Department S

When a case proves too challenging for the collective minds of Interpol, they turn to the talents of Department S. (From the ITC trailer)

Department S is an elite branch of Interpol, headquartered in Paris. They are called in when a case has no logic or solution and the "regular" police investigations have run into dead ends. Sample cases include a jet landing in London with no passengers or crew aboard, a man in a space suit found dead in Soho, and an assassination of a wax dummy.


Jason King is a best-selling novelist. His books depicting the adventures of his fictional creation, Mark Caine, have sold "60 million books in 15 languages" according to Sir Curtis. Jason's approach to a case is completely different: he theorizes the most outlandish scenario imaginable, then treats the solution the way his fictional hero would. He is a playboy who is easily distracted by a pretty face.

Stewart Sullivan is the field leader of Department S. A former FBI agent, he knows every seemingly ridiculous case has a logical explanation, and he uses his intelligence to sort through the clues to find it. While he relies primarily on his brains, his fists are also useful weapons when he has to fight. He and Annabelle obviously had (or are continuing) a romance (although it is never shown or directly referenced).

Annabelle Hurst is a computer expert. Much like her computer, nicknamed "Auntie", Annabelle sees cases strictly in black and white. She has little patience for Jason's wild theories (although Stewart reminded her once that Jason "has a nasty habit of scoring near-misses" with his outlandish ideas). The sole woman of the Department is not confined to the office: she works the field, and occasionally finds herself successfully escaping from criminals.

Sir Curtis Seretse, a high-ranking diplomat from an unnamed African country, is the official head of Department S. He decides which cases will be handled by the Department (which occasionally finds him butting heads with Stewart). Because of his status he is able to avoid red tape and get top secret information that would otherwise be out of the Department's reach. His diplomatic position causes him on more than on instance to become part of the case the Department is trying to solve, and he even helps out in the field.


Peter Wyngarde was a frequent guest star on other ITC programs (including such classics as The Prisoner and The Avengers). He has had a long career in film, TV, and theater. His official fanclub is called The Hellfire Club, named after an organization in the memorable episode A Touch of Brimstone from The Avengers that featured Wyngarde as the club's leader.

Joel Fabiani possessed handsome leading man looks, yet he made a career as a character actor, which spanned about 50 years. He guest starred in many TV shows, such as The F.B.I., The Streets of San Francisco, Cannon, S.W.A.T. and Starsky & Hutch, and television movies. He also appeared in feature films, including Looking for Mr. Goodbar and Reuben, Reuben, as well as in theater.

Rosemary Nicols has appeared in plays such as the London production of Fiddler on the Roof. She had a few roles after Department S, including an episode of The Persuaders, before retiring from the acting profession.

Dennis Alaba Peters was a native of Gambia and, according to Peter Wyngarde, quite an accomplished operatic singer. He moved to England in 1950 to study when he became interested in acting. After Department S he returned to his native country to start a production company. He passed away in 1996.


Department S was syndicated world-wide, earning fans everywhere it played. There are several DVD editions available (episodes as well as full box sets) around the world (UK, Europe, Australia). A complete 8-disk-DVD box set was released by Network (UK) in 2008, with lots of bonus material, including an in-depth 'making-of'-documentary about the filming of the show, featuring exclusive interviews with many of the actors, writers and directors - "Wanna Watch a Television Series? - Variations on a Theme".
The show's soundtrack is available on original vinyl as well as CD.


The theme music was composed by Edwin Astley, who created the music for a number of ITC shows. He was also Who guitarist/songwriter Pete Townshend's father-in-law.


The opening credits can be viewed here.


* After initial screen tests, Kate O'Mara was supposed to play the role of Annabelle Hurst, but then the American backers of the show refused her as being 'too exotic'.

* For more Trivia, see section on 'Show Tidbits'

Episode Info

Prev: 1x28 -- The Soup of the Day (Mar/17/1970)

Location: Liverpool, England
Date: May 2nd

An elaborate break-in at a customs warehouse on a loading dock results in the theft of just one case of fish soup from Portugal. The authorities are puzzled, so the Department is called in. Stewart and Annabelle investigate and soon discover the case of soup, discarded. So why was it stolen in the first place? Apparently it was a mistake and someone stole the 'wrong' case of soup. Jason heads to Lisbon to check the factory where the soup originated from. Soon the agents find themselves on the trail of smugglers.

Peter WyngardePeter Wyngarde
As Jason King
Peter WyngardePeter Wyngarde
As Jason King
Joel FabianiJoel Fabiani
As Stewart Sullivan
Rosemary NicolsRosemary Nicols
As Annabelle Hurst
Dennis Alaba PetersDennis Alaba Peters
As Sir Curtis Seretse


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Creator: Dennis Spooner, Monty Berman
Editor: Philip Barnikel
Music: Edwin Astley
Music Editor: Deveril Goodman
Costume Designer: Laura Nightingale
Hairstylist: Mike Jones (3)
Camera Operator: Tony White, Gerald Moss
Construction Coordinator: Bill Greene (2)
On-Line Editor: Gerry Fletcher (1)

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Recurring Guests

Basil Dignam as Howard Finch (6 eps)
Tony Thawnton as Official (4 eps)
John Gabriel (1) as Air Traffic Controller (4 eps)
Peter Arne as Slovic (4 eps)
Juliet Harmer as Trish (4 eps)
Ellis Dale as Priest (4 eps)
Sue Gerrard as English Nurse (4 eps)
Angela Lovell as Jane Kilverton (4 eps)
Edina Ronay as Danielle (3 eps)
Paul Whitsun-Jones as Martin Kyle (3 eps)

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