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Return to Highton View Terrace - Recap

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The gang wonders how far of a headstart Myotismon got, but Izzy explains that time flows differently in the Digital World, meaning only a little while has passed in the Real World since they left. Tai heads to find out how long they've been gone, and they run into their teacher, who informs them that the camp has closed due to the snow. He then questions the digimon, but they explain that they found the "stuffed animals" along a trail. Meanwhile, atop a building, Myotismon gives DemiDevimon and Gatomon a tag and crest to begin searching for the eighth child. The sunlight weakens him, so he must remain hidden in the shadows until nightfall. Later, after Gatomon fails in her search for the eighth child, Myotismon passes out more copies of the eighth child's tag and crest, which will glow when in close proximity to the eighth child, to widen the search.
Elsewhere, the gang needs to get to Highton View Terrace, so Tai convinces their teacher to drop them off near there. They soon arrive at Highton View Terrace, and they realize that they all once lived there at the same time. At the same time that a Mammothmon begins rampaging through the city, Izzy tells the gang that he only lived at the apartment building for six months. They ask why, but he doesn't know. However, Joe states that he does, and although he didn't know Izzy back then, he saw what happened. Before he can explain what he means, police cars pass by.
They follow the cars to the Mammothmon, and Biyomon digivolves to Birdramon. Her attacks are useless, though, and she is quickly defeated. TK suddenly states that there were two monsters, and Matt explains that a long time ago, he claimed he saw monsters. The rest of the gang then remembers seeing two digimon fighting a long time ago. When Birdramon then digivolves into Garudamon, Tai realizes that one of the digimon was Greymon, who had come to his house as Koromon. Garudamon then easily destroys Mammothmon.
Police cars and fire trucks arrive, so the gang runs away. They talk about the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon, causing them to realize that since they all saw the battle, then the eighth child did, too.