Good Luck With Your Death - Recap

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The episode begins and Joanna is having a drink in the Bowers kitchen. Will tells Edward he has found a Lyritrol file in the zip drive that was found, in the car of the hitman Robert hired to kill Vivian and he has discovered that there were kids who died in the trial, something that Edward didn’t mention in the press conference. Edward says Julian has suffered enough which is why he didn’t reveal this information. Will wants him to testify, but he isn’t ready to do that because he says he has already done what he had promised Vivian and now wants to be with his family.

At home, Robert tells Sophia that he has invited Joanna back to the house because he wants to find out what she is hiding and he then wishes Sophia because it’s their anniversary. He also tells her that he is absolutely sure; he wants to have an anniversary party despite everything. Edward arrives at Julian’s and sees Audrey there and asks her how Julian is doing, she says he is fine considering his drug killed so many kids. Edward is shocked that Audrey knows this and she says Julian told her, but when he later asks Julian he says he didn’t tell her anything, which really worries Edward.

At work, Robert finds out that someone logged into the company’s server room using his password the same day Edward retrieved the files and he immediately guesses that its Joanna’s doing. Robert later calls Joanna into her office and asks her questions about her previous employers and even asks her about her marriage, which she had said ended because her husband was abusive. Joanna doesn’t do a very good job of answering the questions and also finds the whole thing really odd, which is why she immediately texts Will and informs him that Robert might be onto her.

Just then, Edward arrives and informs Will that Audrey knows about the kids and also tells him that she works for a rival company, which is why he feels there is something fishy, but Will doesn’t think it’s a big deal that she knows this. Mia is at the doctor’s getting a test done to see if she is a match for Haverstock’s bone marrow transplant. Nicole meets Joanna and tells her she wants to help with the murder investigation, but Joanna says she can’t be seen with her and begins to walks away. Nicole isn’t ready to give up and tells Joanna she has a lot of information and begins telling her what she knows. Joanna finds out from her that Audrey used to study at Cornell and this interests Joanna because she recollects Ben also used to go to Cornell.

Joanna later talks to Will about Audrey, but he says he isn’t interested because their focus is on solving the murder and their prime suspect is Robert, so they need to concentrate on finding proof against him. Haverstock calls Robert and says Mia is a match, but Robert shocks him by saying he made a bad deal by trusting him and adds that he isn’t going to allow Mia to donate the bone marrow because he wants him to die. Joanna finds out that Ben and Audrey were in the same class at Cornell and seems confident that this means something. Audrey is meeting Frank, her boss, at a restaurant. Just then Edward arrives and tells them that he knows they are planning to buy out Bowers Pharmaceuticals.

After he leaves, Frank asks Audrey if Edward is going to create problems in the merger, but she assures him he will not. Joanna finds out from Ben’s sister that Audrey and Ben were friends, besides being in the same class. Rayburn is shown keeping a watch on Joanna’s movements, on Robert’s instructions. Haverstock meets Sophia and asks her to sign on the consent form because Robert has gone back on their agreement and says that if she doesn’t agree, he will make sure Wyatt is released on parole in time for him to attend her anniversary party. At home, Rayburn tells Robert about Joanna visiting Ben’s sister and Robert says he is flying in someone who knows Joanna the best and will be able to tell them what Joanna has been up to all these years.

Mia is really agitated when Robert says he isn’t ready to sign the consent form because she wants to help her father. Lily later talks to her and agrees to sign the form. She pretends she is doing it for Mia and asks Mia to not tell Robert about it. Joanna meets Audrey at Julian’s apartment and while he goes inside to talk on the phone Audrey asks Joanna to stay away from Julian and Joanna tells her they are just friends and also drops a hint that she knows about Ben and her. At the hospital, just before the transplant, Kyle tells Mia what kind of a person Haverstock is and also reveals that it was Haverstock who put him up to convincing her by blackmailing him.

Mia is really hurt by the fact that everyone in her life is lying to her and she changes her mind about the transplant and walks out. She returns home and in tears tells Sophia that she isn’t going to give Haverstock her marrow. Robert sees a man following him and he tries to outrun him. In the end, Robert catches a cab just before the man is about to remove something from inside his jacket. Joanna returns home and is shocked to see her mother having tea with Robert. Robert says he flew her mother in especially for the anniversary dinner. Before her mother can reveal any details about her past, she takes her mother to her room.

Edward meets Will and tells him that it was probably Frank who killed Vivian and he even feels that Frank is trying to kill him, but Will doesn’t believe him because he feels Edward is trying to protect Robert. In her room, Joanna tells her mother everything and coaches her about the lies she has to say, but her mother finds it difficult to remember everything because she has Alzheimer’s. Joanna tells her that under no circumstance can she mention that she is cop and her mother promises her she will do her best. Sophia pays Wyatt a visit in prison and while making out with him she slips a small packet of cocaine in his back pocket, without him knowing. The cops later find the cocaine in Wyatt’s pocket while frisking him.

At the anniversary dinner, Joanna tells Julian that she does have feelings for him, although she didn’t want to admit that earlier. Julian is shocked to hear her say this and before he can say anything Audrey comes and takes him away. Will calls up Joanna just then and informs her that the phone that was found in the dumpster near the Russian bakery had a phone number in its call list and that number is presently in the Bowers mansion. He asks Joanna to find out, who has that phone and soon after, Joanna finds out that the phone is Audrey’s. She calls up Will and tells him about it and also tells him that Robert is onto her, which is why he has flown in her mom.

Haverstock meets Robert and says the only reason Robert wants him to die, is because he knows about Robert’s first crime and hints at the fact that Robert killed his first wife for money. Joanna’s mother realizes she still likes Julian, but warns her Julian will only hurt her like he did the last time. Will tells Edward that it seems Audrey killed Vivian and faked the test results, to bring down his company. Julian knocks on Joanna’s door and tells her he is in and they begin kissing. The episode ends at this point.