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Digimon: Digital Monsters: To Make The World Go Away

The gang heads to Ophanimon's castle, the only part of the Digital World remaining, and searches for the area's fractal code. However, the Royal Knights then arrive.

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Episode number: 4x46
Airdate: Wednesday July 09th, 2003



While Crusadermon and Dynasmon are with Lucemon, who promises to give them the key to the Real World once he is free, the gang arrives at Ophanimon's castle. Koichi is off by himself, thinking about what Crusadermon said to him. They all then go inside, finding giant books in an enormous library. From a balcony above them, Nefertimon greets them. She explains that all the knowledge of the Digital World resides in the library. Although she is the protector of the castle, she doesn't know the location of the fractal code, so the gang splits up to find it. As Takuya and Zoe search, Zoe states that he and the others are his first true friends. Thanks to them, she now likes herself, and she won't have any problems making friends again. Takuya replies that he likes her, too, but he quickly adds that he meant only as friends. This leads to an awkward moment. Zoe then starts to tell him something, but Takuya has fallen asleep.
A while later, the gang reunites, having been unable to locate the fractal code. Bokomon notices that Koichi seems worried, so he asks if it's due to what Crusadermon told him. Koichi acknowledges this and makes him promise to not tell the others. Nefertimon soon enters and alerts them that the Royal Knights are coming. Moments later, Crusadermon and Dynasmon attack, so Takuya and Koji Unified Spirit Evolve. However, the Royal Knights reveal that Nefertimon is the key to the fractal code!
Dynasmon fires a blast at Nefertimon, but she dodges the attack and fights back. However, she is soon sent flying into the ground. Nefertimon begs Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon to destroy her to protect the data, but they refuse and instead go after the Royal Knights. They seem to have the upper hand against Crusadermon and Dynasmon, but unknown to them, Lucemon's egg is cracking! Beams of light suddenly fire from it, hitting Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon. The duo plummets to the ground and reverts to their human forms. Crusadermon and Dynasmon then use Nefertimon to scan the fractal code! The last part of the Digital World is sent to Lucemon, who is finally freed!
The gang is shocked to see that Lucemon is in the form of a little boy. He states that he will now create a new Digital World, but first he must get rid of them! Lucemon fires a blast at the gang, and they are sent flying. However, they are saved by their Trailmon friend, who takes them to the moon...

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