Why Wait - Recap

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The episode begins with Joanna and Will questioning Ben. He on his part isn’t very forthcoming with his answers. Joanna tells Ben who she really is and that seems to make headway. Ben recognizes her, as Vivian had told him about her. Ben then mentions that Vivian wasn’t suppose to get killed. Tabloid reporters in the meantime figure out that Sophia isn’t Mia’s biological mother. They now begin the search for Mia’s real mother. Mia and Sophia on the other hand are busy bonding. Sophia tells her how she is the best thing that ever happened to her. The reporters figure out that Mia is Vivian’s daughter who she had at the age of 16. They also figure out that Robert and Sophia have lied to Mia about this, all along.

The editor decides to go public with this scoop. Ben in the meantime reveals that of the many patients on whom the Bowers Pharmaceutical, anti-cancer drug Liritrol was tested, 27 of them died. The company covered it up by saying there were only 2 deaths, so the drug wouldn’t get banned. Ben with Vivian’s help wanted to let the world know the truth. As a proof Vivian had acquired the list of the dead patients whose families were paid off, but the list disappeared the night Vivian died. Ben as a result was trying to pull the list from the Bowers mainframe, when he was caught by Joanna. Ben says Edward knew about all of this and he is the one who put Ben in a safe house and told him he would help him. Joanna decides to go with Ben, to pull out the list from the Bowers server.

Edward in the meantime tells Samantha all about Ben and Vivian. He says Ben and Vivian had come to him for help and wanted to go to the media. He asked them to wait, as he was looking out for his family. Samantha asks Edward to finish what Vivian started. She asks Edward to find what Ben was looking in the server, so he can find out what the truth is. Julian on the other hand meets up with a woman named Audrey Cruz. Turns out, she is a consultant for a rival pharmaceutical company and used to earlier work for Robert. Also, she and Julian were dating, till he cheated on her. Julian reminds her that she too had cheated on him and he cheated in retaliation. The two, flirt a bit and Audrey then tells him that her company is putting an anti-cancer drug in the market in the next few days.

Later at the office, Julian tells Robert what he heard from Audrey. Julian mentions how Robert had talked to Haverstock which is why he assumed they would get the approval for their drug. “I’m afraid we can’t count on him” Robert says. “I hit him. He had it coming” Robert says, elaborating what he exactly means. Robert feels they should “throw money at her” and rope Audrey in, to work for them. Robert is sure; Audrey would be able to work around Haverstock. Robert gets a call from his lawyer. He then comes back home and informs Sophia that the tabloids have discovered they aren’t Mia’s “birth parents”. He adds that the tabloids have also discovered Vivian is her mother. Sophia is mortified to hear this. Robert suggests they tell Mia the truth, but Sophia is resistant to the idea.

She asks Robert to fix the situation, because if Mia comes to know the truth she would also want to know who her father is. Robert meets up with Darcy the editor of the tabloid and takes care of the issue. Basically, the story is hushed up. The reporter who unearthed the story isn’t too happy about it being hushed up and makes her displeasure known. The reporter gets fired for this. Robert threatens to kill the reporter if she goes anywhere else with the story. Joanna in the meantime makes it to the Bowers server room. Ben on the phone instructs her how to go about getting into the server. Ben and Joanna discover that the relevant file is missing. Just then, Robert makes it to the office and Joanna is forced to get out of the server room.

Next, it’s shown that it was Edward who took out the file from the server. Edward and Samantha look through the file but can’t make anything of it. They conclude that Ben would know. Edward is sure the FBI has Ben. Edward arrives at the FBI office and tells Will that he knows Ben has been detained by the FBI. He asks to talk to Ben, but Will doesn’t allow it. “Tell Ben to give me a call when he gets out” says Edward. Nicole the tabloid reporter, who Robert earlier threatened, pays Will a visit. She tells him what she has found out and mentions she fear for her life as Robert has threatened her. Will, suggests Nicole lie low and not mess around with Robert. Later at home, Mia and Joanna get ready for cotillion, which everyone from the Bowers family is slated to attend.

Rachel on the other hand is busy making out with a guy from her old office, in her old office. She is still seething about the fact that Robert threatened to kill her and in anger uploads the story she investigated about Mia to the internet, from one of the computers in the office. At the cotillion Joanna tries to make peace with Julian. He seems in a mood for reconciliation and asks her for a dance. Audrey, who is also at the cotillion, makes her way to the loo. Once inside she begins puking. Joanna in the meantime tells Julian “I am sorry I jumped to the wrong conclusion”. Julia seems to have forgiven her. Audrey who is Julian’s date for the night, later returns to the ball. Julian sees her return and leaves Joanna to join her.

Haverstock is also at the ball and Robert isn’t at all happy to see him there. Sophia asks Robert to calm down and not create a scene. In the meantime, all the girls at the cotillion see the news about Mia that has just appeared on the internet. One of Mia’s friends, asks the girls to not say anything to Mia and “let her off” for tonight. Kyle too sees the news and is visibly shocked. Will finds out that Ben just made bail and that too by paying $50,000. Will is sure someone paid the money to get Ben out of prison. Mia on the other hand reads the article, after she suspects her friend is trying to hide something from her. She is absolutely stunned after reading the article and is at a loss for words.

Robert and Sophia are completely oblivious to the fact that Mia has found out the truth. Mia later asks Robert “it’s true isn’t it? I am Vivian’s daughter” Robert is shocked to hear her say this. She explains that this news is all over the internet. Mia has a lot of questions, but Robert asks her to come home with him, so he can explain everything. Mia runs out of the ball and is accosted by the media, outside. Just then, Kyle arrives on his bike and whisks her away. Edward in the meantime sees Ben being run over by a bus. The episode ends at this point.