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Now back in the Digital World, Takuya learns from Bokomon and Neemon that Koji is missing, and the rest of the gang has been captured by Mercurymon and Ranamon. Takuya then mounts a rescue and learns that he has an unexpected ally.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x23
Airdate: Monday February 10th, 2003

Guest Stars
Peggy OPeggy O'Neal
voiced Ranamon/Calmaramon


Back in the Digital World, Takuya/Agunimon returns to the site of his last battle with Duskmon and finds a giant crater. He then sets off to find the rest of the gang.
Meanwhile, Koji is stumbling through the Dark Continent, wondering why Duskmon didn't destroy him. Near a castle, he comes across JP, Zoe, and Tommy, who are all chained to a large stone. A group of Datamon are fooling with their D-Tectors, trying to take the Spirits. JP tries to summon his D-Tector, but the digimon are surrounded by a force field. Mercurymon and Ranamon then emerge from the castle, demanding that they release the Spirits. The trio refuses, so Ranamon begins tickling them with feathers.
Elsewhere, Takuya/Agunimon thinks that it is raining, but he sees that it isn't. However, a few seconds later, it does begin to rain. He then realizes that unlike before, he is now connected to the Digital World. Takuya/Agunimon later finds Bokomon and Neemon, who were fleeing from Sepikmon. The digimon requested to be their friends, to which they agreed, but when the duo couldn't dance, he threw his Spirit Boomerang at them. Takuya/Agunimon manages to catch it and then talks to Bokomon and Neemon. They inform him that after the battle with Duskmon, Tommy, JP, and Zoe were captured by Mercurymon and Ranamon. They don't know where Koji is. Sepikmon then asks for his boomerang back, but Takuya/Agunimon tells him to be more careful with it and not to hurt anyone. Sepikmon explains that he never meant to hurt anyone; he just wanted some friends. Takuya/Agunimon tells him to just be himself, and when Sepikmon asks if they can be friends, Takuya/Agunimon agrees. Sepikmon then uses his Spirit Boomerang to lead them to their friends.
Back at the castle, the trio won't talk, so Ranamon begins to actually torture JP. Koji Spirit Evolves and attacks, but he is no match for them. Takuya/Agunimon arrives but doesn't want to rush in. He then senses an approaching storm and summons the forces of nature to aid him. Takuya/Agunimon attacks Mercurymon and Ranamon and manages to subdue them. As he then destroys the podium containing the D-Tectors, Koji/Lobomon frees the gang, who then Spirit Evolve. Ranamon Beast Spirit Evolves into Calmaramon, but with the forces of nature amplifying their attacks, the gang forces her and Mercurymon to retreat...

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