Tell Me - Recap

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The episode begins with Joanna cooking for Mia and Julian. Julian finds an injured Audrey outside his house. Turns out, she was out for a jog and twisted her ankle. Julian tends to her ankle and then offers to drive her home. Edward in the meantime is about to see off his wife and daughters to the airport. She asks Edward what his next move is. He says he can only decide that after his guy tells him what’s on the flash drive. He says he will feel better once the girls and she are out of this, because people are getting killed over this whole issue. Nicole the reporter finds out that it was Joanna who had gone to the Bahamas with Julian.

Nicole also finds out that Joanna is a cop. Bowers Pharmaceuticals stock prices are badly affected, but all of their troubles would be over if Lyritrol is approved, Robert concludes. Robert tells Julian they will have to bribe the no.2 of the FDA Shalique Webb to get Lyritrol approved. Julian isn’t too crazy about this whole bribing idea and says “I could get arrested”. “Then don’t get caught” Robert says. “That should be the title of your book on parenting” Julian says sarcastically and leaves. Sophia in the meantime talks to a guy who is sitting in prison. He says his parole hearing is up in a few days. She is visibly worried to hear that.

Also, the money Sophia gave Teo last week, was protection money for this guy in prison. Nicole on the other hand is busy following Joanna. Julian meets with Webb from FDA and offers him a bribe. At home, Mia asks Sophia who her real father is, but Sophia lies that she doesn’t know. “You’re a liar” Mia yells and storms out. Later, Sophia meets Haverstock at a restaurant. “Wyatt’s parole has been moved up” she tells him. Haverstock taunts Sophia by reminding her how she and Wyatt were in love, when they were young. It is also revealed that Haverstock had slept with Sophia, when she had newly moved to the city. Haverstock is impressed with the fact that Sophia manages to keep up her charade with Robert. “It’s not a charade. I love Robert” she tells him.

Haverstock comments that he did a good job as a matchmaker then, because it was he who brought her and Robert together. Sophia isn’t interested in what Haverstock has to say and gets to the point. She wants Wyatt to stay in jail. “Ok…but you are going to owe me” Haverstock says. Mia is under house arrest and therefore decides to have her friends over for a party. Will finds out that the payphone to which Ben used to call was near a bakery owned by the Russian mafia. Joanna in the meantime is outside the bakery and has found out from a homeless guy that people from the bakery use the payphone. Will is worried because he knows Joanna is near the bakery and doesn’t have any backup. Will rushes to the spot. Joanna in the meantime enters the bakery and buys a pastry.

The owner hears the payphone ring and steps outside to receive the call. Just then, Nicole follows Joanna inside the shop and asks to talk to her. She says she knows Joanna is a cop. One of the guys working at the bakery hears Nicole say this. Joanna is put in quite a spot because the guy at the counter looks really interested in what Nicole is saying. Joanna suddenly recollects the guy at the counter is the very same guy, who stole Julian’s laptop in the Bahamas. The guy speaking on the payphone comes in and the guy at the counter informs him that Joanna is a cop. The guy locks the door and attacks Joanna. Joanna renders the guy unconscious and drags Nicole to the back of the bakery, hoping to find a way out.

The guy at the counter follows them, gun in hand and catches up with them. Just as he is about to shoot Joanna, Will arrives and shoots the guy. Audrey in the meantime has been appointed by her boss to keep a close watch on Julian’s movements, which is why she is trying to get close to him. She finds out from Julian that, the Lyritrol launch is back on track and tells her boss about it. Edward’s guy confirms what Vivian had told him, about people dying of Lyritrol tests. Turns out, over a hundred people died and twenty four of them were kids. Edward is also told that the victim’s families were paid off for their silence. The payoffs were made by an offshore company called Zono Corps, which is owned by Robert. “Your father is behind this whole thing” the guy tells Edward.

Mia is having the party at home. Kyle arrives for the party and Mia is overjoyed to see him. Kyle goes to a quiet corner of the house and calls up someone and says “if you really want to do this, now’s the time”. The Bowers are hosting a party and Robert’s plan is to announce the launch of Lyritrol at the event. Robert commends Julian for doing a good job of bribing Webb. Haverstock arrives at Mia’s party to have a chat with her. She is baffled as to why Haverstock is there to meet her. He asks to talk to her in private. She takes him to Robert’s study and there Haverstock reveals to her that he is her father. Mia is too stunned to say anything for a few moments. “Why should I believe you?” she then asks him. “Because it’s the truth” he replies.

Haverstock admits he was a grown man and her mother was underage, when she had her. “I should have known better” he admits. “Did you love her?” Mia asks. “More than I have ever loved anyone” Haverstock replies. “I think about your mother everyday” he says. Will tells Nicole that, if she ever reports Joanna is an undercover cop, he will have her deported to Canada where she is originally from. Nicole promises she will keep her mouth shut. Robert announces at the party that Lyritrol has been approved by the FDA and will be on the shelves in “three weeks”.

Edward arrives at the party and is shocked to hear this announcement. “Liritrol is a bad drug, over hundred people died in the clinical trials” Edwards tells Julian. But, Julian doesn’t believe him and says those are all rumors. “Dad made the real ones go away” Edward argues explaining to Julian that he was only shown the fake tests, which showed the drug to be safe. Julian simply isn’t ready to believe him and says Edward is simply trying to make amends for murdering Kimberly Yeager, by taking up a “fake cause”.

Julian and Edward in the end get into a fistfight. Robert intervenes. Edward storms out of the event in anger. Robert returns home and is livid on seeing Mia having a party. He asks everyone to leave and reprimands Mia for her actions. Julian lands up at Audrey’s doorstep. He says he has had the worst time of his life and doesn’t want to go home. “Come in tell me all about it” she says. The episode ends at this point.