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Season 1

One of Our Own

When a doctor's son is admitted to the hospital where he is a practising neurosurgeon his former wife, the boy's mother, causes problems. Neurosurgeon is accused by his ex-wife of being more concerned for his patients than for his son, who has a mysterious ailment. George Peppard reassures Louise Sorel that their small son is getting the best of care. Peppard stars as a neurosurgeon and chief of services at a large metropolitan hospital. Sorel plays his ex-wife and mother of their 8-year-old son suffering with a mysterious paralysis.
Guest Stars: William Daniels as Dr. Moresby | Louise Sorel as Carole Simon | Strother Martin as LeRoy Atkins | Oskar Homolka as Dr. Helmut Von Schulthers | Peter Hooten as Dr. Madison | Giorgio Tozzi as Sanantonio | Jacqueline Brookes as Frances Hollander | Ben Masters as Felix Needham | Rose Gregorio as Rose Sanantonio | William Traylor as Bill Hinshaw | Eleanor Zee as Mavis Porter | Trisha Noble as Sabina Rogoff | Scott McKay as Adrian Hollander | Wendy Phillips as Debbie Hinshaw | Frances Osborne as Muriel Emhardt | Milt Kogan as Dr. Korngold | Larry Gelman as Glick | Alex Courtney as Priest | Karen Knotts as Myrna
Writer: Jack Laird

1 :01x01 - Point of Maximum Pressure

The first show starts out with a group of young interns getting some of the finer points of what's in store for them from Dr. Goodwin (Peppard). A young idealistic intern (Christian Raines), challenged a highly-reputed veteran of the operating room, Dr. Wilson, when he loses a patient through ineptness. The story seems to stick to the formula as Wilson's report is accepted in the hospital's Morbidity-Mortality Conference and the intern's residency is cancelled.
However, the chief of neurosurgery and star of the show (George Peppard as Dr. Jake Goodwin) persists in his investigations of the incident.
A sub-plot about a child who has mysteriously suffered an apparent stroke turns out to be a warning for parents rather than simply an overblown device to gain our sympathy and to give an intern self-confidence..
Guest Stars: Cristina Raines as Dr. Terry Antonelli | Jeff Corey as Dr. Arthur Wilson | Bruce Kimmel as Dr. Andrew Hoppe | James Whitmore, Jr. as Hagen | Hilary Thompson as Rita Hagen | Joe George (1) as Ken Garrett
Director: Leo Penn

2 :01x02 - Come at Last to Love

Nurse Marks (Elizabeth Hartman) injects herself with a deadly virus because she believes in what Dr. Stone's (Larry Hagman) experiments with a serum will prove. You see, she loves him. An old plot but in new hands may come off.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Hartman as Bobbie Marks | Larry Hagman as Dr. David Stone | Marc Plastrik as Lawyer | Madge Sinclair as Emma Delaney
Director: Vincent Sherman

3 :01x03 - Sleepless with Pale Eyes

Dr. Goodwin warns Dr Ortega about Sybil, a patient with a history of enticing doctors.
Guest Stars: Lesley Ann Warren as Sybil Payson | Lelia Goldoni as Stella Snyder | Howard Platt as Ernie | Margaret Impert as Unknown | Gerald Hiken as Lennie Snyder | Bert Kramer as Unknown
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: Morton Fine

4 :01x04 - Knives of Chance

A young black surgeon on Dr. Jake Goodwin's staff is under pressure. Dr. Jake Goodwin's problems today once again involve a long-established doctor who is suffering from overwork and won't accept the fact. Then there's a new black doctor at the hospital. He made an improper diagnosis which almost cost a patient his life, and now the doctor believes he's being discriminated against.
Guest Stars: Yaphet Kotto as Wells | Stefan Gierasch as Capehart | Julius Harris as Tolan
Director: David Friedkin

5 :01x05 - The Loneliest Night

An improvement over previous episodes, perhaps because both the doctors and their cases seem more believable than they have so far. Nora Heflin (niece of the late actor Van Heflin) plays a lonely, unloved college student, daughter of divorced parents, who tries to commit suicide and winds up at the hospital where George Peppard's Dr. Jack Goodwin gives her more attention than anyone has shown her in years. How he finally demands that she face up to her slavish self-pity makes the hour a toughtful affair. An overweight and unpopular coed falls in love with Dr. Goodwin, the only person who seems to care about her.
Guest Stars: Nora Heflin as Carole Williams | James T. Callahan as Ryan Noonan | Frances Lee McCain as Nurse Annie Robaire | Philip Sterling Jr. as Dr. Miller | Don Billett as Officer Beck | Beverly Dixon as Jackie Williams | Richard McKenzie as Dr. Williams
Director: Vincent Sherman

6 :01x06 - Watchman, Who Will Guard Thy Sleep?

Robert Loggia guest-stars as Jackson Taggert, a motion picture executive wno tries to take charge of the staff when he is hospitalized on this episode. When he learns his illness is fatal, only a homosexual orderly (guest star Cliff DeYoung) is able to help him Virginia Kiser plays Mrs. Taggert. Robert Loggia as the
doomed movie mogul, becomes cold and withdrawn until Cliff DeYoung, playing an attentive and caring hospital orderly, snaps him into a real emotional response. There's also an interesting, if too hastily thrown in, subplot about a nurse on the verge of hysteria.
Guest Stars: Robert Loggia as Jackson Taggert | Cliff DeYoung as Orderly | Eileen Brennan as Maggie Stevens | Virginia Kiser as Laura Taggart

7 :01x07 - Vital Signs

Dr. Jake Goodwin's (George Peppard) frustration with his inability to prevent little Stevie from
returning to his parents' rich, brutal weekend drunks is instructive; and so are his successful pleas to return another battered child to his once ill, but now recovered mother.
Guest Stars: Ike Eisenmann as Stevie Schrader | Charles Knox Robinson as Paul Schrader | Peter Hooten as Madison | Michael Delano as Mark Rindoni

8 :01x08 - My Cup Runneth Over

Dr. Jake Goodwin backs a young resident who wants to run tests on a patient that a more experienced physician says could prove fatal.
Guest Stars: Michael Cristofer as Dr. Taback | John Randolph as Dr. Grainger | Linda Marsh as Marcie Linder | Jim Antonio as Leonard Linder
Director: Lawrence Doheny

9 :01x09 - But Who Will Bless Thy Daughter, Nora?

Dr. Norah Purcell questions whether her career in neurosurgery will allow her to fulfill herself as a woman.
Guest Stars: Richard Mulligan as Dr. Sam Taylor | Oliver Clark as Bill Purcell | Michael Richardson as Dr. Connelly | Cassie Yates as Marian
Director: Lawrence Doheny

10 :01x10 - And Sorrow for Angels

Barbara Feldon guest-stars as an intern who is suspect when a terminally ill patient dies too abruptly.
Guest Stars: Andrew J. Robinson as Unknown | Barbara Feldon as Unknown | Richard A. Dysart as Gillette | Paul Schumacher as Dr. Bloom
Director: Larry Yust

11 :01x11 - Surgeon, Heal Thyself

Four years after the deaths of his wife and daughter, a highly skilled neurosurgeon is still
wallowing in his grief and withdrawing from medicine.
Guest Stars: William Windom as Dr. Ralph Keyes | Jerome Guardino as Sam Venuti | Susan Brown (2) as Rose Kemper | Vince Martorano as Joe Cerone | Jo Anne Meredith as Gina Cerone | Meghan Sullivan as Cloris Kemper

12 :01x12 - And Hear a Sudden Cry

Attempting to alleviale the severe pain resulting from a leg injury, a top fashion model inadvertently becomes a drug addict and turns to prostitution and thievery to support her habit.
Guest Stars: Lara Parker as Angela Sloane | Peter Brandon as Dr. Jefferson | Tom Selleck as Donald | Gene Dynarski as Tony | Mark Roberts (3) as Dr. Malone | Bill Zuckert as Dennison
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

13 :01x13 - Lullabye

A policewoman with a brain tumor refuses to believe that she needs surgery until a dedicated
neurosurgeon shows his personal concern for her.
Guest Stars: Robert Walden as Unknown | Talia Shire as Unknown | John Hesley as Moretti
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 10, 1975
Ended: January 14, 1976
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