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Dinosaurs: The Mating Dance

Fran feels very depressed after realizing her life is nothing but cleaning and cooking. After a sleepless night with Baby, Fran becomes upset with the family goes to visit her mother. Meanwhile, Earl is trying to figure out what's wrong with Fran. At first he thinks it's the children, however, after watching TV, Earl comes to the conclusion that the Mating Dance is what will fix all her problems.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x2
Production Number: D302
Airdate: Friday May 03rd, 1991

Guest Stars
Richard PortnowRichard Portnow
voiced Mel Luster
Richard PortnowRichard Portnow
voiced Mel Luster
Michelan SistiMichelan Sisti
As Cavemen
Episode Notes
In an animal enviorment or creatures the word "mate" was also ment to be known as lovers.

Episode Quotes
Baby: I love being up with the momma.
Fran: Ah, is that why you wake me up at three o'clock in the morning, just to be with me.
Baby: Yah, well that and I'm Hungry! Feed my mouth! Fill my belly!

Earl: (after Fran had a sleepless night with Baby) I'll just run over an antelope on my way to work. I'll have some for breakfast put the rest in the lunch box. I'm covered.

Earl: I got a broken wife... so what do you do if your car is broken?
Roy: Eh, you kick it and leave it by the side of the road.
Earl: Yah, but what if you're kind of used to your car, you've put on a few pounds since you've met your car, and you're not sure if you can attract another car?
Roy: Are we really talking about cares here pally boy?

Earl: Where do you think you're going?
Robbie: Out with the guys to mark some territory.
Earl: Well, take a sweater.

Earl: You should have seen her Roy. Just standing there looking at me. It made me feel so bad, it was all I could do to leave the house and come down here to the bar.

Earl: (talking about Fran) It was just this morning I said 'I love you.'
Roy: Did you say it sincerely?
Earl: Nah, it was a defense mechanism.

Episode References
Roy: Well, we are in uncharted territory now pally boy. This new thing with dinosaurs getting married and settling down has thrown the conventional wisdom right out the window.

In the world of Dinosaurs, marriage is considered a radically new concept that hasn't been tried before. This is why Earl doesn't know how to deal with his family much of the time.

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