Don't Answer The Phone - Recap

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The episode begins with Ian talking to Cole. Olivia sees that Cole is talking to someone and she rushes out. But she doesn’t see anyone around. She tells Cole that he should not talk to strangers. Ian then decides to make Jason spend his money. He has called the hospital and asked to leave. Jason wakes up and finds himself on a flight to Vegas. The next day he finds himself on a boat in Philly. The day after that Jason wakes up and sees that Ian has shopped a lot for him. Jason realizes that Ian has spent a “lot” of money. He then records a message on his phone telling Ian that if he wants the money he needs to make it himself. No more cash; no more credit cards!

Jason says that he will not let him hijack his life and his bank accounts. Looks like Ian got the message loud and clear! The next day, Jason finds himself driving a Ferrari full speed with a dummy girlfriend and a dog! Ian also warns him not to answer the phone!! Jason is in the hospital’s parking lot and Josh arrives. Jason had asked him to freeze all his bank accounts. Then he wants to know how he bought this car. Josh looks confused. Is this a trick question? Jason asks Josh to run the plates and also check for a missing dog. The doll looks very expensive. Josh says that he rather not ask any more questions. Jason then goes to meet Ruben and tells him that he wants the drug to kill Ian as soon as possible.

He then tells Reuben that Ian spent $200,000 in that last three days! Jason then walks into a meeting. Obviously, he is late. Everyone has heard about his new car. Jason then tries to talk to Lena. He tries to apologize to her but she is unable to forget what happened the other night. Jason tells her that they need to be cordial at work because their work is really important and they can't let personal stuff affect their work. They then go to meet Ruby, a young girl, who is supposed to undergo a brain surgery because they need to remove a worm out of her brain. Not much of a souvenir to bring back from Japan! Young arrives and pulls them out for an emergency case at an accident scene. They arrive at the accident and the paramedic tells them that the patient’s name is Wally and that he was feeling alright initially when he was talking.

But then things went wrong. Jason makes a small incision and Wally seizes. There is too much blood and Jason doesn’t know where to drill. Lena has a suggestion and it works. They take him to the nearby hospital. Jason and Lena are happy that it went well with Wally. They head back to the car. Just then they hear the phone ringing. It is from the trunk. Jason sees the phone and also has flashes about what happened when Ian was out. He remembers that Ian was with some drug dealers. Jason answers the call and the voice from the other side says, “You are a dead man”. The caller tells him that he is going to filet him like a fish because Jason is driving around the city in his Ferrari. Jason asks Lena to get out of the car because it is not safe and tells her to take a ride back with the guys.

He leaves. Jason then goes to Will saying that he has a car full of money and drugs and there is a guy threatening him every three minutes. Will tells him that nothing will work till the time Jason embraces the Ian inside him. He and Ian are a part of the whole thing. Next, Jason takes Ruby into the OR. The cyst is rupturing the optic nerve. Jordan starts talking about the hospital Jason worked in earlier. But Jason tells Jordan to concentrate on the surgery. Jordan tells Jason to pull out the cyst. But Jason doesn’t want to because that will turn Ruby blind and he doesn’t think that blind is better than dead. Reuben sees the doll that was in the Ferrari and Josh is trying to hide it. Reuben tells Josh that he is taking it even if he and Jason don’t want it.

Lena arrives searching for Jason; she is in a bad mood. Jason meets Young and tells her that he wants a low frequency laser; and that particular kind needs to be imported from Germany. Young tells him that she will see what she can do. Jason then goes to his room and sees that there are 37 missed calls on his phone. His car keys are gone. Lena has taken the car and he has to now walk home. Jason is worried that driving that car could put Lena in a lot of trouble. The drug dealer calls Jason again. He tells the dealer that if he wants his money and his car, he will have to do as he asks. It is 8.15pm. Jason arrives at the spot where a man asks him to get into his car. He is taken to Kyle's and Ian appears. Ian is surprised to learn that he called Kyle to meet when he actually doesn’t have the money and the car.

He and Kyle have known each other for a long time. Ian tells Kyle that he will get him the money and the car in 12 hours. Kyle punches him repeatedly and then agrees to give him the time. Ian learns that the car is with Lena. Meanwhile, Lena learns that the board is not going to allow the laser to be imported. Ruby’s father is pretty upset. Ian arrives to meet Lena. He wants his car. A nurse arrives and tells Lena that Ruby’s father is trying to take her to some other hospital. Ian smashes a vase at the reception desk and tells Ruby’s father to do the same and tells him that it will help him with his anger and frustration. And Ian is right. Lena is stunned. She then gives him the car keys.

Meanwhile, Jordan meets an old friend who has worked with Jason. He tells Jordan that Jason was doing some kind of research and was trying to get grants for the same. Jordan snoops around Ruben’s office. Reuben stops him. Ian is pissed at Jason. He did not like the fact that Jason went around poking his nose in his affairs. So now Ian is going to make it difficult for Jason. Next, Jason finds himself in front of a warehouse with a bag full of money and people waiting to kill him. But then Jason tells Kyle that he could open new customer base for him through the hospital and it is a great chance to make money. Kyle falls for it and Jason also tells him that he is taking the Ferrari.

Next we see a confident Jason arriving at the hospital and alongside, Kyle is arrested by the cops! Jason arrives at the OR for Ruby’s surgery. The laser machine has been brought in. Jason sold the Ferrari and got the funds. The surgery is a success!! All this for a small parasite! Abby, Young’s daughter, who is professionally a huge success, (that is what Young has told her staff), is sitting in her office. Abby tells Young that rehab is not for her. Ruby is out of the surgery. Her vision is intact. Good work Jason!

Will is happy that Jason is able to dominate Ian. Jason then calls Josh to ask about the dog. Josh reminds him that he gave the dog to him last night. We then see that the dog has been sent to Cole. There is a note left for Cole “from his daddy”. Olivia trembles. The episode ends.