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Digimon: Digital Monsters: The Odd One Out

JP, Zoe, Bokomon, and Neemon run into a school for digimon children. For some reason, a Tsunomon doesn't seem to fit in with the others, and Zoe surprisingly reveals that she can relate to him. JP then takes it upon himself to get the digimon to play with Tsunomon.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x8
Airdate: Monday October 28th, 2002

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)



Walking through a field, JP, Zoe, Bokomon, and Neemon head for the entrance to the Forest Kingdom. However, JP collapses from hunger, and when Zoe lends a hand to help out, a Tsunomon suddenly leaps out, followed by a Togemon, who is the Tsunomon's teacher. The Togemon invites them to the school, and when she mentions food, they agree to go. To the gang's surprise, it's only a tiny shack.
The digimon sing for the gang, and when Zoe gets too close to one, it freezes her out of fear. Tsunomon brags that he was alone when he ran into them earlier and wasn't scared, but the rest don't pay any attention. Later, during storytime, JP tells about the Real World in a boring way, so Bokomon steps in to talk about leadership. However, the children, minus Tsunomon, then all run back to JP and Zoe.
At recess, JP notices that Tsunomon is all by himself while the rest are playing. He invites Tsunomon to play, but the others refuse and then leave. Zoe gets angry at JP, and when he explains that he didn't want Tsunomon to feel left out, she yells that "not everyone wants to be part of the fun," which puzzles him.
During PE, the digimon play soccer. They won't pass the ball to Tsunomon, and when he finally gets the chance to hit it, another digimon headbutts him out of the way. On the sidelines, Zoe explains that the other digimon don't feel that Tsunomon fits in with them, and to everyone's surprise, she states that she knows how he feels. She originally lived in Italy until a year ago, when her family moved to Japan. All of the kids in her school want her to act like them, and she doesn't want to pretend to be someone she isn't in order to be popular.
During snack time, Tsunomon doesn't eat, so JP offers chocolate to anyone that plays with Tsunomon. However, none of the children take up the offer, embarassing Tsunomon and causing him to run off. JP and Zoe chase after him. Tsunomon falls into a river and can't swim, so Zoe tries to pull him out, but she falls in, too. They both begin sinking, but Tsunomon digivolves into Gabumon and saves her! Later, he reveals that the reason that the kids won't play with him is because he can digivolve. Tsunomon explains that once when their soccer ball got stuck in a tree, he digivolved and retrieved it, but the kids only saw him as a big monster.
It begins storming, and Tsunomon warns that the heavy rain will cause flooding and wash away the school. JP and Zoe Spirit Evolve and then fly with Tsunomon back to the school. As water begins rushing towards the school, JP/Beetlemon places a rock in front of the school, and Zoe/Kazemon uses her wind powers to divert the water away. It works, but Kapurimon accidentally falls off the school roof and into the water. He manages to grab a small tree, but a log is headed his way. With JP/Beetlemon and Zoe/Kazemon busy, Tsunomon digivolves into Gabumon and rescues him.
After the storm ends, the children begin respecting Tsunomon again and don't fear him anymore. To thank them, the digimon build them a wind boat in craft class. The gang then departs in it for the Forest Kingdom, and along the way, they see Takuya, Koji, and Tommy parachute down from the ToyAgumon's plane...

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Episode Quotes
Bokomon: Kids today, so young. But with proper guidance, they'll love school as much as I did!
Neemon: Didn't you get tied to a flag pole?
Bokomon: That was a rumor!

JP: Don't worry, Z, I'm sure we'll find the way. You wanna know why?
Zoe: Why?
JP: 'Cause we're fighters, that's why! We don't give up, and we never quit!
(a little while later)
JP: I give up... I quit... oh.
Zoe: What happened to that fighting spirit?
JP: It got hungry.

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