The Fire Demon, Fiam - Recap

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The fire demon Fiam is asked by Lord Demon to bring in the stone demon Akyura to Devil General Zannin. Fiam is a mischievous fire demon that likes to do his own thing. Zannin takes Akyura to the city and has him destroy the city. Later when Fiam finds Akyura chained by Zannin, he frees it. This angers Zannin who whips Fiam silly.

Zannin sends in Akyura to defeat Devilman. Devilman defeats Akyura and Zannin decides to fight Devilman. All of Devilman’s powers have no effect on Zannin. Zannin has a special shied on his body that deflects Devilman’s power back to him.

Devilman is so badly beaten by Zannin that he has no offense. Fiam finally decides to get involved and decides to release a giant tanker down Zannin’s way. Zannin ends his beating on Devilman and flees. Fiam, the fire demon, is seemingly punished by Lord Demon by evaporating into water.