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Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman walking down a deserted alley. She looks behind and sees a man following him. She begins to run and quickly gets into her car. The man bangs on her car window before she can drive off. She looks at him and recognizes him. “You scared me” she tells the man with a smile and asks him to get in. Next, the woman is shown lying dead on her bed in a hotel room. There are injury marks on her face. A housekeeping lady is shown entering the room. Elsewhere, in a conference room, a man named Robert is shown presiding over a meeting. His secretary enters and informs him that the police are on the phone.

She says it’s about his daughter Vivian. He in tears later calls up a woman who is at her doctor’s and tells her that Vivian has died of a drug overdose. “It’s alright I will take care of everything” the woman assures him. The woman named Sophia then calls a young man, who is in bed. She tells him that his sister is dead. She informs him that his sister overdosed in some motel last night. “Call your brother someone needs to identify the body” Sophia tells the guy. Sophia asks the guy to pick up his sister Mia from school. The guy arrives at school and tells Mia about Vivian. Mia is disconsolate on hearing the news. Vivian’s brother arrives at the morgue to identify the body. “I am sorry Vivian I tried” he tells Vivian’s corpse. A cop named Joanna, who was Vivian’s friend, is informed about her death.

Joanna is shocked to hear the news and can’t stop the tears from flowing. She recollects the time she spent with Vivian. Turns out, the two were childhood buddies. Joanna is also told that someone from Vivian’s family might have murdered her for the money, as her family is worth $10 billion. In fact, her brother Edward Bowers was trying to get Vivian taken out of the will. There were eyewitnesses who had seen Vivian and Edward fighting a few days ago. Joanna’s friend Will, who is in the FBI begs Joanna to go undercover and see if she can gain entry into the Bowers family, as they all know her. Turns out Joanna’s mother used to work for the Bowers. Will therefore feels she might just be able to get the FBI some inside information about the case.

Joanna reluctantly agrees to do it, for Vivian’s sake. Later, Joanna arrives at the Bowers mansion for a prayer meeting. Julian the guy, who picked up Mia from school earlier, recognizes Joanna. Joanna too recognizes him and they hug each other with a smile. It is then shown that, Julian and Joanna had a past. Later, Robert gives a heartfelt eulogy about Vivian. Joanna recollects how Vivian was addicted prescription drugs from a very young age. Joanna later has a chat with Robert. Joanna is wearing a wire and the FBI is listening in on the whole conversation. Robert asks Joanna to stay for dinner. At the dinner table, Joanna says she is planning to stay in New York to look for some work. Robert asks her to stay with the Bowers family, while she is looking for work. Julian seconds the idea, but Edward isn’t too crazy about it.

Robert has the final say and insists Joanna stay with them. Joanna reluctantly agrees. Next day, when the house is empty, Joanna looks around to see if she can find any clues. She walks around the very same places in the mansion, where she and Vivian used to as children. She looks into a hole in the wall on the roof of the house, where Vivian used to hide pot. There she finds a USB storage device. Later, she has a chat with Mia who tells her, Vivian was getting better, as she was going to AA meetings. Joanna meets Will and tells her about what Mia said. “Doesn’t sound like someone who would want to kill herself” Will comments. Will asks Joanna as to why she and Vivian had grown apart. The scene flashes back to a young Joanna trying to stop a drunken Vivian from leaving the house. Vivian in anger taunts Joanna that she knows about her and Julian.

Vivian tells Joanna that Julian doesn’t care about her and is simply using her for sex. Joanna then sees Vivian puking and is worried. She as a result rushes to get Robert, despite Vivian asking her to stop. Back in the present, Will tells Joanna it feels good now that they are working together again. Turns out, the two had dated in the past, until Joanna broke up with him. Later at home, Joanna checks out the storage device, on her laptop. The device contains a video of Vivian having sex with a man. Joanna sees in the video, Vivian asking the man, if he wants a “boy or a girl”. Vivian is then suddenly sad, but the man assures her that “it’s going to be different this time” and it will be on her terms. “I love you” Vivian then earnestly tells the man.

Later, Joanna finds a reporter spying in the front yard. She catches hold of him assuming him to a paparazzo. But, he tells her he is investigating something. He tells her that Bowers Pharmaceutical has been testing a new cancer drug and it was tested on subjects in Thailand. The drug didn’t work and a bunch of people who were tested, died. The reporter feels Vivian was murdered because she knew something about this. He says Vivian was going to “blow the whistle on her dad’s company” and was therefore killed. He also mentions that it was Julian who developed the drug that killed all those people in Thailand. “Do you have any proof of this…tabloid reporter?” Joanna asks. He tells her that Vivian was going to give him all the documents, but she died before she could do so.

The reporter knows Joanna is a cop and proposes they work together. Later, she gets a call from Will and asks him as to why he didn’t tell her Vivian was pregnant. “It was on a need to know basis” Will says. Joanna isn’t down with that and says that she wants to know everything about the case from now on. She tells him about the sex tape and about the reporter. Joanna returns home and Julian asks her to have a drink with him. She agrees. They both then share a bottle of wine, while sitting at a dock which is where they used to hang out. The two begin talking about their past, but before they do, Joanna unplugs her wire. The two flirt around a bit and are about to kiss, but Joanna stops herself just in time. “I think we should go inside” she tells him.

Julian reluctantly agrees. Inside, Edward confronts Joanna and tells her that he doesn’t trust her motives for staying in the Bowers mansion. Next day, Robert asks Joanna if she would like to come, work for him. Julian arrives and Robert confesses it was Julian’s idea, but he too feels it’s a good one. Joanna says she will give his offer a thought. Later, Joanna is shocked when she discovers the reporter has been murdered. Will tells Joanna it’s too dangerous for her to continue working on this case and says he has decided to pull her out. He then takes her to his house and cooks her dinner. The two, then end up having sex. Next day, Joanna finds out that Mia is Vivian’s daughter.

Turns out, Vivian was pregnant when Joanna had seen her the last time and hence she had puked. Joanna is shocked to find this. She tells Will she wants to continue with the case, by taking Robert up on his job offer. Will feels it’s too dangerous, but Joanna is insistent. In the end, Will unhappily gives in. Julian in the meantime is shown looking at a ring and weeping, while walking around in the dock. He in the end throws the ring in the water and walks away. The episode ends at this point.