Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country

Created in 1996, The TV show Donkey Kong Country is based on the main characters from the Nintendo game of the same name. The creators of the show (France 2) used 3-D computer animation and motion capture to give the animated series a look quite similar in style to the graphics in the DKC games.

The DKC show takes place on a tropical island called Kongo Bongo, and is about a good-natured, banana- loving ape called Donkey Kong who is to one day be the ruler of the island. His family and friends, and an opposing force of reptiles called the Kremlings all live on the island too. The Kong family are in charge of protecting a magical artefact called the Crystal Coconut, which the Kremlings, under the command of their ruler, King K. Rool, want for themselves. They want it because it can grant wishes and perform magical feats, and K. Rool wants to use it to take over the island. K. Rool's troops try to outsmart the Kongs with new plans to steal this mystical object each episode, but it always proves to be more complicated than they intend!

Although new episodes are no longer being made, two seasons (a total of 40 episodes) were aired. The show was first aired in the country of its creation - France - in September 1996, but it wasn't until August 1998 that it was broadcast in the US. The final episode released in the US, "Just Kidding" aired on July 7 of 2000, so it has been more than 5 years since the last installment. Although new episodes are no longer being produced, a DVD of 4 episodes was released in Australia just last year by distributor 'Magna Pacific', and two single- episode DVDs are available, so it's quite possible that more episodes of the show will be released on DVD.

Episode Info

Final: 2x14 -- Just Kidding (Jul/07/2000)

Richard YearwoodRichard Yearwood
voiced Donkey Kong
Adrian TrussAdrian Truss
voiced Eddie the Mean, Old Yeti
Andrew SabistonAndrew Sabiston
voiced Diddy Kong
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Krusha (S02)
Joy TannerJoy Tanner
voiced Candy Kong
Lawrence BayneLawrence Bayne
voiced Kritter
Len CarlsonLen Carlson
voiced General Klump (S01)
Louise VallanceLouise Vallance
voiced Dixie Kong
Neil RossNeil Ross
voiced Captain Skurvy, General Klump (S02)
Rick Jones (1)Rick Jones (1)
voiced Inka Dinka Doo


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