One, Two, Three...One, Two, Three - Recap

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The episode begins with Will putting a wire on Joanna. He tells her that they need Julian to confess to Vivian’s murder. Joanna assures him that she will get Julian to talk. She still can’t believe that Julian could be a killer. Will is hoping they can get Julian to confess by “tonight” and be done with this case. Joanna kisses Will and leaves. At the Bowers mansion Julian and Joanna spend time together, while Will and another cop listen in on their conversation. Julian brings up the mention of how she lost her virginity to him. Will isn’t too happy to hear the kind of conversation they are having. Next day, Will confronts Joanna about it.

Joanna tells him, she and Julian were children when things happened between them and it’s all in the past. Will isn’t in the mood to forgive and tells Joanna that if a defense attorney finds about her and Julian they won’t have a case. Will asks her if she still has feelings for Julian, but she doesn’t give him a straight answer. She says she is really close to proving Julian is Vivian’s killer and doesn’t want anything to spoil that. Just then Will, gets a call informing him that Ben has been located. FBI storms the place where Ben is hiding. Ben sees them and makes a run for it. Will runs after him but he gets away. Mia is out partying with the new guy she has met. They are having a good time together and the guy is slowly winning Mia’s trust.

At the office Julian tells Edward about his meeting with Haverstock and tells Edward what he wants. Julian asks Edward to go and have a talk with Haverstock. Edward isn’t too keen to do it, but Julian talks him into it. Will tells Joanna what happened at Ben’s place. She suggests that they take another shot at Julian. Her plan is to get him drunk so he confesses. Will, reluctantly agrees to Joanna’s plan. Later at the office, Joanna tells Julian she will allow him to take her out in the night. Julian is pleasantly surprised and readily agrees to her proposition. At home, Robert confronts Mia about her new boyfriend, about who he has been informed by her teachers in school.

He asks her his name and she tells Robert his name is Kyle. Robert orders Mia to not see Kyle anymore and Mia isn’t at all happy about that. Edward on the other hand meets Haverstock on his boat. Edward tells him he can clear any doubts he might have about the viability of Liritrol. Haverstock says he wants to talk to Robert because he and Robert had made a deal a long time ago and how the terms of that deal have changed. Haverstock then comes out and tells Edward, it was he who got him out of trouble when his girlfriend was found dead in his bathroom years ago. Robert had basically called Haverstock to help Edward get out of trouble and he had.

Edward tells Haverstock he didn’t kill his girlfriend as he had blacked out, but Haverstock maintains that he had killed her, it’s just that he doesn’t remember. “What you tell yourself at night to put yourself to sleep is not my problem. My problem is between me and your father” Haverstock says. At home, Sophia agrees to help Mia with the Kyle issue. Joanna and Julian on the other hand are out having dinner. After getting a bit drunk, Julian confesses to Joanna that he saw Vivian the night she died. He tells her he and Vivian got into a fight and he hit her. Vivian walked away in anger despite Julian apologizing to her. He tried following her in his car, but she ran across the highway and disappeared. He tells Joanna that he then went home.

Will and his colleague listen in on the whole thing. Next day, Will tells Joanna that Julian could be making the whole thing up, but Joanna defends him and says Julian had no reason to lie to her. “I was there I saw his face, he was devastated and my instincts are telling me he is telling the truth” she tells Will, defending Julian. Will on his part isn’t convinced and asks Joanna to complete the job of getting Julian to talk. Just then Julian calls Joanna and apologizes to her for the previous night. He then offers to cook her dinner at his home. Joanna takes him up on his offer. Will reminds her that she has to wear a wire to the dinner. Joanna agrees, but still maintains that Julian is not the killer.

Edward confronts Robert about what Haverstock told him. “Did I kill her and did you make it go away?” Edward asks him, as he is beginning to doubt if he is innocent or if he actually killed Kimberly Yeager his then girlfriend. Robert doesn’t give him a straight answer and simply says he made a bad situation go away. He adds that Haverstock is poisoning his mind, to fulfill his own agenda. Robert assures Edward he will handle Haverstock and that he has nothing to worry about. Will is informed by one of his guys that Julian’s story about the night Vivian died doesn’t check out. This is confirmed after checking the traffic cams in the area where Julian claimed to be with Vivian.

Joanna on the other hand is cooking dinner with Julian. Will in the meantime finds out that Julian lied about going home after he didn’t find Vivian, as there is no footage of him returning home as per the traffic cams. While talking to Joanna, Julian lets it slip that he didn’t return home the night Vivian died. Joanna then asks Julian if he found Vivian after she ran off. He admits that he didn’t return home as he went to his friend Cassie’s place because he wanted to take mind off things. He says he lied to Joanna because he felt something was happening between him and her and didn’t want to bring up the mention of another woman.

But, he just realized that Joanna actually thought he could have killed Vivian, which is why he is now telling her the truth. Julian is visibly angry and decides to call it a night. Ben in the meantime renders Edward unconscious and steals his car. Sophia tells Robert she has invited Kyle over, so they can get to know him better. Robert isn’t at all happy to hear this, but Sophia says they have to play along if they don’t want Mia to turn into another Vivian. Later at home Joanna finds out that someone attacked Edward and he has a concussion. Samantha tells her she saw the burglar drive past her and her kids when they were coming to the house. Joanna finds out that the car drove towards the expressway and the burglar did not take Edward’s wallet.

She rushes to do something about the issue. Robert on the other hand pays Haverstock a visit. He punches Haverstock in the face much to his horror and warns him to never come near his family ever again. Joanna enters the Bowers office building and in the sever room sees Ben sitting on one of the computers. He sees her and makes a run for it. She runs after him and asks him to stop but he pays no heed. In the end she catches up with him and tells him she is a cop. The episode ends at this point.