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Dinosaurs: The Mighty Megalosaurus

Baby Sinclair wanted to know how the Sinclair's family life was before he was even born, so Earl originally tells him the story on how he deals with family struggle and how he got his first raise. Earl back then before Baby was born was the type of guy that loved to be the male of the house but actually to find out Fran was having a third child after Robbie and Charlene makes him feel shocked to believe and to think that he's ready to be a father again.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: D301
Airdate: Friday April 26th, 1991

Guest Stars
Brian HensonBrian Henson
As Arthur Rizzic
Michelan SistiMichelan Sisti
As Cavemen
Teri La PorteTeri La Porte
As Cavewoman
Episode Notes
This is the first episode of the series.

Earl's full name is Earl Sneed Sinclair.

Fran's full name is Francise Sinclair.

This episode was dedicated to the loving memory of Jim Henson who made the series become a great success after his passing into making it what it has finally become.

Episode Quotes
Earl: I am the mighty megalosaurus. The king of the dinosaurs. The thunder lizard. And if the thunder lizard wants a 90 inch television set, he's going to get a 90 inch television set, so what are you going to do about that.
Fran: The Tyrannosaurus Rex is king of the dinosaurs.
Earl: That's debatable.
Fran: No it's not. I dated one in high school.

Robbie: Look, I'm just having a hard time with numbers and dates.
Earl: Why?
Robbie: Well, because if this is the year sixty million and three, why is next year sixty million and two? Why are we counting backwards? What are we waiting for?

Fran: How was your day dear?
Earl: Compared to what, Fran? Compared to walking off a cliff, falling ten thousand feet but living just long enough to see that first vulture swoop down and peck out my eyes. It's a tie. Give me a beer.

Earl: No matter how low you are in this world as long as you have a family to come home to... well, there lower.
Fran: It isn't often I get to see the sentimental side of you, Earl.

Baby: (after hatching) I'm the baby, brand new, just out, got to love me, come on, got to love me.

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