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Digimon: Digital Monsters: The Eighth Child Revealed

With Wizardmon's help, Gatomon realizes the truth: not only is Kari the eighth child, but she herself is Kari's partner! After revealing this to Tai and giving him Kari's digivice, Gatomon and Wizardmon then set off to steal Kari's tag and crest from Myotismon.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x34
Production Number: 134
Airdate: Saturday February 05th, 2000



At Tai's home, he gets a call from Joe, who informs him that none of the kids in their address books is the eighth child. As Tai searches through his room for his own address book, Gatomon watches Kari through a window, wondering why she wasn't able to kill her when she had the chance. After seeing how good of a life Miko has, Gatomon has flashbacks of being a slave to Myotismon. While she was in her rookie form of Salamon, Myotismon would beat her whenever she looked at him with her eyes. As the flashback ends, Gatomon removes one of her gloves, revealing a scar from one of Myotismon's beatings. Unfortunately, she has no memories of her life before Myotismon.
Meanwhile, Wizardmon is searching the city for the eighth child. His copy of the tag and crest starts glowing, leading him to Kari's digivice. At the same time that Matt calls Tai and reveals what happened with Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, Wizardmon shows Gatomon Kari's digivice. Wizardmon then states his theory that the eighth child's identity is buried within her lost memories. Gatomon questions if Myotismon put him up to this, but he replies that he fights on her side, not Myotismon's, because she once saved him after he crashed in a town while traveling. However, Gatomon has no memory of rescuing him. He then continues the story, revealing that Gatomon said to him that she had been waiting all her life for someone.
Gatomon questions who she would be waiting for and wishes she could remember. Kari then walks out onto her balcony, and Gatomon turns around and watches. After stating to Gatomon that her search is over, Wizardmon flies over to Kari. Gatomon follows, and Wizardmon hands the digivice to her. When Kari touches it, it begins glowing. Gatomon then realizes that not only is Kari the eighth child, but she herself is Kari's partner!
Agumon sees them out on the balcony and alerts Tai. The two confront Gatomon and Wizardmon, and Agumon attacks. Kari stands in front of the two digimon, but Gatomon pushes her out of the way, taking the blast. She quickly recovers and then tells Kari that she is her partner. Wizardmon gives Tai Kari's digivice to protect Kari's identity, and he and Gatomon then depart to retrieve Kari's real crest and tag.
Wizardmon and Gatomon sneak into Myotismon's lair while he is out feeding. Within his coffin, they find the tag and crest. However, Myotismon returns early. After finding them with the tag and crest, he reveals that what they found is only a copy. He always carries the original with him. Gatomon looks at Myotismon with her eyes, angering him. Myotismon then uses his Grisly Wing to carry the two outside. Wizardmon attacks him with lightning, and Tai, Kari, and Agumon see it. As Tai and Agumon head off to help, Gatomon states to Myotismon that her dream is to return to her true identity. After realizing that Gatomon is the eighth child's partner, Myotismon uses his Grisly Wing to throw Wizardmon into the water.
Greymon arrives to help, but because he is no match for Myotismon, he digivolves into MetalGreymon. However, after only two failed attacks, he reverts to Agumon. Myotismon then kidnaps Gatomon in order to lure out the eighth child...

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