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Designers' Challenge

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 05/Oct/2000 Cluttered Living Room
2 1x02 12/Oct/2000 Crowded Kitchen Remodel
3 1x03 19/Oct/2000 Master Bedroom Design Dilemma
4 1x04 26/Oct/2000 Guest Room To Child's Room
5 1x05 02/Nov/2000 Living Room Chaos
6 1x06 07/Dec/2000 Living Room Redo
7 1x07 04/Jan/2001 Teenager Bedroom Update
8 1x08 16/Nov/2000 Master Bedroom Spa Retreat
9 1x09 09/Nov/2000 1970s Living Room Update
10 1x10 18/Jan/2001 Kitchen Dilemma
11 1x11 21/Nov/2002 Master Bedroom Redesign
12 1x12 25/Jan/2001 Attic Bedroom Makeover
13 1x13 15/Feb/2001 Living Room Refresh

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
14 2x01 28/Feb/2002 Formal Dining / Living Room
15 2x02 29/Mar/2001 Master Bedroom Repeat
16 2x03 06/Sep/2001 Garage Turned Stylish Home Office
17 2x04 23/Nov/2000 Dark Den Makeover
18 2x05 25/Oct/2001 Connecting Bathrooms
19 2x06 08/Mar/2001 English Tudor Kitchen Restored
20 2x07 14/Dec/2000 Comfortable, Inviting Living Room
21 2x08 08/Jun/2002 Restored Spanish-Style Kitchen
22 2x09 28/Dec/2000 Living Room Restoration
23 2x10 11/Oct/2001 Family Room Dilemma
24 2x11 08/Feb/2001 Complete Living Room Renovation
25 2x12 22/Feb/2001 Large Living Room Turned Library
26 2x13 18/Oct/2001 Kitchen Remodel

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
27 3x01 18/Jul/2002 Modern Living Room
28 3x02 11/Jul/2002 New Living Room Design
29 3x03 09/May/2002 Kitchen Design Dilemma
30 3x04 25/Apr/2002 Condo Makeover
31 3x05 24/Jan/2002 Outdated Kitchen
32 3x06 18/Apr/2002 Uninviting Family Room
33 3x07 11/Apr/2002 Guest Bedroom Suite
34 3x08 02/May/2002 Entertainment / Guest Room
35 3x09 04/Jul/2002 Living / Family Room Redesign
36 3x10 04/Apr/2002 Outdated Kitchen In A Contemporary Space
37 3x11 06/Jun/2002 Game Room / Den Combo
38 3x12 22/Aug/2002 Updating An Old Bathroom
39 3x13 23/May/2002 Kitchen Redesign

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
40 4x01 14/Mar/2002 Formal Family Room
41 4x02 30/May/2002 Dark, Dated Master Bathroom
42 4x03 07/Feb/2002 Undesirable Living Room
43 4x04 15/Aug/2002 Living Room / Dining Room Remodel
44 4x05 03/Jan/2002 Theater Space
45 4x06 28/Feb/2002 Living Room To Dining Room
46 4x07 10/Jan/2002 English Country Living Room
47 4x08 01/Aug/2002 Master Bedroom And Bath
48 4x09 17/Jan/2002 Trendy Living Room Space
49 4x10 28/Mar/2002 Cozy Entryway
50 4x11 03/Feb/2002 Space For Entertaining
51 4x12 11/Jul/2002 Master Bedroom
52 4x13 23/Apr/2003 Formal Living Room For Entertaining
53 4x14 04/Oct/2001 Tina Wessons' Living Room Makeover

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
54 5x01 07/Nov/2002 Outdated Kitchen
55 5x02 21/Nov/2002 Master Bathroom Remodel
56 5x03 06/Feb/2003 Family-Centered Kitchen and Den
57 5x04 18/Jul/2002 Modern Living Room
58 5x05 12/Dec/2002 Tuscany-Style Kitchen
59 5x06 05/Dec/2002 Spacious Great Room
60 5x07 21/Nov/2002 Master Bedroom Redesign
61 5x08 02/Jan/2003 Americana-Themed Nursery
62 5x09 28/Nov/2002 Open and Inviting Galley Kitchen
63 5x10 06/Apr/2003 Craftsman-Style Living and Dining Area
64 5x11 06/Mar/2003 Updated Game Room and Bathroom
65 5x12 27/Mar/2003 Stylish, Functional Kitchen
66 5x13 20/Feb/2003 Mediterranean-Style Master Suite

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
67 6x01 10/Apr/2003 Home Office Suite
68 6x02 17/Apr/2003 Loft Play/Guest Room
69 6x03 26/Jun/2003 Luxurious Vintage Bathroom
70 6x04 04/Apr/2003 Elegant Living and Dining Space
71 6x05 15/May/2003 Home Office / Guest Room
72 6x06 01/May/2003 Tropical-Style Multipurpose Room
73 6x07 19/Jun/2003 Luxurious Master Bedroom Retreat
74 6x08 12/Jun/2003 Cozy Living Room
75 6x09 20/Jun/2006 Rustic-Style Kitchen
76 6x10 29/May/2003 Elegant Dining Room
77 6x11 03/Jul/2003 Outdated Media Room
78 6x12 22/May/2003 Cozy French Country Family Room
79 6x13 29/May/2003 Vintage Kitchen

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
80 7x01 31/Jul/2003 Boring Master Bedroom
81 7x02 21/Aug/2003 Tri-Delta President's Bedroom
82 7x03 02/Oct/2003 Uncomfortable TV Room
83 7x04 18/Sep/2003 Outdated Kitchen
84 7x05 11/Sep/2003 Tiny Toddler Room
85 7x06 23/Oct/2003 Great Room Update
86 7x07 30/Oct/2003 Tiny Kitchen
87 7x08 25/Sep/2003 Mismatched Living and Dining Room
88 7x09 09/Oct/2003 Dated Master Bedroom
89 7x10 20/Nov/2003 Nondescript Den
90 7x11 16/Oct/2003 Congested Kitchen
91 7x12 13/Nov/2003 Overly-Spacious Living Room
92 7x13 06/Nov/2003 Welcoming Baby
93 7x14 27/Nov/2003 Tropical Fantasy
94 7x15 11/Dec/2003 Bonus Room Makeover
95 7x16 18/Dec/2003 Contemporary Kitchen/Family Room
96 7x17 25/Dec/2003 Parisian Living Room
97 7x18 08/Feb/2004 Entry/Formal Living Room
98 7x19 24/Dec/2003 Comfortable Master Bedroom
99 7x20 01/Jan/2004 Confining Kitchen
100 7x21 15/Jan/2004 Master Bathroom Bliss
101 7x22 24/Dec/2003 Dated and Unwelcoming Kitchen
102 7x23 22/Jan/2004 A Functional Family Room
103 7x24 08/Jan/2004 Unfocused Living Room
104 7x25 29/Jan/2004 Mundane Master Suite
105 7x26 04/Dec/2003 A Holiday to Remember

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
106 8x01 01/Apr/2004 A Kitchen Stuck in the '70s
107 8x02 03/Jun/2004 Unused Living Room/Overused Dining Room
108 8x03 15/May/2004 Den to Child/Guest Bedroom
109 8x04 22/Apr/2004 A Drab Dining Room
110 8x05 19/May/2004 Brothers' Beach House
111 8x06 14/May/2004 A Charmless Kitchen
112 8x07 22/May/2004 A-Frame Living/Dining Room
113 8x08 24/Jun/2004 A Kitchen Dream Come True
114 8x09 10/Jun/2004 A Medieval Master Bedroom
115 8x10 16/Jul/2004 Baby Boy Nursery
116 8x11 08/Jul/2004 Painter's Studio
117 8x12 01/Jul/2004 Modern Formal Living Room
118 8x13 17/Jul/2004 This Kitchen Cooks
119 8x14 11/Jun/2007 Five-Star Hotel Master Bedroom
120 8x15 01/Feb/2004 Seaside Home Office
121 8x16 11/Mar/2004 Mundane Master Bathroom
122 8x17 19/Feb/2004 Impractical Family Room
123 8x18 04/Mar/2004 One Living Room, Three Areas
124 8x19 18/Mar/2004 Disjointed Living and Dining Room
125 8x20 15/Apr/2004 Uncomfortable Living Room
126 8x21 25/Mar/2004 Marvelous Master Bath
127 8x22 29/Apr/2004 Fabulous Formal Living Room
128 8x23 25/Jun/2004 Asian-Inspired Bathroom
129 8x24 20/May/2004 Chef’s Dream Kitchen
130 8x25 08/Apr/2004 Asian Living Room and Office
131 8x26 09/Apr/2004 Boring Basement

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
132 9x01 13/Jul/2004 A Culinary Paradise
133 9x02 31/Jul/2004 A Bath With Class
134 9x03 29/Jul/2004 Large and Functional Kitchen
135 9x04 22/Jul/2004 The Fixer-Upper Bedroom
136 9x05 16/Sep/2004 Luxurious Master Bedroom
137 9x06 30/Sep/2004 Living Room Retreat
138 9x07 11/Nov/2004 Hotel-Like Master Suite
139 9x08 23/Sep/2004 Transportation-Themed Toddler Room
140 9x09 07/Oct/2004 Spacious, Eclectic Kitchen
141 9x10 21/Oct/2004 Arts-and-Crafts-Style Master Suite
142 9x11 14/Oct/2004 Family Room by the Ocean
143 9x12 28/Oct/2004 Candy-Coated Bedroom
144 9x13 04/Nov/2004 Functional and Beautiful Great Room
145 9x14 14/Jul/2004 Empty Above-Ground Basement
146 9x15 12/Jul/2004 Family Room Facelift
147 9x16 15/Jul/2004 Lofty Living Space
148 9x17 16/Jul/2004 Tampa Bay Living Room and Sunroom

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
149 10x01 01/Jan/2005 Zen-Like Gym/Guest Room
150 10x02 30/Dec/2004 Galley-Style Kitchen
151 10x03 09/Dec/2004 Tranquil Master Bathroom
152 10x04 01/Jan/2005 A '70s Kitchen Sendoff
153 10x05 01/Jan/2005 Cozy Home Office
154 10x06 02/Dec/2004 Clutter-Filled Teen Bedroom
155 10x07 20/Jan/2005 New Kitchen and Family Room
156 10x08 06/Jan/2005 Room for Two
157 10x09 10/Feb/2005 Organized Kitchen
158 10x10 27/Jan/2005 Outdated Kitchen/Family Room
159 10x11 24/Feb/2005 Bland to Grand Bedroom
160 10x12 17/Feb/2005 Living/Dining Room Fusion
161 10x13 31/Mar/2005 New Orleans Entry and Parlor
162 10x14 13/Jan/2005 A Glittering Emmy Party

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
163 11x01 03/Mar/2005 Classic Bungalow Kitchen
164 11x02 14/Apr/2005 Basement Redo
165 11x03 09/Jun/2005 Exquisite Master Bath
166 11x04 26/May/2005 Classic New Orleans Great Room
167 11x05 07/Apr/2005 Mediterranean Master Suite
168 11x06 21/Jul/2005 Master Spa Suite
169 11x07 23/Jun/2005 Grand Foyer and Living Room
170 11x08 12/May/2005 Elegant Master Suite
171 11x09 07/Jul/2005 Sophisticated Family Room
172 11x10 04/Aug/2005 Beach Cottage Bathroom
173 11x11 18/Aug/2005 Dynamic Dining Room
174 11x12 25/Aug/2005 Colorful Kitchen and Family Room
175 11x13 15/Sep/2005 Cozy Living Room

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
176 12x01 01/Sep/2005 Vacant Texas Living Room
177 12x02 29/Sep/2005 Hawaiian Lanai Family Room
178 12x03 20/Oct/2005 Old West Saloon Basement
179 12x04 08/Sep/2005 Tuscan-Inspired Bedroom Suite
180 12x05 06/Oct/2005 Gulf Coast Kitchen
181 12x06 13/Oct/2005 Bye, Bye Bland Bedroom
182 12x07 17/Nov/2005 Casually Elegant Dining Room
183 12x08 06/Oct/2005 Dream Kitchen
184 12x09 24/Nov/2005 Stylish Children's Playroom
185 12x10 05/Nov/2005 Bungalow Living/Dining Room
186 12x11 27/Oct/2005 Elegant and Functional Great Room
187 12x12 10/Nov/2005 Casual and Comfortable Den
188 12x13 08/Dec/2005 Attic Family Room

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
189 13x01 05/Jan/2006 Florida Great Room
190 13x02 02/Feb/2006 Contemporary, Fun Living Room
191 13x03 12/Jan/2006 Windy City Sunroom
192 13x04 09/Feb/2006 Southern-Style Family Room
193 13x05 19/Jan/2006 Ultimate Media Room
194 13x06 26/Jan/2006 Relaxing Master Bathroom
195 13x07 16/Feb/2006 Historic Chicago Kitchen
196 13x08 02/Mar/2006 Victorian Parlor and Library
197 13x09 23/Mar/2006 Art Deco Living Space
198 13x10 30/Mar/2006 Traditional Living Areas
199 13x11 25/Dec/2007 Fun, Eclectic Game Rooms
200 13x12 09/Mar/2006 Montana-Inspired Game Room
201 13x13 13/Apr/2006 Playful Family Room

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
202 14x01 20/Apr/2006 Chicago-Style Family Room
203 14x02 27/Apr/2006 Handicap Accessible Bathroom
204 14x03 04/May/2006 Stylish Rustic Great Room
205 14x04 11/May/2006 Cozy Coastal Studio
206 14x05 30/Sep/2006 Eclectic, Colorful Kitchen
207 14x06 21/Oct/2006 Elegant Tuscan Dining Room
208 14x07 16/Sep/2006 Sophisticated, Rustic Dining Room
209 14x08 11/Nov/2006 Modern, Cozy Loft
210 14x09 07/Jan/2006 Family Game Room
211 14x10 13/Jan/2007 Sophisticated Great Room
212 14x11 16/Dec/2006 Rustic Family Room
213 14x12 04/Nov/2006 Miami Master Bedroom
214 14x13 22/Jun/2006 Comfortable, Inviting Deck

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
215 15x01 07/Apr/2007 Lofty Visions
216 15x02 14/Apr/2007 Art Studio Garage
217 15x03 21/Apr/2007 Warm and Rich Family Room
218 15x04 28/Apr/2007 Comfortable Family Room
219 15x05 05/May/2007 Caribbean-Inspired Great Room
220 15x06 12/May/2007 Formal Dining Room
221 15x07 19/May/2007 Magical Girl's Bedroom
222 15x08 16/May/2007 Elegant, Practical Living Room
223 15x09 07/Dec/2007 A Gourmet's Dream Kitchen
224 15x10 16/Jun/2007 Tuscan Kitchen
225 15x11 23/Jun/2007 Contemporary Asian Great Room
226 15x12 30/Jun/2007 Comfortable, Elegant Living Room
227 15x13 14/Jul/2007 Cape Cod Living Room
228 15x14 Unknown Napa Valley-Styled Wedding

 Season 16(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
229 16x01 08/Mar/2007 Sophisticated Living/Dining Area
230 16x02 29/Oct/2007 Rustic Home Office
231 16x03 12/Nov/2007 Basement Family Room
232 16x04 03/Dec/2007 Environmentally-Friendly Great Room
233 16x05 16/Nov/2000 Spa Master Bathroom
234 16x06 17/Dec/2007 Basement Home Theatre
235 16x07 Unknown Elegant, Relaxing Master Bath
236 16x08 Unknown Inviting Family Room
237 16x09 Unknown Modern Master Bedroom
238 16x10 Unknown Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom
239 16x11 Unknown '50s-Inspired Living Room
240 16x12 Unknown '50s-Inspired Bonus Room
241 16x13 Unknown Inviting, Cathedral Living Room

 Season 17(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
242 17x01 Unknown Wild West Living/Dining Room
243 17x02 Unknown 50s-Inspired Kitchen
244 17x03 Unknown Luxurious Master Suite
245 17x04 Unknown Classy Chicago Living Area
246 17x05 29/May/2003 Elegant Dining Room
247 17x06 Unknown Hip, Luxurious Master Suite
248 17x07 Unknown Family-Friendly Living Room
249 17x08 Unknown Palm Beach Living/Dining Room
250 17x09 Unknown Exotic Master Bedroom
251 17x10 Unknown Modern Great Room
252 17x11 Unknown Contemporary Family Room
253 17x12 Unknown Stylish Family Room
254 17x13 Unknown Modern Vintage Kitchen and Family Room

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Garden/Landscape | Housing/Building
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: HGTV ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 2000
Ended: 2008
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