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Final: 1x39 -- Demon God, The Miracles of God (Apr/07/1973)

The demon Godo is summoned to kill Devilman.
Ryouichi TanakaRyouichi Tanaka
voiced Akira Fudou / Devilman
Ryouichi TanakaRyouichi Tanaka
voiced Akira Fudou / Devilman
Ichirou NagaiIchirou Nagai
voiced Alphonse
Ichirou NagaiIchirou Nagai
voiced Alphonse
Jouji YanamiJouji Yanami
voiced Pochi
Kyoko SatomiKyoko Satomi
voiced Demon Bird Silene
Kousei TomitaKousei Tomita
voiced Devil Shogun Zannin
Kousei TomitaKousei Tomita
voiced Devil Shogun Zannin
Kazuko SawadaKazuko Sawada
voiced Lala
Kazuko SawadaKazuko Sawada
voiced Lala

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Really ahead of it's time based on the Manga by Go Nagai Devilman has all the elements for a great horror anime series: Interesting characters, creepy music, scary monsters and very dark storylines. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, April 19th 2007 at 6:11 pm

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1x14: Challenge at the Ice Kingdom recap: Akira is seen with Miki at the hospital. Miki has apparently suffered a concussion from her encounter with Zannin. The first minutes are anxious moments for Akira who doesn't know if Miki will be alive again... read more.

1x12: The Red Flower Demon, Rahureru recap: Rahureru is the next demon order by Lord Demon to kill Devilman. Rahureru likes to convert herself into the image of a beautiful woman so she can lure victims to her death.
She kills one victim by having him try to pick her up. When he goes to her, Rahureru starts a minor earthquake killing the victim... read more.

1x11: The Fire Demon, Fiam recap: The fire demon Fiam is asked by Lord Demon to bring in the stone demon Akyura to Devil General Zannin. Fiam is a mischievous fire demon that likes to do his own thing. Zannin takes Akyura to the city and has him destroy the city. Later when Fiam finds Akyura chained by Zannin, he frees it. This angers Zannin who whips Fiam silly... read more.

1x10: Demon Gande, The Walking Eye recap: Gande is a demon with three eyes sent to kill Devilman. Gande decides to scare Devilman and his friends by appearing through Miki’s school and house. Miki dismisses the testimony of Tone when he says he’s seen a wild eye in the house. Akira, however, is not as skeptical. Then, when Akira is about to eat the soup cooked by Miki, the eye appears. Devilman and Gande fight but when the demon is defeated the eye disappears.
Gande is not dead yet. The eye demon reappears at school and Devilman is able to fend it off. At the school museum, Gande masquerades as one of the paintings and scares everyone to death when it becomes alive... read more.

1x9: The Brainwave Demon Gondorama recap: The monster Gondorama is a demon that can control objects with his brainwaves. Observing that Tone is Miki’s brother he decides to kill him using an animal. He sees that Tone is interested in a mouse at a pet store. Gondorama sends a brainwave with orders for it to kill Tone. Tone is attacked by the mouse but Akira makes the save. Miki though does not like the fact Akira killed the mouse and argues with him. Later when Miki is walking home Himura offers her a ride which she accepts. Along the way, Himura picks up a black cat which is also controlled by Gondorama. The cat tries to hurt Miki but Akira makes the save. Akira follows the black cat which leads him to Gondorama.. read more.
Recurring Guests

Sanji Hase as Narrator (2 eps)

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Network: TV Asahi ( Japan)
Type: Animation
Genres: Anime, Adventure, Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Language: Japanese
Premiere: July, 1972
Ended: April, 1973
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