Don't Be A Dummy - Recap

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The episode begins with Will watching the video of Ben’s accident that was recorded by the traffic cam. In the video, they see Edward standing near a cab and watching the accident happen. Samantha is really worried that Vivian is dead and now Ben is too. Samantha suggests that Edward go to the cops and show them the files he has found. Just then, Will pays Edward a visit. At the breakfast table Robert and Sophia explain to Joanna that Vivian wanted to get rid of her baby, which is why they opted to be Mia’s parents. Joanna asks who Mia’s father is, but neither Sophia nor Robert, are very forthcoming about it.

Julian mentions that Joanna knew every guy that Vivian had dated. Joanna tries to recollect the guys Vivian had dated. She recollects Vivian telling her that she was dating a 40 year old guy. She also remembers Vivian using a cigarette lighter gifted to her by the man. She then recollects recently seeing Haverstock using a similar kind of a lighter at the cotillion and the realization dawns upon her that Haverstock is Mia’s father. She says this out aloud and accuses Robert of hiding the truth because Haverstock was his friend. Robert is too ashamed to say anything. Mia and Kyle on the other hand arrive at her friend’s house that is empty.

Mia goes upstairs for a shower. Kyle offers to prepare some food and says they can stay there till she wants to go back. “I’m never going back”, she says. Later, Julian tells Joanna that Vivian had told him she was Mia’s mom, before she left. But, she didn’t tell him about Haverstock. Julian says he and Vivian fought because Vivian wanted to take Mia away. Julian mentions how “Mia is everything” to Sophia. Will shows Edward a photo of him standing near the site of Ben’s accident. “What are you doing there?” Will, asks him. Will mentions how 3 out of the 4 people who knew about the clinical failure of Liritrol are dead and feels Edward could be the fourth.

Edward recollects how he had told Robert about the clinical deaths and Robert had paid no heed to him. “I’m sorry I don’t have answers for you” Edward tells Will and asks if he has any idea, as to who posted his bail. Will replies that at least for now he doesn’t. Will gives Edward his card and asks him to give a call if he changes his mind. Joanna spies on Sophia putting bundles of cash in her purse and leaving for somewhere. She follows her. Julian on the other hand tells Edward about Haverstock being Mia’s father. Edward is pretty shocked by the news. Julian wants to go and kick Haverstock’s ass and asks Edward to come along.

Edward on his part doesn’t think it’s a good idea and stays put. Joanna is still following Sophia who is walking down a pavement in Harlem. Joanna calls up Will and tells him about it. She sees Sophia enter a building and follows her in. She sees that Sophia has taken the elevator to the 5th floor and runs up the stairs to catch up. Will, arrives outside the building a little later. Joanna sees Sophia handing the money to a guy in an apartment and leaving. Joanna on the pretense of having lost her ferret knocks on the apartment door. Will in the meantime sees Sophia turning back to go into the building, as she apparently seems to have lost something. Joanna manages to convince the guy to let her look for her ferret in his apartment.

Before Sophia makes it back to the guy’s apartment, Joanna makes it out of there with a credit card bill she has flicked from the table in his apartment. Will says he will run the guy’s name Teo Aggrin and his info though the system to find out, who he is. Will and Joanna discuss about things they have both found out and Will says they are getting closer to solving Vivian’s murder. He suggests Joanna stay out of “the Mia thing” and Joanna reluctantly agrees. Mia and Kyle on the other hand have some fun shopping for food at a convenience store. Mia then blatantly shoplifts a bottle of wine in front of the store clerk and walks out.

She and Kyle then speed away on his bike before the clerk can call the police. Haverstock in the meantime asks his man to get him Kyle. Julian arrives at his office just then and tells Haverstock that he knows about Vivian and him. Julian threatens to expose Haverstock. Haverstock in turn asks Julian if he is curious about why Robert till today hasn’t exposed him. Haverstock tells Julian how he made the whole “Kimberly Yeager” matter go away and he did it to not only to save Edward but also because Robert was his friend. Robert at home, is telling Edward the same story. Robert says there was a golf club found near Kimberly’s body and it was possibly the murder weapon.

Haverstock kept the golf club as insurance. Edward asks why that matters. “Because it has her blood and your fingerprints” Robert tells Edward. In his office Haverstock tells Julian that if he reveals the key piece of evidence, Edward could go to jail for murder. “So you said you would release the golf club if dad ever came after you?” Julian asks. “What could I do, I had to protect myself” Haverstock replies. Julian is shocked with everything he has heard. “You will pay for this” Julian says and leaves. Edward on the other hand is livid. He tells Robert that no one should get away with murder. He says Robert did a wrong thing by letting Vivian suffer on his account.

Robert argues that he was only trying to protect him, but Edward feels Robert has committed a sin by doing what he did. Mia and Kyle in the meantime have sex. Next morning, Joanna is informed by her cop friend Gabe about Mia’s whereabouts. Turns out, the convenience store manager filed a complaint and that is how Gabe found out. Joanna runs into Julian while leaving and lies that a PI has told her about Mia’s whereabouts. He offers to come with her. Will calls up Joanna and tells her that Teo was in jail for drug trafficking and has recently got out. Will is still trying to find out what Teo’s connection with Sophia is, but it’s been proven that Teo isn’t Vivian’s murderer, because he was in jail when Vivian was murdered.

Joanna and Julian arrive at the house where Mia and Kyle are. Julian isn’t too happy to see the two sleeping together with barely any clothes on. Joanna asks Mia to get dressed so she can come with them. Julian takes Mia to his house. Haverstock on the other hand picks up Kyle. Mia asks Julian if he knows who her father is. Julian lies and sats that he doesn’t. Edward asks Samantha to take their girls and move to California like she had initially planned.

He then tells her that it was he who killed Kimberly Yeager. “My father covered it up. I should have gone to prison” he says. He feels thanks to his father covering up the whole thing he got to have a life he didn’t deserve. He feels he has to stop his father from covering up the Liritrol thing and says Samantha can’t be “here” when he does. Joanna is kicked out of the Bowers mansion by Sophia. She moves in with Julian, because her job is still not done. The episode ends at this point.