Nothing's Free, Little Girl - Recap

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The episode begins with the young versions of Joanna and Vivian hanging out with each other and spending time. In the present Joanna is shown walking through the Bowers mansion and recollecting the past. Next day, at the breakfast table Robert asks Edward to keep an eye out for his brother, after he finds Julian missing from the table. Mia is unable to get over the fact that Vivian is dead. Edward then brings up the subject that it was a bad idea hiring Joanna. Sophia agrees with him. Robert doesn’t pay any heed to their apprehensions and says it makes him feel good to be able to help Joanna. Joanna is having issues starting her car.

Julian drops her to the train station. Joanna is off to work for his dad and it’s her first day at work. Will is told he has 3 days to find out who Vivian’s contact was inside Bowers Pharmaceuticals. Julian on his way back home sees tabloids filled with news of Vivian’s death. He recollects how as kids they used to smoke pot together and it was he who put her into the habit. A little later a woman calls him and flirts with him. “Play hokey with me, take the day off” she says. Will tells Joanna she has 3 days to find out Vivian’s contact and report to him. He also tells her that she has to try to get as close to Edward as possible, as that might help her find something relevant. Joanna recollects why she left the Bowers Mansion as a young girl.

Turns out, her mother found out about her relationship with Julian and wasn’t too happy about it, which led to her, being, sent away. At the office, Robert’s assistance Hanna isn’t happy with the promotion she has been given and tries blackmailing Robert, saying she knows a lot of his secrets. Robert warns her to be careful and not mess with him and his family. “This conversation isn’t over Robert. I am owed” she says and storms out. Joanna while sitting at her table notices the friction between the two. Later, Robert asks Joanna to find Julian for him and says he is “worried about him”. Julian in the meantime is with the woman who had called him earlier.

The woman, Cassie, kisses Julian and hands him a drink. Edward along with Robert and the rest of the family is at Edward’s daughter’s field hockey game. A father insults Edward and suggests he killed Vivian; Edward in anger punches the guy and is arrested for it. At the station Will has a chat with Edward and he immediately realizes Will is a fed. Edward is taken aback by Will’s line of questioning and asks Will if his sister’s death is being ruled a homicide. Will mentions how Vivian was punched in the face and had marks of a ring on her face. “All I want to know is where you went the night your sister died” Will says.

Edward confesses that he was three blocks down his house and was watching his kids through a window, something he has been reduced to doing since he separated from his wife. “Then I got something to eat” Edward adds. Edward then asks why the feds are involved in this case. Will doesn’t tell him anything and repeats his question “did you kill your sister?” “I’d like to see my lawyer” Edward retorts. Later, Will meets Joanna, who tells him that R&D section of the company is password protected and she is still trying to get in. Will comments on how they have 48 hours to find the contact or the guy whose baby Vivian was having. Hanna arrives at the Bowers mansion and tells Sophia that she and Robert were having an affair. Sophia says she already knows and doesn’t care. Hanna leaves the mansion in tears and Joanna sees her crying.

She calls up Will and tells him that Robert’s old assistant might be ready to talk. Will is later informed by the coroner that Vivian’s death is going to be declared a case of “an accidental overdose”. He isn’t happy to hear this. The coroner says he hasn’t seen any evidence to suggest Vivian was murdered. Will asks the coroner to hold off until the “blood gas test” results come. This would confirm if Vivian was subdued before she was overdosed. Joanna has a chat with Mia and she tells Joanna how Vivian was acting weirdly a few weeks before she died. Turns out, when Vivian and she were out shopping a few weeks ago a guy on a motorcycle came near and Vivian in panic pulled her into a store nearby. “I think someone was following her” says Mia.

But, she doesn’t have an idea who it was. Mia also tells Joanna that the guy Vivian was seeing was a guy named Ben, but that is all she knows. Will had managed to get in touch with Hannah and she is coming to talk to him “tomorrow”, Will tells Joanna. “But we need an ID on him [Ben] or the whistleblower” Will adds. Later, Edward and Joanna have a heart to heart. At the end of it he tells her “go home Joanna, this isn’t the safe place you think it is”. Hanna’s brother, who convinced her to talk to the feds, is assaulted by a masked man in a parking lot. Hanna calls Will and tells her they can’t meet. She then makes the excuse that she was mad about her promotion and therefore wanted to lash out against Robert. It was only a case of “sour grapes” she says. “Is somebody threatening you because I can help you” he says.

She tells him that her brother just had an accident and “this isn’t a good time” for her to talk. “I don’t have anything to say. Please don’t contact me again detective” she says and hangs up. At the office, Robert pours his heart out to Joanna about the issues he is having with his family. Joanna mentions how Robert was at one point the closest thing she had to a father and shall be there for him whenever he needs her. He tells her how he feels since the time Vivian died that, he is going to lose all his kids. He mentions that he lost Edward as a son 16 years ago, until then they were really close. Robert leaves for home and Joanna is left all by herself at the office. She immediately springs into action and tires logging into the R&D server.

She eventually manages to log into the server and finds out Ben is an employee of the company. She calls up Will and says “I got both your leads”. She adds that Vivian’s contact and her lover is the same guy, “she fell for the whistleblower”. Next day at home, Robert and Mia have a heart to heart about Vivian. He assures her that she can talk to him about Vivian, any time she wants to. Later it’s revealed that it was one of Robert’s men who beat up Hanna’s brother in the parking lot. Will begins looking for Ben, who is nowhere to be found. Edward in the meantime knocks on the door of a hotel room and Ben opens it. The episode ends at this point.