A Drop of Blood and a Microscope - Recap

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The episode begins with it being declared on the news that Vivian’s death has been officially declared a homicide. Will tells him boss that Ben is still nowhere to be found. There is a possibility that Ben is dead. Richard is shown talking to Ben in a hotel room. Ben is worried about safety, but Richard assures him that he will protect him. Richard tells Ben, he will have to trust him. Richard tells Ben that he wants to know if there are other deaths during the tests carried out for the experimental drugs made by Bowers Pharmaceuticals.

But, adds that he isn’t Vivian, so he doesn’t believe everything that Ben says either. “I want to help you, but I need the evidence Vivian promised” he tells Ben. At the office Robert tells Edward and Julian that Vivian was restrained and forcibly injected with heroine, according to the coroner’s report. Julian while being told about Vivian her death and her being pregnant recollects the night of Vivian’s death when he and Vivian had a fight and she slapped him in anger and accused him of being a fraud. “There are filthy fingerprints all over” she adds. Julian in anger slaps her. She then asks Julian what he is going to do to her and taunts him asking if he will beat her to death and throw her in the river. She then adds how he isn’t man enough to do what she has just suggested.

Later, Robert tells Edward that the board of directors has asked him to step down, because of the media suggesting that Edward has a hand in Vivian’s death. Joanna finds out from Edward’s wife Samantha that Vivian had suddenly started calling Edward a few weeks before her death. She later tells Will about it. At the office, Robert asks Joanna to go for a conference with Julian. Julian on the way to the chopper surprises her by telling her that the conference is in Bahamas. At the hotel in Bahamas they see Haverstock who was Robert’s old friend, but turns out, he and Robert haven’t spoken in years. Haverstock, who is a senator, sees Julian and walks up to talk to him. Later, Julian tells Joanna that Haverstock heads a committee that is investigating the decisions of the FDA, so they have to keep him happy to get their drug approved.

Joanna feels there is a link between Haverstock and Vivian and tells Will that its possible Vivian might have gone to Haverstock with the issue about the Bowers Pharmaceuticals drug. Edward tells Samantha that the board wants him to step down and cut ties with the company. Samantha feels this might be a good thing as they could all leave together now. “It’s our chance to be free from your family” she tells him. Edward tells her he can’t “just run away”. She in turn asks him as to why he can’t. Samantha then figures that Edward doesn’t want to leave because of something that he and Vivian were arguing about, on the phone. She asks him what it was, but he says he can’t tell her. She suggests that it can’t be more important than his family and begs him to come along with them. Edward listens to her plea and agrees to come. Mia in the meantime is at a club with an unknown guy.

She is busy photographing things. Outside the club a guy tries to mess with her, just then the new guy comes and beats him up. Robert tells Sophia about Edward and how the board wants him gone because of the controversy surrounding him. He tells Sophia how Edward as a young man had shown a lot of promise. “Doesn’t seem to have any fight left in him and that is what breaks my heart” Robert says. He is also worried that above everything now Edward’s marriage is crumbling. “Do you want me to talk to Samantha?” Sophia asks him. “I do” Robert replies and kisses her. Joanna and Julian are walking on the beach by themselves after the conference. They run into Haverstock on the beach and he tells Julian his drug won’t get passed by the FDA unless he has a “sit down” with his father. “Time has come for a fall, make it happen” Haverstock tells Julian cryptically and leaves.

Brent calls Edward and tells him that he misses Vivian and his child who he never got to meet. He begs Edward to get him into the Bowers office, and says he needs “5 minutes in the IT room” to find out about the cover-up. “Let’s finish what Vivian started” he says. Edward doesn’t pay heed to what Ben has to say and hangs up saying he will talk in the morning. Ben asks Edward if he will keep his promise of protecting him. Edward recollects he had promised to even protect Vivian, but had failed. At the hotel, Julian invites Joanna to have a drink in his room. She reluctantly agrees and enters Julian’s room while he goes to get some ice. Inside the room he sees a man who on seeing Joanna tries to make a run for it.

Joanna tries to wrestle the man after catching up with him. Just then Julian arrives and the man gets away. Julian discovers that Joanna has injured her foot and helps her inside his room. He then attends to her injury. Joanna tells Julian that it’s odd the intruder went for the computer but didn’t take the money. The two, then end up kissing each other but Joanna pushes him away in the middle of it. Mia is busy kissing this new guy she has met and they seem to be having a good time together. At the board meeting Edward is told that he is being asked to step down because of his issues, so he can focus his energies on them. Edward recollects how Vivian had told him to protect the test victims of the drug Loritrol, which Julian has made and is being claimed to be a cure for cancer.

Vivian is shown begging Edward to help her and do the right thing. Back in the present Edward tells the board that the accusations against him are all false, as none have been proven. Edward then begins revealing the dirty secrets of each board member. Robert is secretly happy to see that Edward is putting up a fight. Edward basically refuses to step down and walks out. Julian and Joanna are back from the Bahamas and step out of the chopper. In the distance the paparazzi have a field day photographing the two walking hand in hand. The photos are then circulated on the internet, with it being claimed that this mystery woman is Julian’s new girlfriend.

Sophia threatens Samantha to not leaves Edward’s side, and mentions how she will never get to see her daughters if she doesn’t comply. Julian tells Robert about the “sit-down” Haverstock wants to have. Robert is completely averse to the idea. Julian asks him what happened between him and Haverstock, but Robert says it’s none of his business. Samantha tells Joanna that she isn’t leaving, much to Joanna’s surprise. In the meantime it’s shown that Mia’s new guy has a hidden agenda and is trying to play her for some reason.

Mia shows Joanna a picture of Julian and Vivian together and she is shocked to see a ring on his finger the markings on which, matches the bruise she had seen on Vivian’s cheek. She later tells Will that she thinks Julian killed Vivian. The episode ends at this point.