Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins with a man waking up at 8.24 am and he checks the time. We see a lot of empty vials in his drawer. We learn that this man is a surgeon, Jason Cole, and he arrives at the hospital for surgery. Dr. Rivers tells him about the patient, Donald, who is suffering from brain hemorrhage. He assures Donald that he will be fine. Kenneth Jordan, Jason’s colleague tells him that he shouldn’t keep promises that he cannot keep. Jason tests his sugar levels and then gets on to the surgery. Jordan tells Jason that it has been two hours and it doesn’t look like they could save Donald.

But Jason refuses to give up and it is worth the wait; Donald is out of danger! Jason’s boss gives him two tickets to the Philly’s game. But he says that he cannot go. His diabetes does not allow him to work at nights. He gives off the tickets to the janitor, Calvin. Jason is continuously looking at his watch and keeping track of time. Josh, his PA, reads his schedule to him. Jason then collects his experimental drug from the lab and the doctor tells him that his blood reports are off the charts. But Jason assures him that he is fine and leaves. He sees his watch again; some more time left for 8.25pm. He is about to leave when Lena Solis, another doctor wishes him Happy Birthday. She invites him for drinks but he declines the offer. He then arrives at a support group meeting and as usual he is late.

Will, tells him that he needs to be with the entire group but Jason tells him that he likes having him all to himself. We learn that Jason is suffering from dissociative personality disorder. Jason tells him that it has been five years since an incident. Well, that is because he knocks himself out at 8.25 every night. Will asks him to think about why the alter ego arrives at 8.25 every night and leave at 8.24 every morning. Jason tells Will that he really likes someone and that a relationship has more than just scheduled 12 hours in a day. Will then tells Jason not to take the drug to lock up his alter. Jason decides to do the same and goes to the place where Lena invited him to. Lena is happy to see him. He tells Lena that he did hurt someone badly and is trying to make up. So, Lena is the woman Jason likes. He is about to kiss her when there is a shock that runs through his body.

He says that he needs to go. He reaches home on time just before his alter surfaces. He injects the drug into his blood; but it is not working! Next, Jason wakes up in a bed surrounded with naked women. He gets off the bed and finds a lot of naked men and women lying all around the house; all of them wasted. He then has flashes from what happened. He remembers being in a wild place full of women. He also sees himself hitting a man and then rubbing blood on his teeth. Jason is all worked up and he arrives at the hospital and tells Josh that he needs a detailed blood test done. He then goes to meet a patient and Lena is there. Lena introduces Jason to Sienna. Sienna is suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome. She is a tennis player and something snapped during a serve. He then takes Lena aside and tells her that he cannot do this with her at the moment as he does not want her to be hurt.

She tells him that he could talk to her whenever he wants. Jason then goes to meet Dr. Ruben Macardo, who gives him the drugs. He tells Jason that his alter ego is immune to the drug as it could have built resistance for the drug. Ruben tells him that he cannot strengthen the dose as it could kill him. Jason knows that his alter wants revenge. Ruben says that he will work something out; but Jason needs to deal with his alter for this night. Jason takes a cab and goes to some far place and checks into a motel. He then leaves an address at the reception. He goes into the room and locks himself up. His alter ego appears. At the hospital, Donald White is conscious and he gets out of the bed; but he freaks out when he sees his reflection in the mirror.

His reflection appears as if it has large, ugly boils on his face, where in reality there is nothing wrong. The alter ego is all dressed up to leave and he finds no cash or credit card in the pockets. He is angry at Jason. He finds Lena’s number and calls her. Lena arrives and he makes his move. The next day, Jason arrives at the hospital and Josh tells him that his consults are piling up. Jason had gotten his wallet and credit cards mailed to the hospital when he checked in at the motel. Jason then meets Donald and tells him that he has a condition which prevents any facial recognition. There is a knot in his brains which is too dangerous to be removed. That could be causing this. Next, Sienna is in surgery. Jason infers that the problem with her is due to repeated trauma; and not thoracic outlet.

There is a report filed by her for domestic abuse. She lied to them. He then goes to meet Lena who refuses to talk to him. He remembers flashes from the previous night. He then rushes into his office and pulls out a phone and calls Olivia. He tells her that “he is out”. Donald is seizing. And Jason wants to perform an awake craniotomy. Jordan is against it but his boss Young allows it. Later, Jason takes a train and goes to meet Olivia. We learn that he and Olivia were a couple before Ian Price, the alter ego, ruined it. Ian wanted Olivia to love him instead of Jason. Jason is worried that Ian will hurt her and tells her to move as far as possible. She tells him that she has moved on with her life. He then looks at a scar on her face and says that he is sorry.

But she knows that it is not Jason’s fault. She leaves. Next, Jason talks to Sienna and he learns that her husband is a cop and he is the one who beats her up. The husband takes her home. He then talks to Young and Young tells him that there is nothing that they can do about it. He then goes to talk to Ruben and Ruben is not yet ready with the drug. Jason figures out a way to put Ian to some good use. He goes to Sienna’s house and asks her husband to turn himself in. The husband starts punching Jason and Ian appears. Tough luck! He beats the husband to pulp; literally! He then gets paged for the awake craniotomy. Jordan is rude to him in front of the intern and Ian puts him in place. Ian is hell bent on ruining Jason’s career. He goes in for the surgery.

But then according to protocol, he is asked to take a blood sugar test and his glucose levels are not normal. He is given insulin and Ian is unconscious. Jason wakes up ten hours later and tells Ruben that his plan worked. He is the one who forced Ian to move up the surgery. He knew that he would have to take the glucose test and an alternative personality pumps up adrenalin which alters the sugar level. But Ruben tells him that he cannot keep doing this. Jason now goes in for Donald’s awake craniotomy and it is successful. Jordan runs a background check on Jason. He calls the hospital where Jason worked before joining this one. Later, Sienna thanks Jason. Donald is now playing with his wife and daughter. Next, Jason tries to talk to Lena and he tells her that he doesn’t remember anything that happened.

But Lena is not too convinced and she tells him that he laughed at her after ripping off her clothes, as if it was a game since the beginning. She leaves. Jason goes to Ruben and tells him that He wants to eliminate Ian. He will let Ian believe that he will give him his life; he will make a truce. Later, Ian sees a video recording where Jason tells him about the truce and both of them being free. Next, Olivia comes out of her house to collect the mail. Ian is watching her from the bushes. Her son arrives and she takes him back in. he drops his toy. Ian picks it up and the kid comes out to get his toy. Ian asks him his name and he says “Cole”. He takes his toy and goes back in. The episode ends.