Digimon: Digital Monsters

Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1: After seeing a fight between two digimon seven kids are tranported to the Digital World were they must save it and the Real World from evil Digimon like Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, and the Dark Masters.

Season 2: Three years later the Digimon Emperor begins to enslave Digimon. The old Digidestineds join with 3 new ones to beat the Digimon Emperor. After that a more mysterious enemy appears and the Digimon Emperor must help save the world

Season 3: Three kids try to defend both worlds from rampaging Digimon with the help of thier friends. When the Devas appear they start the ultimate battle for the world which ends them up in the Digital World

Season 4: 5 kids use the power of the Legendary Warrior Spirits to save the world from the evil forces of Cherubimon and his evil Legendary Warriors.

Episode Info

Final: 5x48 -- The Ultimate Farewell! (Nov/01/2008)

Available Episodes

A Million Points of ..
May 19, 2001
Season 2 episode 50

The Last Temptation ..
May 19, 2001
Season 2 episode 49

Oikawa's Shame (1)
May 12, 2001
Season 2 episode 48

BlackWarGreymon's De..
May 12, 2001
Season 2 episode 47

Duel of the WarGreym..
May 05, 2001
Season 2 episode 46

The Dark Gate
May 05, 2001
Season 2 episode 45

Dark Sun, Dark Spore
Apr 28, 2001
Season 2 episode 44

Bob BuchholzBob Buchholz
voiced Additional Voices
Dan WorenDan Woren
voiced Agumon
Dave MallowDave Mallow
voiced Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Pegasusmon, Shakkoumon
Dave WittenbergDave Wittenberg
voiced Henry Wong, MegaGargomon, Trailmon, EmperorG
Derek Stephen PrinceDerek Stephen Prince
voiced DemiDevimon; Ken Ichijouji, Veemon, DemiVeemon, X-Veemon, Paildramon, Imperialdramon
Michelle RuffMichelle Ruff
voiced Antylamon, Lopmon, Zoe Orimoto, Kazemon, Zephyrmon
Mona MarshallMona Marshall
voiced Izzy Izumi, Terriermon, Gargomon, Rapidmon, Me
R. Martin KleinR. Martin Klein
voiced Gomamon, Ikkakumon, Bukamon
Richard EpcarRichard Epcar
voiced Etemon, MetalEtemon, Myotismon, VenomMyotismon, MaloMyotismon
Richard Steven HorvitzRichard Steven Horvitz
voiced Birdramon, Garudamon

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4x46: To Make The World Go Away recap: While Crusadermon and Dynasmon are with Lucemon, who promises to give them the key to the Real World once he is free, the gang arrives at Ophanimon's castle. Koichi is off by himself, thinking about what Crusadermon said to him. They all then go inside, finding giant books in an enormous library. From a balcony above them, Nefertimon greets them. She explains that all the knowledge of the Digital World resides in the library. Although she is the protector of the castle, she doesn't know the location of the fractal code, so the gang splits up to find it. As Takuya and Zoe search, Zoe states that he and the others are his first true friends. Thanks to them, she now likes herself, and she won't have any problems making friends again. Takuya replies that he likes her, too, but he quickly adds that he meant only as friends. This leads to an awkward moment. Zoe then starts to tell him something, but Takuya has fallen asleep.
A while later, the gang reunites, having been unable to locate the fractal code. Bokomon notices that Koichi seems worried, so he asks if it's due to what Crusadermon told him. Koichi acknowledges this and makes him promise to not tell the others. Nefertimon soon enters and alerts them that the Royal Knights are coming. Moments later, Crusadermon and Dynasmon attack, so Takuya and Koji Unified Spirit Evolve. However, the Royal Knights reveal that Nefertimon is the key to the fractal code!
Dynasmon fires a blast at Nefertimon, but she dodges the attack and fights back. However, she is soon sent flying into the ground. Nefertimon begs Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon to destroy her to protect the data, but they refuse and instead go after the Royal Knights. They seem to have the upper hand against Crusadermon and Dynasmon, but unknown to them, Lucemon's egg is cracking! Beams of light suddenly fire from it, hitting Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon. The duo plummets to the ground and reverts to their human forms. Crusadermon and Dynasmon then use Nefertimon to scan the fractal code! The last part of the Digital World is sent to Lucemon, who is finally freed!
The gang is shocked to see that Lucemon is in the form of a little boy. He states that he will now create a new Digital World, but first he must get rid of them! Lucemon fires a blast at the gang, and they are sent flying. However, they are saved by their Trailmon friend, who takes them to the moon... read more.

4x45: All Aboard The Tag Team Express recap: Takuya, Koji, Koichi, and Tommy are at the Autumn Leaf Fair. Sepikmon alerts them that his Spirit Boomerang has detected the Royal Knights approaching. Using a machine that appears to be a TV with a satellite dish attached, they show Sepikmon and Datamon an image of the Digital World; Ophanimon's castle and the Autumn Leaf Fair are the only sections still unscanned. They then explain that because the location of the fractal code of Ophanimon's castle has never been located, they correctly guessed that the Royal Knights would come to the Autumn Leaf Fair first. Meanwhile, at the Autumn Leaf Fair's train station, the rest of the gang is helping digimon board trains to escape. In the center of the town, JP uses a control panel on top of the giant furnace to rearrange the town, thereby breaking up the fractal code.
With the Toucanmon's help, Tommy builds a snow catapult to hurl snowballs at the Royal Knights. Just as the last of the digimon are sent away by train, Sepikmon detects that Zanbamon, Gryphonmon, Pteramon, GranKuwagamon, and a few Airdramon are about to attack the Royal Knights. Knowing that those digimon will be no match against Dynasmon and Crusadermon, Takuya and Koji Unified Spirit Evolve. While Sepikmon, Datamon, and the Toucanmon depart for safety, Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon head off to save the attacking digimon. Unfortunately, by the time they arrive, only two Airdramon remain.
While Takuya/EmperorGreymon fights Crusadermon, Koji/MagnaGarurumon battles Dynasmon. The rest of the gang fires some snowballs, distracting Crusadermon. However, before Takuya/EmperorGreymon can attack, Dynasmon rams into him, crashing him into the Autumn Leaf Fair. Dynasmon then shoves him up against the furnace. Seeing that Takuya/EmperorGreymon is in trouble, the gang fires a snowball at Dynasmon. However, the intense heat melts the snowball before it can make contact. Since fire is Takuya/EmperorGreymon's element, he uses the heat to power up. He then attacks Dynasmon with flames and gains the upper hand.
Meanwhile, the gang fires a snowball at Crusadermon, who accidentally fires at them. Koji/MagnaGarurumon takes the hit, but the blast badly injures them all. When Koichi, who is relatively unhurt, sees that all of the other kids have their fractal codes visible, he remembers other times in which all but he were injured. He questions why this is so, and Crusadermon explains. According to her, data comes only from those who have a physical form, which Koichi doesn't have! He then realizes that he is only a spirit in the Digital World! However, before Crusadermon can elaborate, Koji/MagnaGarurumon attacks her.
While Dynasmon and Takuya/EmperorGreymon fight, Dynasmon sees the fractal code. He manages to subdue Takuya/EmperorGreymon, but he only finds pieces of the Autumn Leaf Fair's code. Shocked, he calls Crusadermon. While she holds them off, Dynasmon searches for the rest of the data. He manages to connect the fragments, and although Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon try to stop the Royal Knights, Crusadermon steals the code. The Autumn Leaf Fair disappears, and the Royal Knights leave for Ophanimon's castle. The gang then follows after them... read more.

4x44: Now You See It, Now You Don't recap: As Crusadermon and Dynasmon send more fractal codes to Lucemon, the Gotsumon who gave Koji his Beast Spirit is protecting the sacred jewels from a group of Knightmon. He is of course no match for them, but the gang comes to his rescue. Koichi, Koji, and Tommy Spirit Evolve and then join Takuya/BurningGreymon, JP/Beetlemon, and Zoe/Kazemon in battle. However, Crusadermon suddenly appears and destroys the Olmec-like heads, freeing the jewels. Dynasmon grabs them and destroys them, revealing the area's fractal code. He then takes it, and the gang hovers above the missing ground. However, they are shocked to see Crusadermon and Dynasmon not caring about the Knightmon, who plummet.
Dynasmon states that there are only three areas left to scan: the forest, the ice, and the light. Once Lucemon has all the data, he will awaken. After the evil duo vanishes into thin air, Gotsumon collapses at the sight of the nothingness that used to be his home. He later awakens on a bench and thanks the gang for saving his life. He then tells them that they need to stop the Royal Knights. They agree, and Gotsumon demands that he join them.
As the gang heads for the Forest Terminal, Tommy realizes that the fractal code is probably inside Seraphimon's castle. It seems that Tommy's hunch is right, as Crusadermon and Dynasmon have a group of Knightmon trying to break into the castle. However, a powerful shield prevents them from entering. The two Royal Knights then try to enter from the sky, leaving the Knightmon below. Meanwhile, the gang is hiding in a tree, watching. They prepare to do battle, but Koji informs them that he will stop the Knightmon. The rest of them need to keep their eyes on the Royal Knights. After Koji Unified Spirit Evolves, he and Gotsumon attack.
In the sky, Crusadermon reveals that barriers such as the one surrounding the castle are usually weakest at its top. The two repeatedly attack it, weakening the shield. Takuya sees this and prepares to Unified Spirit Evolve, but his D-Tector suddenly activates. He aims it at the barrier, opening a temporary hole. Meanwhile, Koji/MagnaGarurumon and Gotsumon defeat all the Knightmon, but their enemies suddenly regenerate! Crusadermon then appears and states that they can't destroy the Knightmon. Koji/MagnaGarurumon removes his armor and attacks the Royal Knight.
Inside the castle, Takuya's D-Tector leads the gang to a statue of the Three Celestial Digimon, which is actually the fractal code. However, Dynasmon finally manages to break the barrier, but he destroys the castle in the process! The kids suddenly find themselves surrounded by light. The statue is still there, as well as Sorcermon! As he dies, he tells them that he has protected the castle with the last of his strength. The light disappears along with the digimon, leaving the gang in a crater. Since Sorcermon saved them twice, Takuya states that they have to fight twice as hard to save the Digital World. Dynasmon flies down into the crater and challenges Takuya, who then Unified Spirit Evolves.
Elsewhere, Gotsumon watches helplessly as Koji/MagnaGarurumon fights Crusadermon. His urge to help his friend causes him to digivolve into Meteormon! Crusadermon then summons the Knightmon, who Meteormon easily destroys. However, Dynasmon manages to land a hit on the statue and then starts taking the area's fractal code! Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon want to finally defeat the Royal Knights, but Crusadermon attacks Meteormon, reverting him back into Gotsumon. Gotsumon and the rest of the gang begin sinking as the fractal code disappears, leaving Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon with the choice of either fighting the knights or saving their friends. They choose the latter, so Crusadermon and Dynasmon fly away with the area's fractal code.
Later, the gang departs in a Trailmon while the injured Gotsumon stays behind so that he won't get in the way... read more.

4x43: Bad to the Bones recap: Bokomon states that just as foretold, the power of the Ten Legendary Warriors is alive. The gang has their doubts, but Bokomon explains that the Ten Legendary Warriors being reunited is very important. As long as they stay together and continue to believe, destiny will show them how to win. Crying digimon then fly by, and Bokomon asks what is wrong. They explain that the Village of Flames, Bokomon's home, is about to be destroyed. A Trailmon comes by, so the gang catches a ride. Meanwhile, as Lucemon orders two of his knights to collect more data, digimon are being chased by a SkullSatamon. He grabs a Palmon and demands to know the location of the forest's code, but she doesn't know. The Palmon attacks, so he destroys her and a few other of her kind. The SkullSatamon then grabs a Gazimon, who reveals that the forest's code is in a cave below. After the Gazimon shows him the entrance, the SkullSatamon destroys him.
The gang is dropped off at the Village of Flames, which appears to have been spared. However, the SkullSatamon locates the nearby forest's code and takes it all. He then sends it to Lucemon. The gang tells the remaining digimon that they will fight the SkullSatamon, but they need their help. Seeing that the gang is forming a team, the SkullSatamon summons another SkullSatamon! As the evil duo heads for the Village of Flames, Takuya and Koji Unified Spirit Evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. The SkullSatamon are offered the chance to leave, but when they don't, Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon attack and subdue them. However, one of the SkullSatamon summons yet another SkullSatamon! After easily overpowering the duo, the SkullSatamon begin randomly attacking the village. One grabs a Biyomon and demands to know the location of the village's code. Threatened, the Biyomon tells him. Seeing this, the rest of the digimon decide to fight back.
While his brethren are fighting Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon, one of the SkullSatamon decides to take the code. However, the digimon suddenly attack. Although they are no match, they distract him long enough for Koji/MagnaGarurumon to stop him. The other two SkullSatamon then blast Koji/MagnaGarurumon, but Takuya/EmperorGreymon saves him. After knocking the trio into a pile, Takuya/EmperorGreymon destroys them with his Pyro Dragons. Everyone celebrates, but Crusadermon suddenly appears. After quickly taking the village's code, she departs.
Although their home is now gone, the digimon are happy that they did their best to defend it. Realizing that Lucemon's henchmen aren't impossible to beat, the digimon agree to help. Patamon then states that as long as they have courage and still believe, the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors will live on in all of them... read more.

4x32: My Brother in Spirit (1) recap: Taking a break from his search, Koji sits down and remembers his battles with Duskmon. He wonders how he and his foe are connected. Meanwhile, Zoe, JP, and Tommy return to where they left Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon. However, the trio isn't there. They try and use their D-Tectors to contact Takuya and Koji, but it doesn't work. They then set off to find the Trailmon again. Meanwhile, Bokomon and Neemon are wandering through a forest, looking for Patamon.
Elsewhere, Duskmon has a flashback about his grandmother revealing to him that he has a brother. He then realizes that Koji is his twin. Duskmon refuses to fight Koji, so Cherubimon forces him to remember about his mother's pain. When arriving home one day, he found his mother different and in a daze. It turns out that his father had left him and his mother to start another life with another woman - Koji's step-mother. Cherubimon tells Duskmon that his mother's pain was caused by Koji and his father. The darkness within Duskmon's heart resurfaces, and Cherubimon orders him to destroy Koji. After Beast Spirit Evolving, he sets off to do so.
Back in the forest, Bokomon and Neemon find Patamon, who leads them to Takuya. They then follow Patamon as he goes to find Koji. Elsewhere, Velgemon locates Koji and attacks, so Koji Fusion Evolves. Koji/Beowulfmon tries to reason with him, but the corrupted Velgemon continues attacking, eventually Spirit Evolving back into Duskmon. The two battle, but Duskmon soon reveals the truth to Koji/Beowulfmon. He doesn't believe it, but Duskmon explains that when their parents divorced, each parent took one of them. While Koji had been living with their father, he had been living with their mother, who Koji had always been told had died.
Remembering that Ophanimon told him that the mystery will be resolved, Koji/Beowulfmon believes Duskmon's story. Koichi appears within Duskmon, saying that although he now has what he wanted, his mother doesn't. Duskmon then attacks Koji/Beowulfmon, causing him to revert to human form. After Beast Spirit Evolving into Velgemon, he then once again attempts his Dark Obliteration attack. However, Takuya arrives and pushes Koji out of the sphere at the last second, saving his life.
As Patamon distracts Velgemon, Takuya prepares to Fusion Evolve. However, Koji refuses to fight, explaining that Velgemon is his brother. Takuya is skeptical at first but soon believes him. He tries to convince Koji that fighting Velgemon is the only way to save his brother, but Koji still won't do it. Takuya then Fusion Evolves and fights alone. However, he is no match for Velgemon, and when Koji sees him in trouble, he Fusion Evolves. Double teaming their enemy, the duo easily wins. Duskmon and Velgemon separate from Koichi, and their fractal codes appear. Koji/Beowulfmon then takes their codes, as well as the Spirits. Koichi falls to the ground, and Takuya recognizes him as the boy he saw when he went back in time... read more.
Recurring Guests

Michael Sorich as Sukamon (20 eps)
Derek Stephen Prince as Digitamamon (11 eps)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Floramon/Kiwimon (11 eps)
Philece Sampler as Catherine (9 eps)
Dave Wittenberg as Ebonwumon (8 eps)
George C. Cole as Kiwimon (8 eps)
Peggy O'Neal as Ranamon (7 eps)
Mona Marshall as Toucanmon (6 eps)
Brad MacDonald (1) as Toucanmon (6 eps)
Michael McConnohie as Vajramon (5 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Anime | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: DiSNEY XD ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 14, 1999
Ended: November 01, 2008
• Digimon Adventure (Season 1 Title)
• Digimon Adventure 02 (Season 2 Title)
• Digimon Frontier (Season 4 Title)
• Digimon Savers/Data Squad (Season 5 Title)
• Digimon Tamers (Season 3 Title)
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