I'll Start With The Hillbilly - Recap

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The episode begins with Robert and Sophia giving a television interview about all they have been through lately. Joanna’s mother wants her to come home, but she says Audrey didn’t kill Vivian and she wants to find out who did. Edward, Julian and Mia are in the hospital with Samantha. Julian tells Edward that Samantha’s brain function has stopped, so it’s time he pulled the plug. Edward is aware of the facts, but isn’t ready to take that decision just yet. Julian gives Joanna an update over the phone. He also asks her if she will move in with him. Joanna says she will think about it.

Joanna meets Will and tries to again tell him that Audrey didn’t kill Vivian. She feels that Haverstock had a hand in the murder. Will doesn’t pay any heed to what she is saying and tells her to leave. Joanna meets Haverstock. She tells him that she knows he and Vivian were seeing each other all these years. She asks him where he was the night Vivian was murdered. Instead of answering her, Haverstock shocks her by saying that he knows she is a cop. Joanna tells Haverstock that Vivian was afraid of him because she had heard her saying that in the video. Haverstock says he knew about Vivian and Ben, but also knew that she would come back to him like she always did. He tells her that on the night of the murder he was having dinner with the President in the White House.

Wyatt arrives at the grocery store, where Sophia is shopping with Mia. Using an excuse, Sophia sends away Mia, when she sees him. Sophia asks Wyatt what it would take for him to leave her alone. Wyatt indicates that he isn’t going anywhere and wants to see her destroyed, which really pisses off Sophia. In anger, she begins hurling stuff from the store shelf at him. People at the store try to restrain her, while Wyatt walks away with a smile. A horrified Mia witnesses the whole thing. Joanna goes over the witness list for Vivian’s murder. Gabe says most of the witnesses aren’t reliable, but she finds out that the guy, who had recently given the heroin to Mia at the motel, was also one of the witnesses.

She leaves to talk to the guy despite Gabe trying his best to stop her. Robert meets Edward at the hospital and tries to convince him to come back. Edward hasn’t forgotten the things his father recently said to him and is in no mood to forgive him. Joanna finds out from the guy that Vivian left the motel at around three-thirty and didn’t come back. Joanna is shocked to hear this because according to the coroner’s report, Vivian died at midnight. She concludes that Vivian didn’t die at the motel, but instead her body was taken to the motel after she was murdered. Will is informed that a Russian, who fits the description of the man who shot Samantha, has been picked up.

Will calls Edward to identify the Russian from a line up. Edward recognizes him as the man who was following him a couple of weeks ago, but he lies to Will that he doesn’t recognize any of them. Will suspects Edward is hiding something and tries to prod him, but it doesn’t help. Wyatt is brought in for questioning and asked about Sophia. Will is intrigued, when Wyatt says that Sophia didn’t want him to come out of prison. Wyatt confirms that he was convicted for murdering Sophia’s father, but adds that it’s the version she would like everyone to believe. He doesn’t reveal much else and tells Will to ask the rest of the questions to Sophia.

Sophia is brought in for questioning. Will asks her if Vivian knew about her and Wyatt. Sophia refuses to answer any of his questions and threatens to call her lawyer. Will tells Gabe that Vivian probably knew about Sophia and Wyatt. Also, Vivian wanted to take Mia away from Sophia. Will feels these reasons were enough for Sophia to want Vivian dead. Julian finds Beverly, Joanna’s mother, sitting by herself, looking at a photo album, and crying. Her Alzheimer’s is working up and she assumes Julian is Robert. She asks him how he can live with himself after what he has done. She says that his wife, Katherine, really loved him and calls him a monster for what he did to her. Julian is shocked to hear all this.

Edward meets a bunch of goons and shows them the Russian assassin’s photo on his cell phone. He offers them $200,000 and tells them to find the man. Will finds out from Haverstock that Vivian knew about Wyatt and Sophia because he had told her everything. Joanna and Will meet and exchange notes about all they have found out. Julian gives Joanna a bracelet. While he is putting it on her wrist, he sees the bracelet she is wearing and comments how it’s exactly like the one Vivian was wearing the night she was murdered. Joanna is shocked to hear this because she recently found this bracelet in the Bowers mansion.

While Mia is talking to Edward at the hospital, Kyle comes to meet her. He says he has come because he felt she needed someone with all that has been going on. She apparently forgives him and they kiss. Haverstock warns Sophia that if he finds out she had anything to do with Vivian’s murder, he will finish her. Joanna tells Will and Gabe about Vivian’s bracelet. They conclude that Vivian was murdered in the Bowers mansion and after that her body was taken to the motel. They feel that she was transported there in a suitcase. Gabe and Joanna check out a dumpster near the motel and find a large suitcase in it.

At the hospital, Edwards pulls the plug and breaks down. Julian tells Robert that he spoke to Beverly earlier today. He asks Robert how long Katherine had an illness and who her doctor was. Robert is clearly uncomfortable and finds some excuse to walk away. The Russian assassin has been caught and is being tortured by the goons. Edward tells them to cut off the guy’s hands and says the rest is up to them. Gabe meets Robert and tells him that Audrey didn’t kill Vivian. He says that the FBI is suspecting Sophia, but he feels it’s someone else. Robert looks worried and asks him if the police have found any evidence.

Joanna finds out from Mia that Sophia was passed out on pills and alcohol at the time of the murder and Robert left to stay with his assistant. Mia says she packed a suitcase for him that night. Gabe tells Robert that he knows he (Robert) killed Vivian and put her in that suitcase. Robert doesn’t deny it and asks Gabe if he is going to turn him in. Gabe is in a quandary and Robert says that he knows the suitcase is actually in the trunk of Gabe’s car. He assures Gabe that he will be rich and will soon be promoted, but he has to get rid of the suitcase. He asks Gabe, who else knows about the suitcase.

Joanna tells Will about the suitcase and says Robert killed Vivian. Gabe asks Robert why he killed Vivian, but he doesn’t give a reply and walks away. The next day, Gabe tells Will and Joanna that the suitcase is missing from the evidence locker. Haverstock meets them and says he will soon be appointed the next Attorney General of US and will technically be their boss. He wants justice for Vivian, so he wants the investigation to continue. He says they have to find some other evidence against Robert now that the suitcase is lost, so Joanna will have to continue sticking with the Bowers.

Edward returns to the Bowers mansion. Kyle has bought some flowers for Mia and is heading to the mansion. Joanna tells Julian that she wants to stay in the Bowers mansion a little longer and suggests they postpone their plan of moving in together. Mia is outside the mansion talking to Kyle over the phone. After she hangs up, she sees Wyatt walking up to her. He covers her mouth before she can yell. Robert comes to Joanna and apologizes to her for ever doubting her. The episode ends at this point.