speak No Evil

When 17-year-old Kris Olinger heads to the Monterey, California coastline to take photos, it will be the last time anyone sees him alive. After eight years of dead ends, a chance phone call unlocks the stunning answer.

Source: Investigation Discovery

17 :02x07 - Writing on the Wall

A investigation into a double homicide in 2002.

18 :02x08 - Misfortune Teller

A investigation into the murder of a veteran, has evidence that's clouded in mystery.

19 :02x09 - A Shot in the Dark

The show takes a look at the 1990 murder of Eva Shoen, wife of Sam Shoen, the son of U-Haul founder L.S. Shoen.

20 :02x10 - Message from the Grave

32 year-old paralegal John Ray had everything going for him: great career, a loving family and friends. When his body is found in his Atlanta home in 2004, detectives are stumped. Years later, a hidden message from the victim himself may solve this crime.

Source: Investigation Discovery