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Designers' Challenge

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 05/Oct/2000 Cluttered Living Room N/A
2 1x02 12/Oct/2000 Crowded Kitchen Remodel N/A
3 1x03 19/Oct/2000 Master Bedroom Design Dilemma N/A
4 1x04 26/Oct/2000 Guest Room To Child's Room N/A
5 1x05 02/Nov/2000 Living Room Chaos N/A
6 1x06 07/Dec/2000 Living Room Redo N/A
7 1x07 04/Jan/2001 Teenager Bedroom Update N/A
8 1x08 16/Nov/2000 Master Bedroom Spa Retreat N/A
9 1x09 09/Nov/2000 1970s Living Room Update N/A
10 1x10 18/Jan/2001 Kitchen Dilemma N/A
11 1x11 21/Nov/2002 Master Bedroom Redesign N/A
12 1x12 25/Jan/2001 Attic Bedroom Makeover N/A
13 1x13 15/Feb/2001 Living Room Refresh N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
14 2x01 28/Feb/2002 Formal Dining / Living Room N/A
15 2x02 29/Mar/2001 Master Bedroom Repeat N/A
16 2x03 06/Sep/2001 Garage Turned Stylish Home Office N/A
17 2x04 23/Nov/2000 Dark Den Makeover N/A
18 2x05 25/Oct/2001 Connecting Bathrooms N/A
19 2x06 08/Mar/2001 English Tudor Kitchen Restored N/A
20 2x07 14/Dec/2000 Comfortable, Inviting Living Room N/A
21 2x08 08/Jun/2002 Restored Spanish-Style Kitchen N/A
22 2x09 28/Dec/2000 Living Room Restoration N/A
23 2x10 11/Oct/2001 Family Room Dilemma N/A
24 2x11 08/Feb/2001 Complete Living Room Renovation N/A
25 2x12 22/Feb/2001 Large Living Room Turned Library N/A
26 2x13 18/Oct/2001 Kitchen Remodel N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
27 3x01 18/Jul/2002 Modern Living Room N/A
28 3x02 11/Jul/2002 New Living Room Design N/A
29 3x03 09/May/2002 Kitchen Design Dilemma N/A
30 3x04 25/Apr/2002 Condo Makeover N/A
31 3x05 24/Jan/2002 Outdated Kitchen N/A
32 3x06 18/Apr/2002 Uninviting Family Room N/A
33 3x07 11/Apr/2002 Guest Bedroom Suite N/A
34 3x08 02/May/2002 Entertainment / Guest Room N/A
35 3x09 04/Jul/2002 Living / Family Room Redesign N/A
36 3x10 04/Apr/2002 Outdated Kitchen In A Contemporary Space N/A
37 3x11 06/Jun/2002 Game Room / Den Combo N/A
38 3x12 22/Aug/2002 Updating An Old Bathroom N/A
39 3x13 23/May/2002 Kitchen Redesign N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
40 4x01 14/Mar/2002 Formal Family Room N/A
41 4x02 30/May/2002 Dark, Dated Master Bathroom N/A
42 4x03 07/Feb/2002 Undesirable Living Room N/A
43 4x04 15/Aug/2002 Living Room / Dining Room Remodel N/A
44 4x05 03/Jan/2002 Theater Space N/A
45 4x06 28/Feb/2002 Living Room To Dining Room N/A
46 4x07 10/Jan/2002 English Country Living Room N/A
47 4x08 01/Aug/2002 Master Bedroom And Bath N/A
48 4x09 17/Jan/2002 Trendy Living Room Space N/A
49 4x10 28/Mar/2002 Cozy Entryway N/A
50 4x11 03/Feb/2002 Space For Entertaining N/A
51 4x12 11/Jul/2002 Master Bedroom N/A
52 4x13 23/Apr/2003 Formal Living Room For Entertaining N/A
53 4x14 04/Oct/2001 Tina Wessons' Living Room Makeover N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
54 5x01 07/Nov/2002 Outdated Kitchen N/A
55 5x02 21/Nov/2002 Master Bathroom Remodel N/A
56 5x03 06/Feb/2003 Family-Centered Kitchen and Den N/A
57 5x04 18/Jul/2002 Modern Living Room N/A
58 5x05 12/Dec/2002 Tuscany-Style Kitchen N/A
59 5x06 05/Dec/2002 Spacious Great Room N/A
60 5x07 21/Nov/2002 Master Bedroom Redesign N/A
61 5x08 02/Jan/2003 Americana-Themed Nursery N/A
62 5x09 28/Nov/2002 Open and Inviting Galley Kitchen N/A
63 5x10 06/Apr/2003 Craftsman-Style Living and Dining Area N/A
64 5x11 06/Mar/2003 Updated Game Room and Bathroom N/A
65 5x12 27/Mar/2003 Stylish, Functional Kitchen N/A
66 5x13 20/Feb/2003 Mediterranean-Style Master Suite N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
67 6x01 10/Apr/2003 Home Office Suite N/A
68 6x02 17/Apr/2003 Loft Play/Guest Room N/A
69 6x03 26/Jun/2003 Luxurious Vintage Bathroom N/A
70 6x04 04/Apr/2003 Elegant Living and Dining Space N/A
71 6x05 15/May/2003 Home Office / Guest Room N/A
72 6x06 01/May/2003 Tropical-Style Multipurpose Room N/A
73 6x07 19/Jun/2003 Luxurious Master Bedroom Retreat N/A
74 6x08 12/Jun/2003 Cozy Living Room N/A
75 6x09 20/Jun/2006 Rustic-Style Kitchen N/A
76 6x10 29/May/2003 Elegant Dining Room N/A
77 6x11 03/Jul/2003 Outdated Media Room N/A
78 6x12 22/May/2003 Cozy French Country Family Room N/A
79 6x13 29/May/2003 Vintage Kitchen N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
80 7x01 31/Jul/2003 Boring Master Bedroom N/A
81 7x02 21/Aug/2003 Tri-Delta President's Bedroom N/A
82 7x03 02/Oct/2003 Uncomfortable TV Room N/A
83 7x04 18/Sep/2003 Outdated Kitchen N/A
84 7x05 11/Sep/2003 Tiny Toddler Room N/A
85 7x06 23/Oct/2003 Great Room Update N/A
86 7x07 30/Oct/2003 Tiny Kitchen N/A
87 7x08 25/Sep/2003 Mismatched Living and Dining Room N/A
88 7x09 09/Oct/2003 Dated Master Bedroom N/A
89 7x10 20/Nov/2003 Nondescript Den N/A
90 7x11 16/Oct/2003 Congested Kitchen N/A
91 7x12 13/Nov/2003 Overly-Spacious Living Room N/A
92 7x13 06/Nov/2003 Welcoming Baby N/A
93 7x14 27/Nov/2003 Tropical Fantasy N/A
94 7x15 11/Dec/2003 Bonus Room Makeover N/A
95 7x16 18/Dec/2003 Contemporary Kitchen/Family Room N/A
96 7x17 25/Dec/2003 Parisian Living Room N/A
97 7x18 08/Feb/2004 Entry/Formal Living Room N/A
98 7x19 24/Dec/2003 Comfortable Master Bedroom N/A
99 7x20 01/Jan/2004 Confining Kitchen N/A
100 7x21 15/Jan/2004 Master Bathroom Bliss N/A
101 7x22 24/Dec/2003 Dated and Unwelcoming Kitchen N/A
102 7x23 22/Jan/2004 A Functional Family Room N/A
103 7x24 08/Jan/2004 Unfocused Living Room N/A
104 7x25 29/Jan/2004 Mundane Master Suite N/A
105 7x26 04/Dec/2003 A Holiday to Remember N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
106 8x01 01/Apr/2004 A Kitchen Stuck in the '70s N/A
107 8x02 03/Jun/2004 Unused Living Room/Overused Dining Room N/A
108 8x03 15/May/2004 Den to Child/Guest Bedroom N/A
109 8x04 22/Apr/2004 A Drab Dining Room N/A
110 8x05 19/May/2004 Brothers' Beach House N/A
111 8x06 14/May/2004 A Charmless Kitchen N/A
112 8x07 22/May/2004 A-Frame Living/Dining Room N/A
113 8x08 24/Jun/2004 A Kitchen Dream Come True N/A
114 8x09 10/Jun/2004 A Medieval Master Bedroom N/A
115 8x10 16/Jul/2004 Baby Boy Nursery N/A
116 8x11 08/Jul/2004 Painter's Studio N/A
117 8x12 01/Jul/2004 Modern Formal Living Room N/A
118 8x13 17/Jul/2004 This Kitchen Cooks N/A
119 8x14 11/Jun/2007 Five-Star Hotel Master Bedroom N/A
120 8x15 01/Feb/2004 Seaside Home Office N/A
121 8x16 11/Mar/2004 Mundane Master Bathroom N/A
122 8x17 19/Feb/2004 Impractical Family Room N/A
123 8x18 04/Mar/2004 One Living Room, Three Areas N/A
124 8x19 18/Mar/2004 Disjointed Living and Dining Room N/A
125 8x20 15/Apr/2004 Uncomfortable Living Room N/A
126 8x21 25/Mar/2004 Marvelous Master Bath N/A
127 8x22 29/Apr/2004 Fabulous Formal Living Room N/A
128 8x23 25/Jun/2004 Asian-Inspired Bathroom N/A
129 8x24 20/May/2004 Chef’s Dream Kitchen N/A
130 8x25 08/Apr/2004 Asian Living Room and Office N/A
131 8x26 09/Apr/2004 Boring Basement N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
132 9x01 13/Jul/2004 A Culinary Paradise N/A
133 9x02 31/Jul/2004 A Bath With Class N/A
134 9x03 29/Jul/2004 Large and Functional Kitchen N/A
135 9x04 22/Jul/2004 The Fixer-Upper Bedroom N/A
136 9x05 16/Sep/2004 Luxurious Master Bedroom N/A
137 9x06 30/Sep/2004 Living Room Retreat N/A
138 9x07 11/Nov/2004 Hotel-Like Master Suite N/A
139 9x08 23/Sep/2004 Transportation-Themed Toddler Room N/A
140 9x09 07/Oct/2004 Spacious, Eclectic Kitchen N/A
141 9x10 21/Oct/2004 Arts-and-Crafts-Style Master Suite N/A
142 9x11 14/Oct/2004 Family Room by the Ocean N/A
143 9x12 28/Oct/2004 Candy-Coated Bedroom N/A
144 9x13 04/Nov/2004 Functional and Beautiful Great Room N/A
145 9x14 14/Jul/2004 Empty Above-Ground Basement N/A
146 9x15 12/Jul/2004 Family Room Facelift N/A
147 9x16 15/Jul/2004 Lofty Living Space N/A
148 9x17 16/Jul/2004 Tampa Bay Living Room and Sunroom N/A

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
149 10x01 01/Jan/2005 Zen-Like Gym/Guest Room N/A
150 10x02 30/Dec/2004 Galley-Style Kitchen N/A
151 10x03 09/Dec/2004 Tranquil Master Bathroom N/A
152 10x04 01/Jan/2005 A '70s Kitchen Sendoff N/A
153 10x05 01/Jan/2005 Cozy Home Office N/A
154 10x06 02/Dec/2004 Clutter-Filled Teen Bedroom N/A
155 10x07 20/Jan/2005 New Kitchen and Family Room N/A
156 10x08 06/Jan/2005 Room for Two N/A
157 10x09 10/Feb/2005 Organized Kitchen N/A
158 10x10 27/Jan/2005 Outdated Kitchen/Family Room N/A
159 10x11 24/Feb/2005 Bland to Grand Bedroom N/A
160 10x12 17/Feb/2005 Living/Dining Room Fusion N/A
161 10x13 31/Mar/2005 New Orleans Entry and Parlor N/A
162 10x14 13/Jan/2005 A Glittering Emmy Party N/A

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
163 11x01 03/Mar/2005 Classic Bungalow Kitchen N/A
164 11x02 14/Apr/2005 Basement Redo N/A
165 11x03 09/Jun/2005 Exquisite Master Bath N/A
166 11x04 26/May/2005 Classic New Orleans Great Room N/A
167 11x05 07/Apr/2005 Mediterranean Master Suite N/A
168 11x06 21/Jul/2005 Master Spa Suite N/A
169 11x07 23/Jun/2005 Grand Foyer and Living Room N/A
170 11x08 12/May/2005 Elegant Master Suite N/A
171 11x09 07/Jul/2005 Sophisticated Family Room N/A
172 11x10 04/Aug/2005 Beach Cottage Bathroom N/A
173 11x11 18/Aug/2005 Dynamic Dining Room N/A
174 11x12 25/Aug/2005 Colorful Kitchen and Family Room N/A
175 11x13 15/Sep/2005 Cozy Living Room N/A

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
176 12x01 01/Sep/2005 Vacant Texas Living Room N/A
177 12x02 29/Sep/2005 Hawaiian Lanai Family Room N/A
178 12x03 20/Oct/2005 Old West Saloon Basement N/A
179 12x04 08/Sep/2005 Tuscan-Inspired Bedroom Suite N/A
180 12x05 06/Oct/2005 Gulf Coast Kitchen N/A
181 12x06 13/Oct/2005 Bye, Bye Bland Bedroom N/A
182 12x07 17/Nov/2005 Casually Elegant Dining Room N/A
183 12x08 06/Oct/2005 Dream Kitchen N/A
184 12x09 24/Nov/2005 Stylish Children's Playroom N/A
185 12x10 05/Nov/2005 Bungalow Living/Dining Room N/A
186 12x11 27/Oct/2005 Elegant and Functional Great Room N/A
187 12x12 10/Nov/2005 Casual and Comfortable Den N/A
188 12x13 08/Dec/2005 Attic Family Room N/A

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
189 13x01 05/Jan/2006 Florida Great Room N/A
190 13x02 02/Feb/2006 Contemporary, Fun Living Room N/A
191 13x03 12/Jan/2006 Windy City Sunroom N/A
192 13x04 09/Feb/2006 Southern-Style Family Room N/A
193 13x05 19/Jan/2006 Ultimate Media Room N/A
194 13x06 26/Jan/2006 Relaxing Master Bathroom N/A
195 13x07 16/Feb/2006 Historic Chicago Kitchen N/A
196 13x08 02/Mar/2006 Victorian Parlor and Library N/A
197 13x09 23/Mar/2006 Art Deco Living Space N/A
198 13x10 30/Mar/2006 Traditional Living Areas N/A
199 13x11 25/Dec/2007 Fun, Eclectic Game Rooms N/A
200 13x12 09/Mar/2006 Montana-Inspired Game Room N/A
201 13x13 13/Apr/2006 Playful Family Room N/A

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
202 14x01 20/Apr/2006 Chicago-Style Family Room N/A
203 14x02 27/Apr/2006 Handicap Accessible Bathroom N/A
204 14x03 04/May/2006 Stylish Rustic Great Room N/A
205 14x04 11/May/2006 Cozy Coastal Studio N/A
206 14x05 30/Sep/2006 Eclectic, Colorful Kitchen N/A
207 14x06 21/Oct/2006 Elegant Tuscan Dining Room N/A
208 14x07 16/Sep/2006 Sophisticated, Rustic Dining Room N/A
209 14x08 11/Nov/2006 Modern, Cozy Loft N/A
210 14x09 07/Jan/2006 Family Game Room N/A
211 14x10 13/Jan/2007 Sophisticated Great Room N/A
212 14x11 16/Dec/2006 Rustic Family Room N/A
213 14x12 04/Nov/2006 Miami Master Bedroom N/A
214 14x13 22/Jun/2006 Comfortable, Inviting Deck N/A

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
215 15x01 07/Apr/2007 Lofty Visions N/A
216 15x02 14/Apr/2007 Art Studio Garage N/A
217 15x03 21/Apr/2007 Warm and Rich Family Room N/A
218 15x04 28/Apr/2007 Comfortable Family Room N/A
219 15x05 05/May/2007 Caribbean-Inspired Great Room N/A
220 15x06 12/May/2007 Formal Dining Room N/A
221 15x07 19/May/2007 Magical Girl's Bedroom N/A
222 15x08 16/May/2007 Elegant, Practical Living Room N/A
223 15x09 07/Dec/2007 A Gourmet's Dream Kitchen N/A
224 15x10 16/Jun/2007 Tuscan Kitchen N/A
225 15x11 23/Jun/2007 Contemporary Asian Great Room N/A
226 15x12 30/Jun/2007 Comfortable, Elegant Living Room N/A
227 15x13 14/Jul/2007 Cape Cod Living Room N/A
228 15x14 Unknown Napa Valley-Styled Wedding N/A

 Season 16(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
229 16x01 08/Mar/2007 Sophisticated Living/Dining Area N/A
230 16x02 29/Oct/2007 Rustic Home Office N/A
231 16x03 12/Nov/2007 Basement Family Room N/A
232 16x04 03/Dec/2007 Environmentally-Friendly Great Room N/A
233 16x05 16/Nov/2000 Spa Master Bathroom N/A
234 16x06 17/Dec/2007 Basement Home Theatre N/A
235 16x07 Unknown Elegant, Relaxing Master Bath N/A
236 16x08 Unknown Inviting Family Room N/A
237 16x09 Unknown Modern Master Bedroom N/A
238 16x10 Unknown Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom N/A
239 16x11 Unknown '50s-Inspired Living Room N/A
240 16x12 Unknown '50s-Inspired Bonus Room N/A
241 16x13 Unknown Inviting, Cathedral Living Room N/A

 Season 17(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
242 17x01 Unknown Wild West Living/Dining Room N/A
243 17x02 Unknown 50s-Inspired Kitchen N/A
244 17x03 Unknown Luxurious Master Suite N/A
245 17x04 Unknown Classy Chicago Living Area N/A
246 17x05 29/May/2003 Elegant Dining Room N/A
247 17x06 Unknown Hip, Luxurious Master Suite N/A
248 17x07 Unknown Family-Friendly Living Room N/A
249 17x08 Unknown Palm Beach Living/Dining Room N/A
250 17x09 Unknown Exotic Master Bedroom N/A
251 17x10 Unknown Modern Great Room N/A
252 17x11 Unknown Contemporary Family Room N/A
253 17x12 Unknown Stylish Family Room N/A
254 17x13 Unknown Modern Vintage Kitchen and Family Room N/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Garden/Landscape | Housing/Building
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: HGTV ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 2000
Ended: 2008
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