Season 2

9 :02x01 - If We Can Make It Here ...

The girls leave Des Moines to move the New York with their Aunt Margo.
Director: Jim Drake
Writer: Don Reo

10 :02x02 - Do You Believe in Magic?

Kate gets a job as an assistant to Rollo The Great.
Director: Jim Drake
Writer: Janis Hirsch

11 :02x03 - Dream Girls

Kate gets a job as a back-up singer for rocker Nick Rush. She goes on a 7-week tour leaving Allison alone in New York.
Director: John Pasquin
Writer: Lissa Levin

12 :02x04 - O Come All Ye Faithful

Unable to get home for the holidays, the girls make the best of Christmas in New York.
Director: John Pasquin
Writer: Janis Hirsch

13 :02x05 - Man for Margo

Kate decides to take Margo's love life into her own hands.
Director: John Pasquin

14 :02x06 - The Boy Next Door

Allison and Billy attend an awards dinner in Margo's place.
Writer: Lissa Levin

15 :02x07 - Memories

The girls reminisce while cleaning their room.
Director: Don Reo

16 :02x08 - Two Girls for Every Boy

Kate meets and falls head over heels for a DJ only to discover she isn't the only Foster he is interested in.
Writer: Lissa Levin

17 :02x09 - The Write Stuff

Allison writes a story for the school paper with help from Margo, then decides to leave fashion behind.
Director: Linda Day
Writer: Janis Hirsch

18 :02x10 - Commercial Break

Kate auditions for a Maxi Burger commercial and ends up losing her voice.

19 :02x11 - Old Movies

The gang imagine themselves in their favorite old movies.
Writer: Don Reo

20 :02x12 - September Song

Allison dates and older man.

21 :02x13 - Funny Girl

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Guest Stars: Mindy Cohn as Janie Blakemore
Director: Judi Elterman
Writer: Janis Hirsch