Twenty-five years ago, God disappeared. The archangel Gabriel decided he must destroy mankind to bring God back. But the archangel Michael stood against his brother and fought on the side of humanity. The war continues.

In this series (based on the theatrical movie Legion), a reluctant "savior" must arise to protect Vega, one of the last remaining strongholds of humanity. The savior has more to fear than just angels, as the elites of this new society conspire to gain power for themselves.

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Prev: 2x13 -- Sine Deo Nihil (Oct/01/2015)

Alex, Claire, and Noma try to stop Duma--in the body of General Riesen--take over Vega. Meanwhile, Michael and Gabriel confront the Prophet in Mallory.

Available Episodes

Mouth of the Damned
Jul 16, 2015
Season 2 episode 2

Heirs of Salvation
Jul 09, 2015
Season 2 episode 1

Chris EganChris Egan
As Alex Lannon (as Christopher Egan)
Tom WisdomTom Wisdom
As Michael
Roxanne MckeeRoxanne Mckee
As Claire Riesen
Carl BeukesCarl Beukes
As Gabriel (season 2+)
Luke Allen-GaleLuke Allen-Gale
As William Whele
Kim EngelbrechtKim Engelbrecht
As Noma Walker (episode 11+)
Shivani GhaiShivani Ghai
As Arika
Rosalind HalsteadRosalind Halstead
As Becca Thorn (season 1)
Anthony Stewart HeadAnthony Stewart Head
As David Whele (as Anthony Head)
Alan DaleAlan Dale
As General Edward Riesen


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2x13: Sine Deo Nihil recap: After Alex and the other defenders run out of ammo against the invading eight-balls, Alex steps forward and bares his arms. He mutters the eviction ritual, and a golden light surrounds him as the markings move on his arms. The eight-balls collapse as a burst of energy shoots from Alex, and he moans in pain as he drops to his knees. Claire and Noma run up, and Noma says that she's seen it before. She tells Alex that he held the tunnel but warns that he can't do it again. The eight-balls start to get up, but Alex tells his people to hold his fire. They realize that all of the lesser angels have been exorcised from their hosts. Alex tells them that it's not safe here, and has one man take them to safety. As they go back up the tunnel, Claire tells Alex that he is the Chosen One... read more.

2x12: Day of Wrath recap: In Vega, Michael looks down at the city as it burns. Gabriel soars down and knocks him into a building below, and then draws his sword. Michael realizes that Gabriel unleashes the Darkness from the Amphora, and that the Darkness is inside of him. Gabriel says that Julian merely lifted the veil from his eyes, and now he realizes who the true enemy is. He throws a sword at Michael, who catches it, and then draws his other blade and promises to kill Michael and everything he loves. He swings and Michael avoids the attacks without drawing his own weapon. Gabriel finally knocks him down, and Michael draws his blades as he stands up. The two archangels attack each other... read more.

2x11: Bewilderment of Heart recap: The black cloud from the Amphora spreads over Vega. Flowers wilt and electrical wiring shorts out... read more.

2x10: House of Sacrifice recap: Michael finds himself in Mallory wearing farmer's clothing. He hears a choir singing in the church and goes inside, but there's no one inside. The Prophet appears and welcomes Michael back, and Michael recognizes him from the shrine painting. He explains that he brought Michael there because he made a promise in the church to honor his rules. The Prophet knows that Michael didn't truly sacrifice himself, and takes out an Empyrean steel dagger so that Michael can kill himself and keep his word... read more.

2x9: The Seed of Evil recap: David returns to the station as explosions rock the buildings. The remaining rebels are moving out, and Ramirez tells David that Claire is sending in soldiers. Mortar teams are shelling rebel bases all over the city. David warns that Arika isn't his spy anymore, and the rebels suggest that they surrender. However, David says that they have the numbers and they need to overrun the Vega soldiers and take the city. Ramirez runs out and the other rebels go with him. David then tells his one loyal rebel, O'Connor, that they need to get out because Arika will give him up... read more.
Recurring Guests

Simon Merrells as Julian (9 eps)
Kim Engelbrecht as Sgt Noma Walker (9 eps)
Nicholas Bishop as Gates Foley (8 eps)
Luke Tyler as Pete (8 eps)
Christina Chong as Zoe Holloway (7 eps)
Jonathan Howard (2) as Ethan (7 eps)
Tyrone Keogh as Lt. Vince (7 eps)
Carl Beukes as Gabriel (6 eps)
Anton David Jeftha as Furiad (6 eps)
Langley Kirkwood as Jeep (5 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 19, 2014
Ended: October 01, 2015
• Legion (Original Working title), (Used In USA)
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