Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down - Recap

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The gang awakes to find Koji, Neemon, and Bokomon missing. They find a note from Koji reading "I'm going on alone so I can actually get something done." It also shows that Bokomon and Neemon are going with him. Takuya is worried about Neemon and Bokomon, so they decide to go after them. Meanwhile, a Gotsumon searches around three giant, Olmec-like heads. Two have jewels for an eye, but the third one doesn't. He reads an inscription reading "when the third eye opens, the Spirit will awaken," meaning he needs to find the third jewel.
Elsewhere, Bokomon and Neemon are secretly following Koji. However, Koji notices them and runs off. His sprint ends when he comes to the cliff over a small hill, but Bokomon and Neemon accidentally run into him, causing them all to fall off. They then roll down the hill and find the Gotsumon. After being asked if he knows where the Forest Terminal is, the Gostumon says he does but won't tell. He then runs away, but Koji, Bokomon, and Neemon follow. The Gotsumon cloaks himself on a rock, but when Koji says they won't leave, he shows himself.
They then see that Grumblemon is attacking a mountain containing many other Gotsumon, so Koji Spirit Evolves. Koji/Lobomon confronts Grumblemon, who Beast Spirit Evolves into Gigasmon. A short battle ensues, with Gigasmon the victor. Koji/Lobomon falls unconscious onto rocks about to collapse into a large crevice, so the Gotsumon goes to rescue him. The Gotsumon then sees the third jewel within the rubble but instead helps Koji/Lobomon by cloaking him.
Later, with Koji, Neemon, and Bokomon safe in the Gotsumon' home, the Gotsumon leaves to find a way to win. Another Gotsumon mentions that the Gotsumon is looking for the Spirit, so the trio departs to find it before Grumblemon does. They find the giant heads and discover it has the same symbol on it as Lobomon does.
Meanwhile, the rest of the gang comes upon Grumblemon, who Beast Spirit Evolves and attacks. As the quakes created by the battle uncover the third jewel, the gang battles Gigasmon. However, they are no match, and Tommy/Kumamon's fractal code appears after being attacked! However, Zoe/Kazemon pushes him out of the way before Gigasmon can take his code, but she is then attacked. Zoe/Kazemon's fractal code appears, and Gigasmon steals her Spirit! Gigasmon reverts back to Grumblemon and prepares to steal the Spirits of JP/Beetlemon and Takuya/Agunimon, but Koji/Lobomon saves them. Grumblemon then changes back to Gigasmon and chases after Koji/Lobomon.
As Gotsumon climbs the giant head to place the third jewel in, Koji/Lobomon is hit hard by Gigasmon, sending him flying into the head. His fractal code then appears, but as Gigasmon prepares to take it, Gotsumon attacks. While holding Gigasmon off, Gotsumon tosses Koji the jewel and tells him that placing it in the head will release the Spirit. Koji does so, causing the three jewels to fire beams at the ground. Koji's Beast Spirit appears and flies into his D-Tector, and he Beast Spirit Evolves into KendoGarurumon!
At first Koji/KendoGarurumon can't control the Beast Spirit, but he manages to attack at the same time Gigasmon does. The explosion causes the vicinity, as well as Gigasmon, to fall into the water, but Koji manages to hold onto the ledge. Exhausted, Koji falls backwards over the ledge, but the Gotsumon saves him.