Stay With Me - Recap

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The episode begins with Will, Joanna and their boss going over all the weapons that have been confiscated from the Russian mob that Joanna and Will recently encountered. The man who Will killed was a Russian ex-army man named Ivanov. The other Russian guy who was at the store escaped and they haven’t been able to find out who he is. They feel Robert could be the one who ordered all the killings including Vivian’s. Edward is about to go public about Lyritrol. His lawyer warns him about the repercussions of his decision. Edward then walks in front of the media and makes the revelation. At home, Robert gets a call about it and turns on the TV. “Edward Bowers exposes Lyritrol lies” says the headline.

Robert sees Edward telling reporters how trial results were altered to cover up the multiple deaths that was caused by Lyritrol. Edward says Lyritrol tests resulted in 107 deaths in 5 different countries. Julian too is watching the news and is shocked at the claims Edward is making. Edward solely holds Robert responsible for everything because he is the CEO of Bowers Pharmaceutical. Sophia tells Robert to find out how Edward got “this alleged evidence”. “You need to find out who is on your side” she says. Next day at the office, Robert tells Joanna that all the employees of the company have been instructed to take a polygraph test. Joanna isn’t very happy to hear this. She tells Will about it. He mentions the trick to beating a polygraph is regulating your heartbeat.

Joanna knows that and is about to take some medication to do just that. Robert tells Julian to talk to reporters and tell them that Edward is under a lot of pressure and is therefore not in the right state of mind. He wants Julian to tell the media whatever claims Edward has made is false. “What if he is not wrong?” Julian yells. “I need to find out what really happened” he adds. The board members warn Robert that he has to get his family affairs in order or it will be perceived by the board that he isn’t fit to run the company. Mia visits Haverstock at his office. He suggests they go out to lunch. Mia asks him why he suddenly decided to get in touch with her. “I am dying. I have leukemia” he says.

He says he needs a bone marrow transplant and he has looked everywhere. “You are my best chance” he tells Mia. Mia is overwhelmed with the news and says she is only 16 and therefore has to get the consent of her parents even if she agrees. Haverstock says he will convince her parents. Robert meets Edward and asks him why he did what he did. Edward says it’s so that more people don’t die. “Did you have Vivian killed because of this?” Edward asks. Robert instead of replying to Edward’s question tells him that he is weak and pathetic and that he has to again clean up his mess. He orders Edward to shut his mouth and to stop talking to the press. “No” Edward says. “What you have destroyed today you will never get back” Robert tells him.

Later, Robert tells Joanna to cash a check of $500k and take it over to a stock promoter as a bribe in order to stop his company’s stock from falling further. She withdraws the money and returns to her vehicle. She sees that the security guard at the parking lot has been shot dead. Suddenly a man grabs her from behind and points a gun to her head. The man drags her to her vehicle. He sits in the back seat with the gun pointed to her head and orders her to drive. The man with the gun is the very same Russian guy who she had encountered at the bakery earlier. Julian meets Edward at a bar and Edward hands him all the proof he has to support his claims. Will brings in Teo for questioning.

He asks Teo why Sophia gave him a bag full of cash. Teo reveals Sophia gave him protection money for a guy named Wyatt Scott who is doing time in the state penitentiary. “What does Wyatt Scott have to do with Sophia Bowers?” he asks Teo. Teo says he doesn’t know. Haverstock meets Robert and tells him about Mia and the bone marrow transplant. Robert says he wants the golf club that was used to kill Kimberly Yeager in return for him consenting to the bone marrow transplant. Haverstock agrees and also figures out that Robert wants the golf club because he wants to send Edward to jail. The Russian guy makes Joanna drive to a deserted location. She distracts him by telling him about the money. They arrive at a construction site and Joanna drives over a mound of gravel.

The car flips in the air. A little later Joanna regains consciousness. Her car is in a really bad shape and she too is badly bruised and bleeding from the forehead. She tries to get out of the vehicle just then the Russian guy begins strangling her from behind. She manages to push the guy and runs out of the vehicle. The guy chases after her gun in hand. Robert’s lawyer tells Sophia and Robert that they have a billion dollar class action lawsuit against them and can lose everything including the company and their house. “Edward really screwed us, I don’t know how we are going to get out of this” the lawyer says. Joanna hides in an under construction building. The Russian guy is close on her heels. In the end he catches her and is about to strangle her when she stabs him in the neck with a shard of glass lying nearby.

The guy begins choking and then dies. Next, Joanna is shown lying on a hospital bed. Will is there and he is really angry that Robert jeopardized her safety by telling her to carry around $500k in cash to run his shady errand. Will pays Robert a visit at home. Robert isn’t very happy to see him there. Will enrages Robert when he insinuates that Robert killed Vivian. He asks Robert if he killed Vivian for the money or because she hurt his ego. Robert tells Will to leave if he doesn’t have enough to charge him with. Robert gives Will a veiled threat by revealing that he knows Will’s mother’s name and where she lives. “Wow there he is…that mother threatening murderous thug” Will says taunting Robert. Sophia enters the room and he taunts her too by saying she should be nervous on seeing the FBI.

Sophia doesn’t know what he is talking about. “Give my best to Wyatt”, Will tells her before leaving. Julian has confirmed that whatever Edward is claiming is all true. He asks Edward if he thinks Robert covered up the bad test results for him (Julian). Edward in turn tells him that he feels whatever Robert did he only did for himself. “I know he is not perfect, but I don’t see the monster that you see” Julian tells Edward. Joanna calls up Robert from the hospital and tells her she has been in an accident and hence couldn’t deliver the money. She also tells him she has lost the money. Robert tells her it’s no big deal because it’s just money.

After hanging up, Robert tells Rayburn that in one day Joanna not only lost $500k but also failed her polygraph test. “Find out what she is hiding” Robert tells him. Rayburn then hands him the golf club sent by Haverstock. Later, Robert asks Sophia who Wyatt is. Sophia lies that Wyatt is a drug dealer and was one of Vivian’s connections. She says he had pictures and wanted money and she gave it to him. “I was trying to handle it myself. I thought it would upset you” she says. Robert smiles, kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Julian drops Joanna outside the Bowers mansion and leaves. Robert opens the main door and welcomes her in. The episode ends at this point.