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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
02 01x02 04/Nov/2012 The Fast and the Furriest
06 01x06 02/Dec/2012 Bark! The Herald Angels Sing
07 01x07 13/Jan/2013 The Parrot Trap
09 01x09 17/Feb/2013 Stan Stops Talking
11 01x11 24/Mar/2013 Stan-ing Guard
12 01x12 07/Apr/2013 Freaky Fido
13 01x13 28/Apr/2013 Guess Who's A Cheerleader
14 01x14 05/May/2013 Crimes of the Art
15 01x15 12/May/2013 Avery's First Crush
16 01x16 09/Jun/2013 The Truck Stops Here
17 01x17 23/Jun/2013 Avery's First Breakup
18 01x18 14/Jul/2013 A New Baby?
19 01x19 21/Jul/2013 Stan Talks to Gran
20 01x20 28/Jul/2013 Avery's Wild Party
21 01x21 11/Aug/2013 My Parents Posted What?!
22 01x22 25/Aug/2013 Stan's Old Owner

  Season 2 »