Season 4

76 :04x01 - There's a Riot Going On

Doogie is having a hard time grasping the meaning of the 1992 L.A. riots following the not guilty verdict of the Rodney King beating trial.
Director: Eric Laneuville

77 :04x02 - Look Ma, No Pants

Katherine is having a hard time pulling herself away as Doogie's mother after he starts dating her boss, which includes getting caught skinny dipping.
Director: Joan Tewkesbury

78 :04x03 - Doogie Got a Gun

Doogie considers buying a gun after the family home is robbed, but flashes of past shooting victims is haunting him.
Director: Stephen Cragg
Writer: P.K. Simonds

79 :04x04 - Doogie Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Doogie looks for a new apartment and falls in love with a loft in Venice Beach. Mean while Vinnie also needs to find a place to stay after his parents divorce.
Guest Stars: Max Gail as Harold | Miriam Flynn as Candy
Director: Win Phelps

80 :04x05 - The Patient in Spite of Himself

Doogie and a fellow doctor are used as patients for a med-school project with hopes of being poked and prodded would give them a glimpse of what it's like to be a patient.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Freeman as Mrs. Mickling | John Gowans as Bride's Father | Jerry Rector as Groom | Emily Warfield as Karen | Lisa Diana Shapiro as Janet
Director: Win Phelps
Writer: Hollis Rich

81 :04x06 - To Err is Human, to Give up Isn't a Bad Idea

Doogie faces doubt during his first chance of operating solo, and Vinnie faces his own doubts voting for the first time.
Director: Scott Goldstein

82 :04x07 - Doogie, Can You Hear Me?

Doogie is enamoured by a hearing impared patient , but isn't hearing what she's saying. She inspires Vinnie with a Chaplin-esque styled silent film.
Director: Joanne Fogle

83 :04x08 - Nothing Compares 2 U

Doogie has a hard time with his ego after a nurse chooses Vinnie over him. Also Raymond comes up short compared to the other technicians.
Guest Stars: Mark DeCarlo as Himself | Ray Lykins as Nick | Cameron Arnett as Flip | Elizabeth Anne Allen as Joy | Bentley Kyle Evans as Pete
Director: Rachel Feldman

84 :04x09 - Do the Right Thing ... If You Can Figure out What I

Doogie has a hard decision to make choosing the best candidate for a heart transplant surgery. Vinnie is in a dilemma over a vulnerable Janine.
Writer: P.K. Simonds

85 :04x10 - The Big Sleep ... Not!

Doogie stays at the hospital to get some rest on Thanksgiving eve while a young mother feigns an illness to do the same thing.
Director: Stephen Cragg

86 :04x11 - Will the Real Dr. Howser Please Stand Up

Doogie accuses a family friend of child abuse after being brought in Eastman for injuries.
Guest Stars: John Christian Graas as Greg | Athena Massey as Liz | James Madio as
Director: Kenneth Frankel

87 :04x12 - The Mother of All Fishing Trips

After David throws his back out, Katherine joins Doogie for the annual father-son camping trip. Meanwhile, Vinnie takes care of Dr. Howser at home.
Director: Mark Horowitz
Writer: P.K. Simonds

88 :04x13 - Roommate with a View

A free spirited model stays with Doogie and teaches him about trusting the unknown, as does a kidney transplant patient.
Guest Stars: Brian Heidik as P.K. | James Pickens, Jr. as | Dirk Blocker as | Stephanie Friedman as Angela
Director: Joan Tewkesbury

89 :04x14 - Spell It "M-A-N"

A nurse gets revenge on Doogie by spreading rumors about him after he's caught in locker room bragging. Vinnie gets a new film school roommate.
Director: Bill D'Elia

90 :04x15 - It's a Tough Job ...But Why Does My Father Have to

Vinnie has a tough time adjusting to his father's new girlfriend/masseuse , while Doogie has to adjust after his father is asked to replace a staff doctor who died suddenly.
Director: Bobby Houston

91 :04x16 - The Adventures of Sherlock Howser

Doogie plays Sherlock Holmes with Vinnie as Dr. Watson as he tries to figure out his relationship with Michele.
Guest Stars: Wanda Wescott as René

92 :04x17 - Love Means Constantly Having to Say You're Sorry

Laura made Vinnie feel like a man, but his jealousy over her relationships with other men makes him look like a child. Meanwhile, Doogie is puzzled by the illness of a traveler.
Guest Stars: Tracy Scoggins as Kelly Phillips | Eamonn Roche as Eliot | Marcia Rodd as | Mary Betten as | Steve Edwards (2) as Himself | Christopher Randolph as Reporter | Lawrence H. Toffler as Movie Doctor | Mark Sugar as Robert | Jennifer Horton as Movie Nurse
Director: Craig Belknap

93 :04x18 - You've Come a Long Way, Baby-Sitter

Sometimes things are better left alone including Doogie meeting his former babysitter whom he had a crush on, and Vinnie's desire to have his script read by a star.
Guest Stars: Chelsea Noble as Rachel | Jeff Yagher as Nathan Gage | Rif Hutton as Dr. Welch | Steve Eastin as Stage Guard | David Ruprecht as TV Interviewer | Lainey Hashorva as Nurse | Lou Bonacki as Gate Guard | Matthew Boyett as Young Doogie | Ken Bryan (1) as Paramedic
Director: Mark Horowitz

94 :04x19 - Love Makes the World go 'Round ... or is It Money?

Vinnie is tested over right and wrong after a bank mistake gives him $16,000; Doogie must prove his integrity to a girl with a crush on him.
Guest Stars: Gibby Brand as Mr. Dickson | Leslie Danon as Rebecca Harris | Shiri Appleby as Molly Harris

95 :04x20 - Dorky Housecall, M.D.

An acerbic cartoonist patient helps Doogie get a grip on his platonic relationship with Michele.

96 :04x21 - Eleven Angry People ... and Vinnie

Vinnie sticks to the letter of the law after being called to court as a juror, as does Doogie after finding a bogus doctor is practicing at Eastman.
Guest Stars: Lincoln Kilpatrick as Judge Bancroft | Alan Young as Randall | Robert Costanzo as Mr. Healey
Director: Joe Ann Fogle
Writer: P.K. Simonds

97 :04x22 - What Makes Doogie Run

Doogie feels his genius status is more of a curse than a blessing and looks for inspiration outside of medicine.
Guest Stars: Tricia O'Neil as Anne | Scott Larose as Chris | Jenny Jones (1) as Herself | Richard Schiff as Unknown
Director: Dennis Dugan
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Medical
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 19, 1989
Ended: March 24, 1993
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