Season 3

27 :03x01 - Tuscan-Inspired Kitchen

Miki Webber and Peter Klein recently purchased a 1920s Spanish-style fourplex. Their apartment is loaded with character, but the twosome hasn't been able to capitalize on the charming kitchen. Last summer they had a magical vacation in Tuscany and would love to re-create that ambiance in their kitchen. Host Lee Snijders takes a look at the space and addresses the areas in the room that need to be changed including the wall color, blinds, the glass in the cabinets and the out of place teacart. Afterward, Snijders meets with the design team to discuss what they need to do for a successful transformation. Charles Burbridge puts together a mosaic table while Summer Baltzer focuses on a new message board. Along with rich colors and Italian accents, the team transforms the room into a Tuscan-inspired kitchen with less than $1,000.

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28 :03x02 - Contemporary Bachelor Pad

Fish fan Hoa Pham is looking to splash some excitement into his bachelor pad while creating a multifunctional living space. Host Lee Snijders meets with his design team, Charles Burbridge and Summer Baltzer, to work out a plan for a unified living, dining and work space. Together they work on adding a counter for dining, a desk for work and seating for friends. Amongst these important components, they're able to incorporate Pham's fish and create an open living space for him and his buddies--all for less than $1,000.

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29 :03x03 - Travel-Themed Office

Newlyweds Emre Sahin and Sarah Wetherbee need help with their multipurpose spare room. Host Lee Snijders, Charles Burbridge and Summer Baltzer help them travel light with a home workspace inspired by their travels around the world. The team starts by removing all unwanted obstacles to make room for two separate desks. They take a cramped room and transform it into an organized workspace worthy of a five-star rating!

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30 :03x04 - Art Deco Bedroom

Newlyweds and new homeowners, Cliff and Diane Numark, are looking to create a more sophisticated and romantic look in their bedroom. Host Lee Snijders pays Cliff and Diane a visit to hash out their issues, which include storage, toning down the white walls, sprucing up the window treatments and giving the floral bedding a bit more of a masculine touch. After much planning and a lot of preparation, Cliff and Diane's bedroom went from no style to "cosmo" style thanks to Lee and his creative design team.

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31 :03x05 - Luxurious Living Room

Heather Santoro's mismatched furniture and colorless walls are in need of a more funky style to match her personality. Host Lee Snijders visits with her to discuss her design issues, which include an insufficient workspace, inefficient lighting, a collection of mismatched furniture and a need for additional window treatments. Snijder discusses his Moulin Rouge meets funky coffeehouse design ideas with Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge. Baltzer shops for chandelier lighting while Burbridge adds a custom valance to Santoro's existing vertical blinds, which is the new focal point of the room. Once the transformation is finished, Santoro is thrilled with her new living room. The once mismatched furniture now fits perfectly in this coffeehouse-style living room with bold walls and colorful pillows tying it all together.

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32 :03x06 - English Library

Jack and Ginger Freed dream of transforming their bland and cluttered storage room into an old English library. Host Lee Snijders pays the couple a visit the see how he can help their dream come true. Many of their existing pieces are ideal for the library including the tufted leather sofa and chairs, stained-glass art and Old World accessories, so Snijders and his design team use them to create a space for reading, relaxing and quiet time.

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33 :03x07 - Spanish-Style Bedroom

New parents, Dan and Nicki Cotti, want to transform their outdated country-style bedroom into a timeless Spanish retreat. Lee Snijders stops by the Cotti home to see what solutions he can come up with to solve their bedroom debacle. From the flowered closet doors to the green painted dresser and nightstands, this large room is full of country-styled influences. It's apparent that the closet doors need a makeover and some of the furnishings will need some attention in order to accomplish the Spanish theme they're looking to capture. After much planning and a lot of preparation, the design team transforms the once outdated country-style bedroom into a warm and inviting Spanish hacienda.

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34 :03x08 - French Country Family Room

Host Lee Snijders, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge mesmerize the Mahlers by adding a French country feel to their multifunctional family room. With many issues to tackle such as furniture layout, lighting, color and a plethora of photos to organize and display, the team has to transform this nondescript room into a retreat worthy of the title "Chez Nous."

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35 :03x09 - Vintage Country Kitchen

Gina and Michael Lester's home has a rustic, cozy feeling, but their kitchen has yet to be stylized. Motivation to create gourmet cuisine is at an all-time low so it's time to feast on some creativity. With Lee Snijders, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge wielding the proverbial knife, they cut to the chase and turn up the heat!

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36 :03x10 - Tranquil Master Bedroom

Margaret Hussey needs the divine expertise of our Design on a Dime team. Lee Snijders, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge come together to create a harmonious display of peace and serenity within her master bedroom. Hussey's nondescript room stops short of tranquility and needs a little TLC to achieve retreat status. Color, texture and details will find balance within the four walls of this soon-to-be sanctuary.

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37 :03x11 - Contemporary Asian Bedroom

Host Kristan Cunningham and design coordinators Dave Sheinkopf and Spencer Anderson work together to create a contemporary Asian-style bedroom. The homeowners' new furniture doesn't quite blend in with the traditional Chinese furnishings so the design team uses the $1,000 budget to create a striking new space.

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38 :03x12 - Cramped Dorm Room

College roommates, Danny Harper and Jeff Clark, share a cluttered, disorganized and cramped dorm room at Loyola Marymount University. The university has strict guidelines regarding decor in the rooms, which adds an additional challenge for the design team. They decide to focus on storage, lighting and personalization. A field trip by Charles Burbridge to Organized Living tackles the storage issues at hand. Meanwhile, Lee Snijders and Summer Baltzer get busy constructing the more personalized side of things. The team completes their tasks after careful preparation and execution of a well thought out plan.

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39 :03x13 - Tropical-Style Retreat

Eyvette Jones rents an apartment in the heart of the city. She wants to incorporate gentle breezes and tropical colors of the Caribbean into her home, so it can be a place to relax and entertain. Host Kristan Cunningham and design coordinators Spencer Anderson and Dave Sheinkopf come up with a design full of color and interesting accents that will transform her space into a breezy island-style retreat--all for under $1,000.

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40 :03x14 - Contemporary Living Room

Single father Michael Holmes would like a contemporary adult living space which is also inviting to his children. The design team transforms his undecorated living room into a cozy yet masculine area. Spencer Anderson constructs a pair of ottomans that double as hidden storage space, while Dave Sheinkopf builds two custom tables to fit the new look and space. Kristan Cunningham shops at a local import store in search of a television cabinet to take the focus of the room away from the TV. All of these new additions make Michael's room into the warm space he desired.

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Premiere: January 01, 2003
Episode Order: 13
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