Season 4

From Bunkers to Bug Out

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Back to Basics

The basics of prepping with preps that are attainable for everyone.

Source: Nationl Geographic Channel

47 :04x01 - To Fail Is to Die

A home in Montana is protected against extreme climates whilst taxidermy is utilized to hide bombs and a command center is created.

48 :04x02 - Be the Prep

The show talks to three Americans who are all getting ready for some sort of economic collapse.

49 :04x03 - Shepherds and Wolves

A house fire causes a man to become more self sufficient whilst a 35-acre farm provides enough food to feed a huge family.

50 :04x04 - Back in the Dark Ages

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51 :04x05 - You Said It Was Non-Lethal

On their 53-acre property, Jane and Rick Austin prepare for an electromagnetic pulse disaster by disguising a greenhouse, food forest and gray water recycling system in what appears to be overgrown underbrush. Jim Lebus is prepping for an earthquake that he fears will paralyze the West Coast. In Virginia, a band of teenage boys, led by 16-year-old Jack Houston, join forces to test their wilderness survival skills.

Source: National Geographic Channel

52 :04x06 - There Will Be Chaos

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