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Season 2

14 :02x01 - The Gift

Dilbert needs to find the perfect birthday gift for his mom. Since he can't find one at any store, out of desperation, he goes to the mall, one of his greatest fears. Dilbert has always feared the mall since he was little. He went with his father and was lost because his father was warped into an "All You Can Eat" buffet at one of the restaurants. Dilbert finds his dad in the end, but he won't budge, he's still hungry.
Guest Stars: Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine Alarm Clock | Buck Henry as Dadbert | Mr. Moviefone as Mr.Moviefone/Himself
Director: Gloria Jenkins

15 :02x02 - The Shroud of Wally

Dilbert almost experiences death. While he's unconscious he sees that heaven is a cubical. Is heaven really a cubical, or was it just a dream? Meanwhile, a group starts worshiping Wally as, "The Great One!"
Special Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Catbert
Director: Andi Klein
Writer: Scott Adams

16 :02x03 - Art

Dilbert is assigned to make to make an art project. All Dilbert does is makes a blue duck. This "Blue Duck" is created on his computer, and then everyone goes crazy about it. Suddenly the "Blue Duck" is all the rage.
Guest Stars: Chazz Palminteri as Leonardo da Vinci

17 :02x04 - The Trial

Dilbert donates blood to the blood bank, being the only one with the qualifacations. They only take a few pints, but one is thrown out the window. Someone then frames Dilbert for the murder of a group of Nobel Prize Winners, when it's really the Pointy-Haired Boss.
Guest Stars: Tom Kenny as Asok/Ratbert/ Audio tape instructor
Director: Chris Dozois

18 :02x05 - The Dupey

Dilbert creates a machene called "The Dupey" and it then evolves and has a life of it's own.
Director: Michael Goguen

19 :02x06 - The Security Guard

Dilbert makes a bet that it's easier to be a Security Guard than an engineer any day. Dilbert realizes that it isn't easy to be a Security Guard, and when everyone sets up a Casino, Dilbert trys to stop the Casino. But everyone ignores him, so he than pulls the Fire Alarm.
Guest Stars: Wayne Knight as The Path-E-Tech Security Guard
Director: Rick Del Carmen
Writer: Scott Adams

20 :02x07 - The Merger

Dilbert's company merges together with another company.
Special Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Catbert
Director: Jim Hull

21 :02x08 - Hunger

Dilbert tries working on a new food source called the "tomeato" that may end world hunger.
Guest Stars: Gilbert Gottfried as Troll
Director: Craig R. Maras

22 :02x09 - The Off-Site Meeting

Dilbert's neighbors get an elephant, which makes everything even noisier.
Director: Seth Kearsley

23 :02x10 - The Assistant

Dilbert works with an assistant.
Guest Stars: Andy Dick as the Assistant (Alfonso) | Tom Green (1) as Jerrold | Tom Kenny as Asok

24 :02x11 - The Return

Dilbert buys a computer called "Comp-U-Comp". The computer then doesn't work right, so he goes to the main office of "Comp-U-Comp" in the middle of nowhere. He is then challenged by the ultimate computer for a refund, so he playes various games against the super computer.
Guest Stars: Jerry Seinfeld as Comp-U-Comp | Eugene Levy as Plug Guard | Jon Favreau as Holden Callfielder | Tom Kenny as Asok/Ratbert
Director: Mike Kunkel

25 :02x12 - The Virtual Employee

Dilbert creates a virtual employee named "Todd" who works in the unused cubical.
Director: Perry Zombolas

26 :02x13 - Pregnancy (1)

Dilbert becomes pregnant with an alien baby.
Guest Stars: Maurice LaMarche as Billionare | Adam Leslie as Unknown
Director: Andi Klein

27 :02x14 - The Delivery (2)

The sickest and wrongest time of the show comes, Dilbert gives birth to the alien baby. Although Dilbert did give birth to the baby, he lets the baby go back to his home planet via rocket ship.
Guest Stars: Maurice LaMarche as Billionare | Steve Austin as Himself | Jay Leno as Himself
Director: Craig R. Maras

28 :02x15 - Company Picnic

Dilbert's company has a company picnic, and they're all forced to play softball. Dilbert hits the ball and makes it to second base for the first time.
Special Guest Stars: Camryn Manheim as Juliet | Harry Kalas as The Announcer
Director: Chris Dozois

29 :02x16 - The Fact

Dogbert writes a book about the made-up, "Chronic Cubicle Syndrome," called, "Chronic Cubicle Syndrome: If You Think You've Got It, You've Got It". It then becomes a best seller and is then classified as a real sickness. Then Dogbert makes a formula called, "Secret Juice Formula," and is suppose to stop the sickness. Dilbert tries to knock sense into everyone that the sickness is fake, but no one believes him.

30 :02x17 - Ethics

Dilbert and Dogbert put a fake name in a ballot, "Harry Ass McGee" for the president of the, "Internet Voting Network."
Guest Stars: Tress MacNeille as Old Woman | Jennifer Bransford as Ashley | Harry Kalas as Himself | Hernan Quezada as Himself
Director: Michael Goguen
Classification: Animation
Genre: Adult Cartoons | Comedy
Status: Canceled
Network: UPN ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 25, 1999
Ended: July 25, 2000
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