You're The Bad Guy - Recap

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The episode begins with Joanna and Julian in bed together. Julian goes in for a shower and Joanna gets a call from Nicole, who tells her that Audrey has bought a one-way ticket to Morocco. Nicole suggests there is something fishy about the fact that Audrey began seeing Julian right when his company went down in flames and her company launched the cancer drug. Nicole insists that Audrey is planning to disappear, but Joanna tells her the police will take it from here. Joanna takes her mother to the wine cellar of the mansion and asks her to stay out of Robert’s way. Her mother’s contact lens drops out and, while searching for it, Joanna finds a necklace under a wine rack.

Mia is having a chat with her therapist, who Vivian also used to come to. Mia isn’t interested in the advice he is giving her and, instead, wants to know about the things Vivian told him. He says that she knows he can’t tell her that, so she walks out angrily. Julian meets Will and Edward, who tell him what they have found out about Audrey. Edward says Audrey’s company, Kirshner Sims, made up the whole thing about the test subjects dying, to beat them to the market. Julian offers to help the FBI in this investigation, in any way he can. Joanna arrives at Will’s office and he tells her they are going to make Julian wear a wire. He will then search Audrey’s place for the phone that she used to call the Russians.

Will says they can work on their relationship after this case is over, but she tells him she slept with Julian. Will isn’t happy to hear this and says she is off the case. At the office, Robert makes it clear to Frank that he isn’t interested in the merger, despite Robert’s lawyer advising him otherwise. Audrey tells Frank she wants her bonus by the end of the day, because she is leaving town. She assures Frank the merger will go through, but there are certain complications, because of which, she has to leave. It is then shown in a flashback that she paid the Russians to kill Remy, the reporter, because he had found out what she was doing.

At home, while Audrey is packing her stuff, she gets a call from Julian and says she will meet him later. Will tells Julian all he has to do is get the phone and nothing more, although Julian is really pissed with her for Vivian’s murder and wants to get a confession out of her. Sophia is at a restaurant with Mia and she sees Wyatt walk by. She goes into the men’s room, where he is waiting for her, and he says that Haverstock got him out. He also tells her that he knows she set him up and then forces her to have sex with him. When she returns, she sees that Mia has already left. Edward is still being followed by the man who was trailing him earlier. This time, however, Edward is oblivious to his presence. Joanna calls up Will and says it doesn’t make sense that Audrey would kill Vivian, when she was the messenger, but Will doesn’t pay any attention to her.

Mia arrives at the motel room where Vivian died and thinks about her. A guy, who is walking by, asks her if she would like to come down the hall for a party and she agrees. At the party, she sniffs something assuming it to be coke, but realizes it’s something much stronger. The guy tells her it’s heroine and she is shocked to hear this and rushes out of there. Joanna gets a call while at work, and on hearing something shocking, she rushes out. Sophia meets Haverstock and asks him to send Wyatt back to jail, but he says it’s not possible. He then tells her he is planning his death and asks her to leave.

Robert comes to Joanna’s mother’s room and asks her what Joanna is up to. When he doesn’t get an answer, he mentions that she could still go to prison for the hand she had in the death of Katherine, his first wife. She is unaffected and, instead, reminds him that it was he who profited from her death and says Katherine’s family wouldn’t be too happy to know what he did. Just then, Robert is informed that Edward is there to see him. Edward tells him about Audrey and reluctantly apologizes to him for everything. Robert is in no mood to forgive him and hands him the golf club with which he allegedly killed Kimberly Yeager. He then calls Edward a murderer and says he is the real bad guy.

Joanna arrives at the motel where Mia is and finds her making out with the guy who invited her to the party. She stops them and gets Mia out of there. Edward comes to Will’s office and hands him the golf club. He then tells him everything and asks Will to arrest him. Will warns him about the consequences, but he says he is already aware of everything and doesn’t need to be reminded. At home, Mia tells Joanna she is really confused, whether she should give her bone marrow to Haverstock. Joanna says she is a good person and the right thing for her would be to give the bone marrow and save his life and then never look back.

Joanna hands Mia the necklace, thinking it’s hers, but Mia says it was Vivian’s and she had given it to herself for being 30 days sober. Robert arrives at the police station and asks to speak to Det. Gabe Denton in private. Joanna finds out about Vivian’s therapist from Mia and pays him a visit. She convinces him to hand over the recordings of all the sessions he had with Vivian, so she can know more about her life just before she died. Edward is put in jail, while Julian puts on the wire and gets ready to met Audrey. Nicole arrives at Audrey’s apartment and says Remy was her colleague and she then asks her to answer a few questions about Frank, her boss. Audrey asks her to take a seat and then secures the main door.

Sophia meets Wyatt in a bar and tells her she can’t leave her family. She then hands him a check for $3M and tells him their relationship is over for good. Haverstock is relieved when Mia tells him she will give him her bone marrow. Julian arrives at Audrey’s apartment and, while talking to her, he sees drops of blood on the floor. He follows a trail of blood, despite her trying to stop him. He then finds Nicole’s body in a closet and Audrey begins to panic. She stabs him in the back with a screwdriver lying nearby. Will and team hear that Julian is in trouble and rush into her apartment.

They see Julian trying to wrestle her to the ground. Gabe shoots her twice and says she was trying to go for her gun. Will looks around, but finds no gun. At home, Joanna is watching the recordings, in which Vivian is heard saying she is scared of telling Haverstock and that their relationship is over. Vivian adds that she feels he might kill her, instead of letting her go. Will tells Edward what happened at Audrey’s house. He then tells him his fingerprints weren’t on the golf club and the blood on the club was some animal’s, so he is free to go home. Joanna calls Will and tells him Vivian was still seeing Haverstock when she died.

She suggests he might have killed her, when he found out about Ben and the baby. Will doesn’t give credence to what she is saying and insists Audrey killed Vivian. The guy who was following Edward is waiting for him with a gun in hand. Edward arrives at Haverstock’s office with the golf club and hits him a couple of times with it and then leaves. The elevator door to Edward’s apartment opens and the guy with the gun immediately shoots and it turns out he has shot Samantha. Julian tells Joanna he is beginning to trust his father once again. Robert hands Gabe an envelope full of cash for killing Audrey. The episode ends at this point.