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Season 2

The Ties That Bind

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53 :02x01 - Hercules and the First Day of School

Hercules' first day at Promessius Acadamy, in which we are introduced to Icarus and Cassandra.

54 :02x02 - Hercules and the Visit From Zeus

Zeus decides to turn himself into a teen for 24 hours to find out exactly what life is like for his son, Hercules.

55 :02x03 - Hercules and the Driving Test

Hercules lies and says he is going to get his license by tomorrow night, when he doesn't know the first thing about driving. When Hades finds out, he bets Zeus that Hercules won't make it, so if he doesn't make it, then Hades will kill the people from Club Dread, which is an off-limits area for him.

56 :02x04 - Hercules and the Parents Weekend

It's Parents Weekend, and Hercules can't wait for Zeus and Hera to show up. But when his mortal adopted folks show up instead, he's crushed. And in turn so are they.
Guest Stars: Frank Welker as Ladon | Barbara Barrie as Alcmene | Kathie Lee Gifford as Echidna

57 :02x05 - Hercules and the Prometheus Affair

When Hercules learns of how Prometheus was trapped to a rock for all eternity for bringing mortals fire, he sees it as an injustice, and rescues him, not knowing his father, Zeus, is the one who put him there.
Guest Stars: Carl Reiner as Prometheus | Jerry Stiller as The Eagle

58 :02x06 - Hercules and the Hero of Athens

During a school field trip, the Nemean Lion attacks and is stopped by Hercules' clumsiness in destroying the building. But when Hercules gets called on for doing the damage, Icarus nobly steps forward to take the blame- and inadvertently gets the credit for stopping the lion too.

59 :02x07 - Hercules and the Caledonian Boar

Hercules accompanies Phil and some hunters on the Great Caledonian Boar Hunt. This angers Artemis, Goddess of the Wild Things. Boars have become endangered, and Artemis assigns Hercules the duty of protecting her forests.
Guest Stars: Kevin Michael Richardson as Chiron the Centaur

60 :02x08 - Hercules and the Epic Adventure

Hercules is sent on his own "Oddessey", when one of the Bag Of Winds is opened, and they (Oddiseus' son, and two other people) are whisked away into the sky on a ship that was used on the first Oddessey.

61 :02x09 - Hercules and the Poseidon's Cup Adventure

Poseidon stages a boat race and Hercules and Icarus enter their own boat. But Hercules turns on his friend and joins Adonis, only to be punished by Poseidon.
Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Poseidon

62 :02x10 - Hercules and the Muse of Dance

Hercules is inspired to dance by the Muse of Dance, Terpsichore. When he's offered the lead in the school dance recital, Phil doesn't think heroes should dance.

63 :02x11 - Hercules and the Kids

Hercules substitutes for a kindergarten teacher, and takes the students on a field trip. But when they become hunted, lost, and more, can Hercules get to safety, as well as help the other kids do the same?

64 :02x12 - Hercules and the Gorgon

After a gorgon almost meets Hercules, she falls for him, and wishes to be human. Hades and Aphrodite compete to fufill her wish. Hades offers to turn her human during the day, but she must turn back into a gorgon during the night and turn people into statues. Aphrodite suggests that she wear sunglasses that negate the effects of her eyes. The gorgon takes Hades offer, and meets Hercules at Prometheus Academy, where they become friends. But once the P.E. teacher realizes that a gorgon is on the loose, everyone must start training to behead a gorgon and bag it!
Guest Stars: Lisa Kudrow as Aphrodite | Jennifer Love Hewitt as Medusa

65 :02x13 - Hercules and the Green-Eyed Monster

Daedalus is getting remarried and Icarus doesn't like it. So he realeases Pandora's box of mysteries during the wedding.
Guest Stars: David Hyde Pierce as Daedalus
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 31, 1998
Ended: January 16, 1999
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