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Digimon: Digital Monsters: Bad to the Bones

The gang defends the Village of Flames from a trio of SkullSatamon.

Episode Info
Episode number: 4x43
Airdate: Sunday July 06th, 2003

Guest Stars
Jamieson PriceJamieson Price
voiced SkullSatamon
Mary Elizabeth McGlynnMary Elizabeth McGlynn
voiced Palmon
Peggy OPeggy O'Neal
voiced Poyomon


Bokomon states that just as foretold, the power of the Ten Legendary Warriors is alive. The gang has their doubts, but Bokomon explains that the Ten Legendary Warriors being reunited is very important. As long as they stay together and continue to believe, destiny will show them how to win. Crying digimon then fly by, and Bokomon asks what is wrong. They explain that the Village of Flames, Bokomon's home, is about to be destroyed. A Trailmon comes by, so the gang catches a ride. Meanwhile, as Lucemon orders two of his knights to collect more data, digimon are being chased by a SkullSatamon. He grabs a Palmon and demands to know the location of the forest's code, but she doesn't know. The Palmon attacks, so he destroys her and a few other of her kind. The SkullSatamon then grabs a Gazimon, who reveals that the forest's code is in a cave below. After the Gazimon shows him the entrance, the SkullSatamon destroys him.
The gang is dropped off at the Village of Flames, which appears to have been spared. However, the SkullSatamon locates the nearby forest's code and takes it all. He then sends it to Lucemon. The gang tells the remaining digimon that they will fight the SkullSatamon, but they need their help. Seeing that the gang is forming a team, the SkullSatamon summons another SkullSatamon! As the evil duo heads for the Village of Flames, Takuya and Koji Unified Spirit Evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. The SkullSatamon are offered the chance to leave, but when they don't, Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon attack and subdue them. However, one of the SkullSatamon summons yet another SkullSatamon! After easily overpowering the duo, the SkullSatamon begin randomly attacking the village. One grabs a Biyomon and demands to know the location of the village's code. Threatened, the Biyomon tells him. Seeing this, the rest of the digimon decide to fight back.
While his brethren are fighting Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon, one of the SkullSatamon decides to take the code. However, the digimon suddenly attack. Although they are no match, they distract him long enough for Koji/MagnaGarurumon to stop him. The other two SkullSatamon then blast Koji/MagnaGarurumon, but Takuya/EmperorGreymon saves him. After knocking the trio into a pile, Takuya/EmperorGreymon destroys them with his Pyro Dragons. Everyone celebrates, but Crusadermon suddenly appears. After quickly taking the village's code, she departs.
Although their home is now gone, the digimon are happy that they did their best to defend it. Realizing that Lucemon's henchmen aren't impossible to beat, the digimon agree to help. Patamon then states that as long as they have courage and still believe, the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors will live on in all of them...

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